Changing Strides: The Pose Method and Newton Shoes

Newton Shoes are a brand name of Nike. They have been around since 1997. Their website states that they were founded with the purpose of creating “the most comfortable running shoe ever.” There are two models of shoes available: One is called the Running Shoe, which is made from lightweight but durable nylon mesh; the other one is called the Casual Shoe, which consists of a synthetic leather upper and rubber outsole. These shoes are designed to provide maximum comfort while running.

The company claims that their shoes offer “a smooth transition between heel strike and toe off,” which makes them suitable for all types of runners. However, there are some critics who say that these shoes do not give the best results for those with flat feet or even those with normal foot shapes. Some of these criticisms include:

They are too stiff; they make your feet feel like bricks when you run in them.

You cannot wear them for long periods of time without discomfort.

There is no cushioning under your feet. (In fact, the sole may cause blisters.)

They are not very flexible. You need to bend over a bit to get into them properly.

The first thing you will notice about these shoes is that they are quite heavy and bulky. This makes them inconvenient for carrying around during the run or for packing in your bag when you travel.

In addition to the average customer review, Running Magazine did a research on this shoe and compared it with other popular running shoes. You can read their assessment here: “Newton Running Shoe Review and Comparison with Other Popular Running Shoes.” (link disabled as per forum rules)

The company markets these shoes as providing more comfort than any other running shoes on the market. These shoes are said to be the most expensive on the market, but this is not true. Competing brands such as Adidas and others are just as expensive, if not more so. Still, some people may find these shoes comfortable when compared to other types of running shoes.

Changing Strides: The Pose Method and Newton Shoes - GYM FIT WORKOUT

These shoes do have good arch support and a solid grip on different types of surfaces. If you have flat feet or your arches tend to collapse while you walk or run, this shoe provides enough support for you. Some customers say these shoes helped them reduce the amount of pain they feel while walking or running.

However, not all customers are happy with this shoe. While some say they fit perfectly, other people complain that these shoes are uncomfortable and do not fit the shape of their feet. Some say they feel very stiff and that bending over to tie them feels awkward. Other people just say they do not like how they look.

With a name like “Newton Running Shoe”, you would expect these shoes to be good for running on different types of terrains. You would also expect them to be more durable and long-lasting. Some customers say that they are far from durable and wear out after just one or two runs. One customer even said that the sole of her shoe came off completely while she was walking on a paved road.

One customer who purchased these shoes for hiking says that the treads on the bottom of the shoe came off after just two days. She expected more from a shoe with so many positive reviews. (The customer attached a photo of the shoe to her review. It does look ridiculous!) She says she will be returning them and looking for something else.

Some people who have used these shoes for everyday walking say that their feet start to hurt after just one day. While they may be suitable for running or working out at the gym, they are not made for long periods of standing or walking.

It seems like these shoes may be good for running on a treadmill or on roads, but are impractical and uncomfortable for any other activity. The price is also very high for something that most people say only lasted them a month or two.

Our Verdict

The Newtons look interesting, but most do not seem practical. If you are looking for a good pair of running shoes that have good arch support and a good grip on different types of terrains, then these might work for you. But if you want a pair of shoes that are suitable for all-day wear, then you would be better off spending your money on something else.

Be sure to read the fine print before buying to avoid any surprises later.

And as always, happy shopping!

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