Coordination Training for Future Champions

The following are some exercises which can be used to improve your coordination and balance:

Squat Jumping Jackknife Squats (Jumps)

Jackknife squats are a type of squatting exercise where the barbell is placed behind the back instead of directly under it. This allows for greater range of motion while still maintaining proper form. You will need a pair of dumbbells or another resistance band to perform these exercises.

These exercises can be performed with one leg forward or both legs forward. They are great for improving balance and coordination.

How To Improve Balance And Coordination For Older Adults?

Jump Rope Jumping Jackknife Squat Jumps (Jumps)

To increase jump height, stand on a step or ladder and hold onto the top of it with both hands. Then, jump up until you reach the top of the ladder without losing momentum.

You can do this exercise with one foot forward or both feet forward. They are great for increasing jumping ability.

How To Improve Balance And Coordination For Younger Adults?

Lunge Step-Ups (Ups)

Step-ups are a great way to increase leg power and coordination. Like any other exercise, form is very important. Do not rush these exercises.

Start with a stable platform that is around knee height. Place your front leg on the step, with your knee slightly bent. Then, push with your front leg to bring your body up onto the step.

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