Crack That Whip: The Jab Is the Most Important Punch

The Flicker Jabs Are Not Just For Show Anymore

Flicker jabs are now being used in MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) fights. They have been used for years in boxing matches. The jab is one of the most effective punches in fighting.

A good fighter uses it to get inside your guard and then land a powerful blow with his other hand or fists.

In fact, if you watch professional wrestling matches, they will often use the jab to set up their finishers. The jab is also very useful when you want to surprise someone or strike them from behind. You can do so because it comes out quick and you don’t need much time to prepare for it.

Also, since it’s fast and hard to block, you can hit them before they even realize what happened.

However, there is another type of jab that has been gaining popularity lately. It’s called the cross punch. Cross punches are similar to the jab except they come from both sides instead of just one side.

They’re usually thrown at a high speed and can be difficult to defend against due to how quickly they come out. However, unlike the jab, they tend not to cause too much damage unless you’ve got really bad defense skills.

Cross punches are very popular in the sport of fencing. You can also see them in some traditional martial arts schools that teach fighting with weapons such as swords. For this reason, fighters that use cross punches are usually very good at parrying attacks.

Crack That Whip: The Jab Is the Most Important Punch - from our website

Parrying is when you deflect or stop an attack by hitting it with another attack at the right angle.

Most people think cross punches are mainly for use with two hands, but you can also throw a cross punch with just one hand. It’s done when you bring your hand from the side and then bring it up towards your opponent’s face or midsection. It’s also called an “upper cut” even though it doesn’t necessarily need to come down from above.

The combination of the sidearm motion and bringing your arm forward makes the punch very fast and hard to see.

In fact, this type of punch is popular in street brawls when you don’t have access to both of your hands. That’s because you can throw a cross punch with just one hand, which is great if your other hand is injured or occupied.

If you are right handed, the cross punch would usually come from your right side and towards the left side of your opponent’s face. If you are left handed, the cross punch would usually come from your left side and towards the right side of your opponent’s face. Of course if you are ambidextrous, then you can throw cross punches with both of your arms and towards any part of your opponent’s face.

A lot of fighters have been having great success in recent years with this type of punch. It’s very much like the traditional jab in that it sets up another punch. In this case, it usually sets up a power punch.

It can also cause a fighter to lower his defense, which would allow you to throw the other punch that you were planning on throwing in the first place. However, what makes this punch even better is the fact that it can finish a fight all by itself. Cross punches don’t usually cause a lot of damage on their own, but they can break bones if they hit just right. “Just right” meaning into the nose, under the eye, or into the cheek. If one of these strikes hit their mark, then you can break bone or even cause some serious tissue damage which would result in a lot of blood.

That type of injury is usually enough to cause a fighter to go into semi-shock and give up. It also allows you to easily knock him out since he won’t be defending himself anymore. Granted, there’s a chance that the cross punch didn’t cause enough tissue damage or break a bone; in which case you and your opponent will just be left in a messy situation where you’ll probably both have blood all over you.

Crack That Whip: The Jab Is the Most Important Punch - GYM FIT WORKOUT

Now there is one serious danger with throwing cross punches and that’s with the referee. Some referees don’t like seeing blood, and will stop the fight because of it. This is usually not a problem if the cross punch caused enough damage since the fight would’ve been stopped anyway.

However, if you don’t cause enough damage or if your opponent doesn’t bleed much, then you’ll have a very angry referee yelling at you while your opponent keeps trying to hit you.

There’s another type of cross punch called the “eye gusher”. This works just like a regular cross punch, but instead of aiming for your opponent’s face, you aim for his eye. You want to hit him right underneath his eye and if you hit him just right, then you can pop his eyeball out of its socket.

This is usually enough to cause a fighter to stop fighting and sometimes even lose consciousness. There’s a lot more blood with this type of cross punch too.

The other type of hand strike that we’ll look at is the palm strike. This is usually a defensive move, but it can be used for offense as well. Defensively, it’s used to keep your opponent away from you.

Most often it’s used to keep your opponent away from you so that he won’t be able to grab you. The reason why it’s so effective for this purpose, is because unlike the cross punch which only has more power, the palm strike uses more of a sweeping motion that can knock your opponent off balance. This sweep is often enough to make him fall or at least get him off of you. If he doesn’t fall, then at least you have some space from him so that you can try to run away or if you’re really brave, then you can try to land another palm strike.

