Core Training for Serious Judo Players

The Core Training for Serious Judoka (CTSJ) is a comprehensive program designed to improve your physical condition and mental focus while competing in any sport. The CTSJ is based on the premise that athletes must have a strong core to perform at their best. A strong core allows you to stay balanced during high intensity activities such as running or jumping, which are vital for success in all sports.

You may wonder how you can build a strong core without going to the gym. You need not worry; there are many ways to do it yourself.

The following list will give you some ideas:

1) Do pushups every day!

Push ups require great balance and coordination, so they’re good for building up your core strength.

2) Stretch out your muscles before doing anything strenuous.

For example, if you want to run faster, stretch out your legs first.

3) Practice yoga poses.

Yoga is a great way to strengthen your core and get into a relaxed state of mind when performing difficult tasks like lifting weights or running long distances.

4) Take time each day to walk around outside with no music playing or TV on in the background.

Core Training for Serious Judo Players - at GYMFITWORKOUT

Just you and nature. This not only relaxes you, but also allows you to appreciate simple pleasures in life that we often overlook.

Physical training is important for all sport activities and events, but it’s even more important for judo since it involves a lot of physical combat. This is why having a strong core will help you the most when it comes to judo.

By following the steps above, you will be building a solid core for the sport and most importantly for your body. A strong core leads to less pain and more time having fun and doing what you want to do!


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Core Training for Serious Judo Players - at GYMFITWORKOUT

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