Cold As Ice: 12 Weeks to Brute Strength In Ice Hockey

Cold As Ice: 12 Weeks to Brute Strength In Ice Hockey

The first thing that needs to be done is to decide what level of ice hockey player you are. There are different levels of skill and experience in ice hockey. Some players may have played at the youth or high school level, while others have been playing professionally for years.

As a beginner, you don’t need any special training. You just need to learn how to skate well and use your body properly. If you want to play at the next level, however, then it’s time for some extra conditioning work. Here are some suggestions:

For those who are new to the sport, there is no substitute for practice and repetition. Practice makes perfect! That means if you’re not getting better with every session, then you aren’t practicing enough. To get stronger, you must do something every day.

For example, after skating one hour each morning and afternoon, add another 30 minutes of weight lifting in the evening. After two weeks of doing this routine three times per week, your legs will be ready to go out onto the ice for a game!

As an amateur athlete you may be tempted to play through the pain. This is a mistake and you’ll quickly find that if you ignore the pain, eventually, it will stop you from playing your best. Listen to your body and respond to the signals it’s giving you. For example, if you receive a hard hit to your knee, don’t come back into the game until the pain goes away completely and all signs of swelling and discoloration have disappeared.

To become a more skilled and well-rounded player, you’ll need to consider training in other ways. The best way to do this is through on-ice skill training. You can find a learn to skate class or take private lessons with a professional if money is no object. If money is an issue, then check with your local rink or community college to see if they offer group lessons.

Another option is to enlist the help of a retired professional. They may charge fees, but these lessons will definitely improve your abilities and are worth the price.

Cold As Ice: 12 Weeks to Brute Strength In Ice Hockey - | Gym Fit Workout

It’s important to have fun while you’re training because if you don’t enjoy it then you won’t keep doing it. A great way to make training more exciting is to compete with others or against yourself to see how much you’ve improved since you started.

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