Now if you’re using the palm strike for offense, then the best way to use it would be to strike your opponent in the face with both palms. This is done by aiming both of your fists at your opponent’s face, just outside the edges of his eyes. Then you bring both of your hands in, so that the inside (backs) of your fists end up hitting him in his face.

Now offensively, the palm strike can be used to break an opponent’s balance like the cross punch can. The difference is that this one doesn’t use a jab, instead you’ll use a straight punch, but you don’t just throw it. Instead you have to put all your weight into it and practically fall into your opponent as you extend your arm.

There are two major problems with this strike though: range and accuracy. Don’t try to punch him with your hands directly or he’ll block you and you could break your wrist. By bringing both of your hands in, you’re able to strike him and also protect yourself against any counter attacks.

Crack That Whip: The Jab Is the Most Important Punch - | Gym Fit Workout

Another way to use the palm strike for offense is to hold your hand in a fist and then strike with the bottom of your palm. You can aim this at any part of your opponent’s body really, but the most effective place would be at his chin. To get in close enough to use it properly means that you’re in punching range which can be dangerous, especially if your opponent also knows how to fight.

Accuracy is also a problem since you need to extend your arm practically all the way and if you miss by a little bit, you’ll probably miss completely.

That pretty much covers all the basics of street fighting. This is somewhat similar to the cross punch, except instead of punching from the side, you’re going for more of a downward angle.

As far as blocking goes you have two major options and one minor one. The two major ones are the same as your choices for offense. You can either use the cross punch or the palm strike for defense.

The minor one is to grab your opponent’s arm and try to throw him using techniques that we haven’t covered yet. There are certainly more moves that you can learn and different ways to use these moves, but the ones listed above are the most effective in the right situation. Now remember that this isn’t a sport, your goal isn’t to win by all means necessary like it is in sports. No, your goal is to just survive. If you’re able to do that, then you’ve won.

As far as kicks go, you have a lot more choices, although they’re mostly variations of these four: a sweep, a slap, a punch and a thrust. For the most part any kick that involves the front of your leg is considered a sweep. The slap is where you hit with the bottom of your foot.

This can be done with the inside or outside of your foot. This is similar to the palm strike except it’s with your whole leg rather than just your hand.

Always keep these three concepts in mind when fighting: distance, balance, and timing. If you can get your opponent to lose one of those three, then you’ve got a better chance of coming out on top.

Also remember not to get too confident or too bored. Feeling overly confident can make you take unnecessary chances. Getting bored can cause you to make mistakes out of sheer carelessness.

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Both of these things can get you killed.

The punch is pretty much self-explanatory, although you probably don’t want to use this one in a real fight as it takes away your balance and gives your opponent the chance to grab your foot. The thrust is more of an attack meant for something like fighting against swords or bayonets rather than people. It’s done by pushing your foot forward rather than just straightening it so that it goes deeper.

It can be used for kicks but it isn’t as effective as the slap.

Also, when fighting against someone who is much shorter than you are, try to stay out of their reach by standing high up on your toes. This will make you more difficult to attack and give you the advantage.

Like I said, this is all just in case you find yourself in a real life-or-death street fight and not for sport. Remember that. You’re less likely to break this leg if you accidentally stumble while doing this kind of kick.

The main purpose of your leg in a fight is going to be slowing down an opponent long enough for you to knock him out or kill him with your hands. Any of these kicks are good for that as long as you pick the right one for the situation. You need to ask yourself what you’re more likely to hit with and then aim for that area.

Also remember that I’m always here to train you whenever you’re ready. Just let me know ahead of time so I can prepare myself.

Now a lot of people believe that kicks are only for fighting people who are very different in size from you, such as when one person is very tall and the other is very short. While this is true in some cases because it allows the smaller person to reach areas that otherwise wouldn’t be easily reached, this isn’t always true. Even if you and your opponent are close to the same size, you can often times gain an advantage with your legs.

One of the first things you need to learn is how to fall. Now I know what you’re thinking and no, I’m not talking about falling in love. I’m talking about avoiding getting hurt by falling.

Crack That Whip: The Jab Is the Most Important Punch - GYM FIT WORKOUT

As a matter of fact, it is very possible to fall in love while learning how to fall without getting hurt…but that’s another topic best saved for another day.

Kidding aside, there is a certain way to fall so you don’t get hurt. This is because your legs are longer and can extend farther than your arms can.

You need to realize that most people believe that leg attacks shouldn’t be used in a fight unless you have a significant advantage in height or weight. If the average person sees someone attacking with his leg, they usually think that he’s going to trip or kick them in the shins. While these are both good attacks, there are much more advanced ways of using your legs against your opponent.

