Cliff Harvey

Cliff Harvey was born in Auckland, New Zealand in 1939. He started working at age 14 as a stock boy and worked his way up from there. At one time he owned a small grocery store called “Harvey’s Grocery” which sold all kinds of food including fresh produce, meat, fish and dairy products. He later opened another store called “Harvey’s Food Shop”.

He is known for being very successful in business and having a good sense of what customers want. He has been married three times, but only once divorced. His first wife died in 1997 and his second wife left him after their divorce in 2002. He remarried to a woman named Susan in 2003, however she had two children with her new husband before divorcing him again in 2006. He currently lives in Auckland, New Zealand.

His book “The Cliff Harvey Diet” was published in 2005 and became a bestseller. He has since then released several other books about health and fitness. One of them is called “Ketogenic Diet: A Complete Guide to Overcoming Diabetes, Obesity, Cancer & More”, which contains over 100 pages of detailed information about the diet.

In 2010 he wrote a book titled “A Low Carbohydrate High Fat Diet For Life” which provides an overview of the different types of low carbohydrate food and what they do for your body. He has since written several more books on similar subjects and his most recent one is called “The New Fat Burning Diet: The Ketogenic Plan”.

Cliff Harvey was a successful businessman before he became a professional writer and released his first book in 2005. As of today he has written a total of nine books on various topics, all of which focus on health and nutrition. This is a picture of him with his third wife in front of the Brooklyn Bridge.

This is a picture of the man himself at a book signing in New York City. He appears to be happy and cheerful and ready to meet his fans. In 2005 he released his first book titled “The Cliff Harvey Diet”, which became a best-seller and allowed him to pursue writing full time. Since then, he has written eight more books on similar topics such as weight loss, nutrition, heart health, cancer, and diabetes. He is a believer in the low carbohydrate high fat diet, but he also said that not everyone is a good candidate for this type of eating plan.

This is a picture of him at home with his third wife. He has written several books about nutrition and health, all of which have been bestsellers. When asked what he likes to do for fun he says that he loves going into the forest and just sitting under a tree. He likes to do a lot of walking, but only in nature and he says he never wears shoes. He says he feels most comfortable outdoors and is happiest when surrounded by nature.

This is a picture of him in the forest with his wife. In addition to writing books on nutrition, health and fitness, he also enjoys taking long walks in the forest and going for hikes. He says he finds peace and tranquility in nature and loves being outdoors. He says that he finds the diet that he follows to be most effective when he eats only natural foods that grow straight from the ground.

This is a picture of him before he became a professional writer. As a young man he served in the United States Airforce as a pilot. He flew numerous combat missions during the Vietnam War and was awarded several medals for his service including two with the Air Medal. He is pictured here on the right with his flight engineer. On the left is a picture of him with some soldiers in Vietnam.

His story begins in California where he was born and raised. He grew up in a military family and his father was in the Airforce, which meant that the Harvey family moved around quite a bit when Cliff was a kid. After serving in the Airforce himself, he became a successful businessman and started writing books later in life. He is now retired and living a quiet life in Florida with his third wife.

Cliff Harvey is one of the most interesting people you will ever meet. He grew up during the turbulent 1960s and served in the United States Airforce as a pilot during the Vietnam War. He went on to be a successful businessman after leaving the Airforce, but he had a passion for writing and always wanted to be a professional writer.

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