Chess Boxing: The Sweet Science Meets the Royal Game

Bare Knuckle Boxing Rules

The first rule of boxing is “don’t get hit”. A boxer must not only avoid getting hit, but he must also land a punch before being knocked out or knocked down. There are many ways to do it.

Some of them include:

1) Punching with your fist while moving forward (the jab).

2) Jumping at the opponent and punching him in the face (the overhand right).

3) Pounding the other guy’s head into the mat (the knockout punch).

4) Using your feet to block punches and kicks.

5) Pushing the opponent away from you and landing a punch.

6) Throwing a punch when the opponent is standing still.

Boxer’s Style: How to Box?

There are several styles of boxing that have been used throughout history. The most common ones are: Russian, Irish, Italian, German and American style. Each one has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Chess Boxing: The Sweet Science Meets the Royal Game - GymFitWorkout

Sluggers tend to have more strength, while boxers are more skilled, faster and have better endurance.

Style Boxer(s) Boxing Style Slugger Irish American

For every punch you throw in a 1-on-1 fight, you need to be prepared to take one in return. If you don’t, you’re probably going to lose.

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