Remember the main purpose of your legs are to keep your enemy away from you or in this case, away from your head. You can easily break their knee or sweep them off of their feet. When fighting an enemy who is much bigger than you, you need to resort to these kinds of tactics because they will more than likely crush you if you try to knock them out with a punch or kick.

There are two main types of sweeping attacks you can do. The first is the backwards sweep. For this you use your leg to knock your enemy’s foot away from the front of your body, causing them to fall backwards.

This takes practice but it is much easier if you are taller than your opponent.

The other type of sweep is the sideways sweep. For this you knock your opponent’s foot out from under them so that they fall to the side. This takes less height on your part but is harder to do since you’re not going with your opponent’s motion but rather against it.

In either case, you need to practice hitting a moving target and remember that you don’t always have to sweep them hard, a light touch can often times throw them off more effectively and it uses less energy so you can do it more.

Also, you should work on hitting your opponent with the inside of your foot or even your heel. It doesn’t do as much damage, but it still throws them off balance and it’s especially helpful if your enemy is wearing heavy armor since it doesn’t hurt you nearly as much as it would if you kicked them with the front of your foot.

Next we move on to the good old over-the-head throw. This is one of the most effective and fun moves to do to an enemy. In order to throw them over your head, you need to first get behind them.

This can be done by either circling around them or by advancing on them. The second way is usually the preferred method since most people expect you to run away and you’ll have the advantage of suprise.

Crack That Whip: The Jab Is the Most Important Punch - Picture

Once you’re behind them, you then use one or both hands to grab their arm and pull up and back while you push down with your hands. This motion throws them over your head and generally onto the ground. The key is to not let them fall right in front of you otherwise they’ll grab you as they’re falling and take you down with them.

A very similar move is the leg sweep. For this you grab one of their legs and pull on it while pushing down. If done right, this will not only throw them off balance but will also cause them to fall in front of you.

The difference between the two is that with a leg sweep you usually want to pull their leg out from under them while with an over-the-head throw you’re throwing them over your head.

The next moves are grappling type moves. First up is the chokehold. This is done by putting your arm around your enemy’s neck and squeezing or pushing your forearm against their throat.

This cut’s off the blood flow to their brain and makes them pass out.

A special type of chokehold is the “carotid hold” which is used specifically on people who are already unconscious. It cuts off all blood flow and starves the brain of oxygen, resulting in a quick and painless death if held long enough.

The other grappling move is the joint lock. This is where you apply pressure to your enemy’s joints in order to make it impossible for them to move that part of their body. This is similar to the chokehold in that you can use either your arms or legs to perform it.

Now some types of attacks aren’t meant to subdue an enemy but rather to injure them. The prime example of this is shooting them with a gun. There are other types of attacks like this as well such as stabbing someone with a knife, but guns are the most common in this day and age so we’ll just cover that here.

Guns are very loud and they also throw off a lot of hot lead which can hurt you as well as your enemy. For this reason, you need to be careful when using them. It’s best to use a gun from far enough away that the chances of you getting hit by your own bullet is minimized, unless of course you mean to shoot yourself since most guns usually require bullets in order to fire.

Guns also require bullets. That may be a silly thing to point out since obviously they can’t shoot without bullets, but I’ve known people who have used guns before and forgot to take that little detail into account before attempting to gun down someone. If you can, you should wear ear protection and safety glasses or goggles.

Crack That Whip: The Jab Is the Most Important Punch - GymFitWorkout

Also, never ever point a gun at anything you aren’t willing to destroy. This even includes the air. If you aren’t prepared to fire, do not aim your gun at anything unless it’s secured in a safe direction (either pointed at the ground or in a safe direction, which formost guns is down and away from yourself and others).

Gun safety is very important.

The type of gun you use will determine how easy or hard it is to use. There are big two main types of guns, single shot weapons and repeating weapons. A single shot weapon is a gun that you have to reload after each shot, the most common one being a bow.

A repeating weapon is one that can fire many shots before having to be reloaded, the most common one being a musket or rifle. So is proper identification.

There are many types of guns so to speak. For the most part, they can be divided into three catagories: pistols, rifles, and shotguns. Some of these may be semi-automatic while others are not.

Whatever you do, do not assume that a gun is empty, even if you’ve shot it once already. Check it again. And keep those safety rules in mind at all times! Most weapons that can be holstered and carried around are pistols.

