CAP Coated Hex Dumbbells: Smarter Than You Think

CAP Coated Hex Dumbbells: Smarter Than You Think

Cap Coated Hex Dumbbells: Smarter Than You Think

In the world of weightlifting there are two types of weights; fixed weight and variable weight. Fixed weight is used when you want to train your body according to certain rules, while variable weight allows you to vary the amount of load you lift depending on how much effort you put into it.

The most common type of weight training is called “bodybuilding” or “powerlifting”. Bodybuilders use fixed weights such as barbells, dumbbells, plates and other equipment.

Powerlifters use variable weights like free weights (weights not made out of metal), cables, bands and other equipment. The difference between these two types of training is that power lifters usually do their workouts at home while body builders often have competitions where they compete against each other.

Fixed Weight Training

A fixed weight workout consists of lifting a set number of pounds for a predetermined period of time. A typical fixed weight workout would consist of three sets, five reps per set, with one minute rest periods between sets.

For example if you were doing six reps per set with four minutes rest, then your total work time would be eight minutes. You would rest a total of four minutes for your next set.

If you were doing eight reps per set with two minutes rest, then your total work time would be sixteen minutes for three sets. You would rest a total of two minutes between your three sets.

When you train with a fixed weight, it is important that you don’t use too much weight or else you won’t be able to keep up the pace and you’ll tire out quickly due to oxygen deprivation. The general idea with fixed weight training is to push yourself to extreme limits without passing out.

Variable Weight Training

CAP Coated Hex Dumbbells: Smarter Than You Think - at GYMFITWORKOUT

With variable weight training you can choose how much you want to lift. This type of training allows you to go at your own pace and it’s ideal for letting you rest in between sets so that you don’t get tired as quickly.

There are two types of variable weight training; free weights and machines.

Free weights (or “dumbbells” as some people call them) are the types of weights you most likely think of when you hear the word “weight” such as barbells, dumbbells, plates and other assorted metal objects. Free weights are very versatile and can be used for all types of exercises.

The only major disadvantage of using free weights is that they are not as stable as machines so care must be taken to avoid injury especially with heavier weights.

Free weight exercises are simply exercises that require the use of free weights such as barbells, dumbbells, and plates. The most common free weight exercises are bench presses, seated rows, and squats.

Machines are pre-arranged equipment comprising of levers, pulleys, and cables designed to mimic the movements of free weight exercises. Unlike free weights there is virtually no danger of injury when using a machine since the machine limits what you can and can’t do.

The biggest disadvantage of using machines is that they limit your range of motion which is very important in developing strength and size.

Most gym goers prefer to use machines since there is less of a chance of getting hurt. Free weights are reserved for more advanced weight lifters due to the increased risk of injury.

Machines are similar to free weights except they are safer to use since the machine does not require you balance the weight. Most gyms have a mixture of free weights and machines so that the benefits of both types of equipment can be taken advantage of.

One very important thing to remember when using either free weights or machines is to never sacrifice proper form for more weight. I’ve seen too many people who are desperate to get big and they end up hurting themselves in the process by using too much weight causing their muscles to get stressed and torn, which leads to injuries.

CAP Coated Hex Dumbbells: Smarter Than You Think - | Gym Fit Workout

Now that you have an idea of what your options are, it’s time to incorporate this into your routine and begin the first day of your new program. Since this is your first time, try to stick with the basics for now and add more variety later once you’re comfortable.

Let’s get started!

(Note: For this program you need to warm up first by either jogging or riding a bike for 5-10 minutes and also stretching every so often. After your workout, cool down by riding your bike or jogging for 5-10 minutes and stretch afterwards.

Also, make sure to have plenty of water since you’ll be shedding water soluble calories like nobody’s business. Doing this on an empty stomach is not recommended and nor is exercising in the middle of a meal.)

Day 1 (Strength): Focus of the day is strength. You can either choose to focus on one or two body parts or combine arms and shoulders with legs and abdominals.

Usually men will focus on the former while women will focus on the latter.

Day 2 (Cardio): It’s time to get your heart rate up. This can be either a HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) session or LISS (Low Intensity Slow Style).

Both are completely different from each other so choose whichever you want.

Day 3 (Rest): Take a break because tomorrow is going to be a killer!

Day 4 (Back and Biceps): It’s time to focus on a couple of the biggest and most important muscles in your body.

CAP Coated Hex Dumbbells: Smarter Than You Think - GYM FIT WORKOUT

Day 5 (Chest and Triceps): You’re going to want to look good at the beach so it’s time to focus on your chest and triceps.

