Commandments of Muscle Mass for Women

Commandment #1: You have to eat enough calories every day. If you don’t, your body will store fat instead of using it for energy. Fat cells are like little batteries that provide extra power when needed. When you do not get enough calories, your body stores fat instead of burning it for energy. Your body needs at least 2000 calories per day to function properly. If you don’t get them, your muscles won’t grow and you will lose weight.

Commandment #2: You need to drink plenty of water. Too much water can cause dehydration which causes muscle cramps and fatigue. Drinking too little water can lead to loss of strength and even death!

Commandment #3: You must train hard every single day if you want to build up your muscles quickly and efficiently. Train hard means doing exercises with heavy weights that require long periods of time.

Commandment #4: You must take care of your skin. Sunlight and the sun’s rays are the main sources of vitamin D in our bodies. Vitamin D helps us absorb calcium from food and makes bones strong.

Without sufficient amounts of sunlight, we will lose bone density and become frail. A lack of exercise can cause wrinkles, dryness, rashes, hair loss or even cancer!

Commandment #5: You must get plenty of rest every night. Lack of sleep causes the body to produce excessive amounts of the stress hormone cortisol. This causes muscle loss and makes your body think that it is in a constant state of emergency, which can eventually lead to diabetes, heart disease and other serious health conditions.

Commandment #6: You must meditate every day. The medulla oblongata is the brain’s “rest and digest” center. It tells your body to stop eating when you’ve had enough.

When you meditate, you tell your medulla oblongata to turn off this safety feature. As a result, you can eat as much as you want without feeling full!

Commandment #7: You must breathe deeply from your diaphragm every day. Breathing deeply oxygenates the blood, which transports nutrients to your muscles and removes waste products. The more oxygen in your blood, the more efficiently your body can produce ATP, the universal energy molecule.

Commandment #8: You must take supplements every day. There are some vitamins and minerals that you cannot get from food alone. These are called “essential” nutrients.

A few examples of essential nutrients are magnesium, zinc and vitamin D. They help build strong bones and muscles. You can get these nutrients from foods like nuts, fruits and vegetables. Many people don’t get enough of them, so a daily multivitamin can help.

Commandment #9: You must sleep and rest one day out of every seven. During deep sleep, your body produces more growth hormones to rebuild your bones and muscles than at any other time. If you exercise or train on rest days, you will prevent your body from rebuilding itself and actually lose muscle mass!

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Commandment #10: One week out of every month, you must refrain from training and combat. During this week your body produces more estrogen, which causes women to grow female characteristics like hips and thighs. If you train during this time, you may lose muscle tone and end up with a body shape that is unfavorable for fighting.


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