There are also different types of damage that a weapon can cause. The least amount is the normal type of damage. Normal damage goes through the object and hits whatever is behind it unless stopped by another object.

Next is exploding damage which explodes upon impact causing more damage to whatever it hits. The most damaging is flame damage which not only does direct damage but also causes a spray of flaming liquid or gas.

And remember that if you bring a gun, you’re going to have to pack enough shells to make it worth while and the more you carry, the more you have to carry away so do keep that in mind when packing.

Crack That Whip: The Jab Is the Most Important Punch - Picture

Hey Zee, what’s wrong?”

Lost asks.

You realize you’ve been staring at your gun for a few moments now. You shake your head and put the gun back down.

“Nothing… did you need something?” You ask Lost.

“Yeah, we’re leaving for the hospital soon.”


I thought we were waiting until nightfall.”

“Pip said as soon as you’re ready we’re going.”

“Oh. Okay then I’ll get ready.”

Lost nods and leaves. Seems like she was glad you were ready anyway. You grab your gun and check it, making sure it’s loaded and working.

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You then take it with you as you get the rest of your supplies together.

After making sure you have everything, you walk out of your tent and towards the hospital where the others are waiting. They’re gathered around the back, near an open garage door.

“I still don’t see why we can’t just break in through the front door.” You start packing for the journey, of which there isn’t much to pack.

After a few moments of thought you pick up your gun and drop it in your bag. You can feel the weight of it through the fabric. You aren’t sure if you’ll actually need it or not, but considering the circumstances you’d rather have it and not need it than need it and not have it.

You finish packing and head out to the lobby where everyone else is gathered. You hear Pyramid say.

And have the guards notice the broken door first thing when they come in tomorrow?

We enter through the garage and go up the stairs, that way we can take out the guards in the lobby before they know what’s happening.” Pip replies.

You walk over to them and they quickly stop talking. You hadn’t told them about your situation with Catalina for several reasons, but they were obviously still suspicious about why you were even here. They turn to you and Pip walks up.

Are you ready?

Because we’re leaving now.” Pip says in a professional tone.

It’s obvious she’s still upset with you, and given that she has every right to be, you decide to let her choose if she wants to talk about it now or later. You simply respond with a “Yes” and follow her outside.

“You’re here, that’s good. We leave in 3 minutes.” Pip says and starts walking towards the garage.

You quickly follow after him.

Crack That Whip: The Jab Is the Most Important Punch - GYM FIT WORKOUT

Hold on, where’s Pyramid?”

You ask.


Why would Pyramid come, this is a simple job for your rank.” He replies.

“No, I mean where is he, you’re just… you.”

“I am me.

Who else would I be?”

Once outside you look around and see that it’s a little brighter than when you went to sleep. Not by much, but there is definitely some light now. You’ll at least be able to see what’s going on when you get inside.

Pip heads towards the garage and the rest follow her. You hang back and bring up the rear.

“No, I meant… I thought you would be leading this mission.

Now you’re saying that it’s just me and you?”

You ask again.

“Why would I need anyone else, I already told you this is low rank work.”

“Yes, but I thought other Crimson Talons would be joining us since it’s an important job. Once you get inside you see the garage has 3 vehicles in it. A small truck, a large van and a motorcycle with a side car.

You all get in the vehicles and drive out the door. The van will drop the others off at their destination and then come back here to pick you up.

You pull out your map and look over it once more as you’re driven to your location. I mean I would think you’d want as many for backup as possible.”

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“Look, I don’t know what game you’re playing, but my plan can’t work with more than one other person. A snitch told me the details of the inside layout and whatnot, it’s not that large of a building, we go in, send the kids off with you and then clear out the place. I’ll take the front, you go through the basement, they probably have a safe room or something downstairs and that’s probably where whoever is in charge will be at.”

Wait, why don’t we both just go in the front?

It wouldn’t make sense to risk both of us sneaking around behind them.”

Pip stops looking at you like you’ve grown a second head and starts looking at you like you’re an idiot.


The museum has a large fence with spikes on the top, no doubt to keep people like you out. You get out of the car with the kids and are stared at by several guards with assault rifles.

“They’re probably wondering why you have such a large amount of children with you.” The driver says.

You look at him and can imagine his head exploding as his brains rain down on you. The guards don’t do that though, and simply open the gate for you. The museum is in the nicer part of the city and is probably a tourist attraction.

The van pulls over to the side of the road near the museum and you all get out.

“Alright, this is it.” Pip says as she gets out of the van. “Make sure you’re not seen and be careful, there will be guards patrolling the museum.”