Day 6 (Shoulders and Legs): We’re finishing off this week strong by working on your legs and shoulders.

Day 7 (Rest): You deserve it for making it this far. Go out and have fun because you’ve earned it!

Day 8 (Repeat Cycle): You’re ready to begin the second week…let’s get started.

Week 2

(Note: During these weeks, you need to be changing your exercises every few days so that you don’t get bored or burned out. Pick 3-4 different exercises per body part and change them every few days.

For example, if you do bench press for chest on Monday, you wouldn’t do it again until at least Friday or Saturday. Also, only change one exercise per body part so you don’t get confused. Here’s a list of good exercises to get you started: Bench Press, Chest Dips, Pull Ups, Back Extensions, Bicep Curls, Tricep Pushdowns, Dumbbell Rows, Crunches, Leg Raises, and Squats.)

Day 9 (Repeat Cycle): This is your second week and like last week, you’re going to be doing the same routine. However, today you need to increase the weight that you used for each exercise.

Day 10 (Strength): Choose one or two body parts to focus on. This is a great day to focus on legs because that’s a big weakness for most.

Don’t go too heavy with chest and back because you’ll be focusing on those tomorrow.

Day 11 (Cardio): It’s time to really start burning some fat because today is all about doing some HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). Warm up for 5 minutes then alternate between 60 seconds of all out effort and 90 seconds of resting.

CAP Coated Hex Dumbbells: Smarter Than You Think - GYM FIT WORKOUT

If jogging is too boring, feel free to do things like jumping jacks, sprinting in place, or even dancing. You could even do a mix of all these things.

Day 12 (Back and Biceps): Today you’re going to be focusing on your back and biceps.

Day 13 (Rest): Today is a day of rest because you’ve done so much exercise these past two days.

Day 14 (Repeat Cycle): You made it through a second week which means you’re almost at the finish line! There’s no need to change anything for today…you’re results will come soon enough.

Day 15 (Strength): Again, it’s time to focus on one or two body parts and really get that muscle working.

Day 16 (Cardio): Today you’re going to be doing more LISS cardio. Jog for 15-20 minutes at a comfortable pace.

Day 17 (Back and Biceps): You’re going to feel the burn today…but in a good way.

Day 18 (Rest): You’ve burned enough fat during these past few days. It’s time to regain your energy and get ready for the final stretch.

Day 19 (Repeat Cycle): It’s the final stretch of the program and as you can see, there have been no changes from day to day. That’s because it works!

Day 20 (Strength): Again, go heavy on the weights but light on reps.

Day 21 (Cardio): It’s time to kick up the cardio a bit. Go for a 30 minute run outside or strap on the treadmill and go for a jog.

Day 22 (Back and Biceps): You’re going to be feeling this one in the morning.

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Day 23 (Rest): Getting close! Just hang in there.

Day 24 (Repeat Cycle): The finish line is in sight! You can do this!

Day 25 (Strength): It’s time to bust out those leather shorts and head bands because heavy metal is on the agenda. Pick your favorite song and listen to it as loud as you can while lifting the heaviest weights you’ve ever lifted!

Day 26 (Cardio): It’s time to crank up some Gangnam Style and ride that horse until you can’t ride it anymore.

Day 27 (Back and Biceps): Time to get those muscles burning!

Day 28 (Rest): You’ve earned it.

Day 29 (Repeat Cycle): One more time through and you’ll have a brand new body by this time next month!

Day 30 (Strength): It’s the final day! You can’t wait to see your final results but first, you’ve got some weights to lift!

Day 31 (Cardio): You’re jogging for 60 minutes today because you want that blood pumping and those muscles burning. If you’ve been jogging outside, try to find a hill to sprint up.

CAP Coated Hex Dumbbells: Smarter Than You Think - GymFitWorkout

If you’ve been jogging on the treadmill, crank the elevation up as high as it can go.

Day 32 (Back and Biceps): Your upper back and biceps have gotten a lot of work over the past month but they need one more push!

Day 33 (Rest): Well you’ve come this far. There’s no reason to push your body too much further.

Be smart and listen to your body.

Day 34 (Repeat Cycle): If you’re feeling up to it, you could always repeat the program for a second month but there’s no need to if you don’t want to. You’ve already seen great results!

Good job! Check out that new body of yours!


Day 35 (Strength): It’s time to get back to basics. Pick a machine that you haven’t been using such as the leg press or the chest press and thrash it with as heavy weights as you can lift.

Aim for 6-8 reps per set.

