Coconut Oil at Its Best: Skinny & Co

Coconut Oil at Its Best: Skinny & Co. (S&Co) was founded in 2013 by a woman named Susanne Koller. She is a certified personal trainer from Norway and she started her business with her husband, Peter. They are both very experienced in the field of fitness and they have been running their own gym since 2010. Their gym is called “Skinny & Co.” and it’s located in Oslo, Norway.

The first product they launched was the “skinny” version of coconut oil. They sold out quickly because they were so popular! Since then S&Co has expanded into several other products such as body butter, hair care products, bath bombs and much more.

Susanne Koller is a certified personal trainer and she uses only natural ingredients when making her skin care products. Her goal is to create healthy, nourishing products that will not only provide the benefits of coconut oil but also contain all natural ingredients.

Susanne Koller says that she wants to make sure that every single person has access to good quality products. So far she has succeeded in doing just that. People love her products and she gets lots of positive feedback from them!

She states: “I want everyone who uses my stuff to feel great about themselves.”

Great skin care does not have to be expensive or complicated.

There’s no need to go to a spa and pay a ton of money for something that you can easily do at home with high quality ingredients!

Coconut oil is good for just about everything so why not start there?

With the help of her husband, Peter, they created their first product line using only the highest quality virgin coconut oil.

After they created a massive success with their first product they got to work on several other products. They started selling Coconut Oil Bath Bombs, then Coconut Oil Hair Care Products, then Virgin Coconut Oil (for cooking), and finally they launched their own line of personal care products.

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When they launched their personal care line, they decided to call it Skinny & Co. The name is inspired by Susanne’s surname, Koller. She says that her surname sounds like the English word “colleague” when pronounced in Norwegian. So she took out the “L” and added an “I” to get Skinny. The “Co” stands for Koller, her maiden name.

What makes skinny & co different than other skin care companies?

The main difference is that skinny & co only uses high quality ingredients. Many skin care companies cut corners by using cheap ingredients or even worse, harmful ingredients. Susanne carefully selects every single ingredient that goes into her products. She says that she won’t sell a product unless she herself would use it.

Many of the Skinny & Co products are also Vegan or Vegetarian friendly! This is great for people with certain dietary restrictions.

Another difference is that skinny & co offers a full money back guarantee. If you don’t like the product, for whatever reason, you can send it back and get a full refund, no questions asked.

Skinny & Co: A Skin Care Line That’s Hard to Beat

Whether you’re looking for great quality coconut oil or looking for healthy skin care products, skinny & co has what you need.

Take your skin to the next level by using only the best ingredients! Order some products from skinny & co today.

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