Chakras Demystified: Vishuddha – The 5th Chakra

Vishuddha Chakra: The Fifth Chakra

The fifth chakras are located at the base of the spine and above the heart. They are called vishuddhas because they contain all five elements: Fire, Air, Water, Earth and Space (the void).

These energies work together to create life. When these energies become concentrated in one place it becomes known as a ‘vibrational center’. Vibrations are the energy patterns created when certain energies combine with others.

These vibrations create emotions and thoughts which then affect our physical bodies. The vibration of air creates the most powerful feelings of love, joy, peace and happiness; while the vibration of fire creates anger, fear, hate and sadness.

All five chakras have vibrational centers which produce different types of emotional states or thoughts.

Chakras are connected to each other through the meridian system. A meridian is a channel through which electrical impulses travel from one point to another.

The human body contains many nerve endings, which send signals along the nerves and into the brain where they are processed. These messages are sent via specific channels called ‘meridians’ .

The five chakras correspond to the five elements: Fire, Air, Water, Earth and Space (the void). The elements are combined to create emotions and thoughts in the vibrational centers.

All of these energies are connected through what we call the ‘meridian system’. The meridians carry life force energy, also known as ‘Chi’ (pronounced ‘chee’) or ‘Prana’, which is present in everything.

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The meridians flow through the chakras, carrying emotional and thought patterns within them. Each meridian connects to a certain organ of the body.

When these organs become unbalanced, they can lead to illness.

Vishuddha – The Throat Chakra

The throat chakra is located in the middle of your throat, roughly where your thyroid would be. It’s color is light blue and it is responsible for speech, thought and intuition.

It also controls how you relate to others and how others relate to you.

The element of this chakra is Air. Air controls sound: the more you speak, the more you think, the more you communicate.

In ancient cultures it was believed that speech was just a little less divine than thought. Thinking generates words, and words generate results. Here we find intent.

However, not all thought is conscious. The throat chakra is about communication and how we integrate our knowledge with others.

When this center is in balance, we communicate clearly and openly. We can express ourselves and our personality without any difficulty.

Good thought, good speech, good action…

that’s what this chakra represents. We take in knowledge from books and from other people though our ears. We express ourselves fully through our voice, and we integrate all of this knowledge into a clear understanding of the world through our intuition. When the energy is flowing here, you’ll have no trouble speaking your mind, understanding others or being understood.

When the energy is unbalanced here, you will experience shyness or arrogance. You won’t express yourself fully and things will build up inside of you.

Chakras Demystified: Vishuddha - The 5th Chakra - | Gym Fit Workout

Perhaps you’ll suffer from cynicism. You’ll likely talk too much, and say too little.

Svadhishthana – The Sacral Chakra

The sacral chakra is located below your naval and above your genitals. It’s color is orange and it is responsible for your creativity and relationships with others.

It also controls the elements of Water.

The sacral chakra is about pleasure: both creative and sexual. It’s about forming intimate bonds with others.

It’s also in charge of your self esteem and how you feel about yourself.

As with the other chakras, there is a balance between giving and receiving energy. The sacral chakra is all about creating.

When this center is in balance, you feel positive and happy.

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