CAP Coated Hex Dumbbells: Smarter Than You Think - GymFitWorkout

Day 36 (Cardio): There’s no need for LISS today, it’s time to raise your heart rate and burn some fat!

Day 37 (Repeat): Rest your body again today. You’ve done a lot so far and it’s okay to take a break every once in awhile.

Day 38 (Strength): Today you’re going to focus on one specific body part. Pick one: legs, abs, or chest.

Day 39 (Rest): No need to overdo it. Listen to your body and rest it again today.

Day 40 (Strength): You’re going to start getting experimental with this last week. Try supersetting opposing muscle groups such as chest and back, or biceps and triceps.

This will help you burn more calories since you’ll be pushing yourself harder.

Day 41 (Cardio): It’s time to crank up that treadmill again! Try jogging at a slight incline for 30 minutes.

Day 42 (Rest): Listen to your body and let it recover.

Day 43 (Strength): Today is a good day to focus on legs. Squats and lunges will shape your legs and give you a nice butt as well!

CAP Coated Hex Dumbbells: Smarter Than You Think - GYM FIT WORKOUT


Day 44 (Cardio): Crank that treadmill up to at least a 15% incline and sprint for 30 seconds, walk for 30 seconds, and repeat.

Day 45 (Rest): Listen to your body and be sure to rest it.

Day 46 (Strength): Head over to the machine section of your gym and pick two exercises: one for your chest, and one for your back.

Chest: Incline Dumbbell Press or Barbell Bench Press

Back: Wide Grip Pullups or Lat Pulldowns

Do 3 sets of 10 reps for each exercise. Add weight when you can.

Day 47 (Rest): Listen to your body and let it recover.

Day 48 (Cardio): Today you’re going for a 30 minute jog. If you’ve been following the plan, you should be able to do it with no problem.

Crank up that treadmill to at least a 15% incline and go! Once again, don’t overdo it though.

Day 49 (Strength): Continue on with day 46.

CAP Coated Hex Dumbbells: Smarter Than You Think - | Gym Fit Workout

Day 50 (Repeat): If you’re feeling up to this point, you could always repeat the 4 week program again. You’ll only have a week to rest though before you begin again.

Good luck!

Coming Soon: The third and final stage, the strength stage! Turning all of that hard work into a chiseled masterpiece!


Should I create a third section to the program for creating a cutting phase? What would be involved in it and what kind of results would you want to see?

What questions do you have about the program?

I’ll answer them if I can.

What are your thoughts on this program?

How is it working for you so far?

Have you achieved your goals?

Please let me know, thanks for reading!

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-Colin Cowherd


I don’t think I’ve ever been as excited for a program as I am this one. It’s really fun to finally have tangible evidence that you’re achieving your goals and I hope you’re all having the same experience.

Although the title of this phase may make it sound like it’s time to get serious, that couldn’t be further from the truth! This is by far the least restrictive phase of them all and will probably be the shortest one too. This week you’ll be focusing on your “core”.

Let’s begin.

WEEK 5 (Last week!)

CAP Coated Hex Dumbbells: Smarter Than You Think - gym fit workout

Crunches: Lie flat on your back and place hands across your chest. Now, while hunching your back slightly, slowly curl up until your shoulder blades come off the ground.

Keep your neck in a neutral position the entire time. Lower yourself back to the starting position and repeat. Do at least 50 for maximum abs!

About this program:

This is the last week of our 6 week program. I hope you’ve all been enjoying it and have noticed a difference in your bodies!

This week the exercises are going to be the same but you’re going to add a minute on to your workouts! Let’s begin!


WEEK 1 (Welcome!): This week we’re just going to do a little testing to see where you’re at and what we should concentrate on this week.

Be prepared to workout more than you thought you would!

WEEK 2 (Set Goals): You guys all know the deal by now. We’re going to set goals together and try our best to achieve them!

CAP Coated Hex Dumbbells: Smarter Than You Think - gym fit workout

The second week is all about building up your strength so that in the third week we can concentrate on form and flexibility while doing the workouts.


WEEK 3 (Perfect Your Form): Now that you’re a little stronger we can concentrate on your form.

Did you know that poor form while working out actually works against you?

It does, and it also leads to the development of bad habits that can cause injuries in the future so we want to avoid that at all costs!

WEEK 4 (Burn Baby Burn): This week is all about that burn. Let’s turn those muscles into melted butter.

Don’t hold back and push yourself beyond what you thought you could do!

WEEK 5 (Last Week!): This is the last week of our program.

I hope you’ve all enjoyed it!