With those last words of advise, Pip takes off back to the garage.

You think they’re not going to have extra security in place to prevent exactly what you’re suggesting?”

“I… I don’t know. I’m not that well versed in criminal activity,” You mutter as you turn away slightly embarrassed.

Pip gives a small sigh before speaking again.

“If we took the attention off of one front, then the other could slip inside without resistance. It’s called a pincer maneuver and it’s fairly common. Now come on, let’s get going.”

You take a look at the museum and see that there are guards patrolling the outside and either cameras or gun turrets on the roof. The van pulls away from the curb and heads off. You and Pip wait patiently for a few minutes before making your move.

Crack That Whip: The Jab Is the Most Important Punch - from our website

You and Pip slink around the building looking for a way inside. It doesn’t take long before you find an unguarded service door.


Told you this would be a piece of cake.”

Pip pulls out her lockpick and goes to work on the door. Within a minute she has it open.

You give her a nod and she goes in, you follow her. You find yourself in a kitchen.

“There are probably security cameras in here, we should disable them so we’re not compromised when we reach the basement.” Pip whispers

“how do we do that?” You ask in a whisper.

You see those big metal boxes on the wall with all the buttons?

If you can disable them, then do so, if not then shut them up somehow. Silencing the alarm will allow us to have more time to reach our objective.”

You nod and take a look around. There’s a metal box on the wall with a bunch of dials and switches on it. You try to turn the first one and hear a quiet “click”.

You take this to mean that it’s now off. The next one makes a “click” sound as well. The next two do nothing, but the fourth one makes the alarm bell actually stop ringing. You wait a few minutes and hear no more bells so you assume you’re good.

“I disabled the alarms, let’s go.” You whisper to Pip who nods back to you.

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You leave the kitchen and find yourself in a deserted hallway. You look around for cameras and see that there aren’t any.

These idiots have no cameras in the basement, how stupid are they?”

Pip says. “Let’s go.”

You follow her down to the basement and find yourself in another hallway. There are doors on either side, probably for storage. Pip takes out her lockpick and gets to work on one of the doors.

So what do you think of my plan so far?”

Pip asks while picking the lock.

“It’s going well so far, I guess.” You reply.

“I’m just saying that it’s good that you’re being included more in the decisions. It’s good to have someone else to blame things on if they go wrong, or take the credit if things go right. I have my ideas on how to handle things, and I’m sure Karst does too, but it’s good that the rest of you are getting a chance to share your opinions and skills.

It keeps things fresh.”

“Uh, yeah. It’s great.” You stutter, unsure of what to say.

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“It’s really great that you feel that way, because the next part of the plan is yours.” Pip says with a grin, opening the door.

The room is pitch black so Pip turns on her Maglight, and you enter the room. Inside are three men, all bound and gagged. One is in a chair, while the other two are slumped in the corner.

Pip approaches the one in the chair while you approach one of the ones in the corner.

You suddenly feel a steel knife pressed against your throat.

Who are you?”

A rough voice says.

“I’m with her.” You say, motioning to Pip who is busy emptying the contents of a locker.

The man doesn’t reply and instead pulls you closer so he can get a better look at you. After getting a good look at your face, the man steps back and sits back down in his corner.

“It’s been a long time, Pip.” He says.

“Yeah, I suppose it has Oscar.” Pip replies, finally finishing emptying the locker and closing the door. “

Are we all ready?”

“I think so. I don’t really know what you expect to find here, though. If the Federation is doing experiments here, it’ll be well hidden. If they aren’t, then there wont be anything to find.”

“Well if they aren’t doing experiments here, then we can report that and they’ll have wasted a trip. If they are, then we find it so we can destroy it.”

You realize if they are doing experiments here, then that means our friends are most likely involved right?”

“I would suppose so, yes.”

“Well that’s good, because I wasn’t sure what you wanted to do with them.”

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“I hadn’t gotten that far yet, so thanks for taking the initiative.” Pip says as she takes out her phone.

Pip looks at the three prisoners for a few seconds, presumably deciding who to call. She eventually presses a button and puts the phone to her ear.

“Yeah, we’re all set here…okay, we’ll see you in a bit.”

Pip hangs up the phone and hands it to you.

“You’ll be able to hear everything that goes on up there by pressing this button.” She says, pointing to a small black circle on the phone. “Head up to the kitchen and listen in from there.

We’ll probably be done by the time you get there.”

You nod, and take the phone. You walk to the kitchen and head upstairs. You find the kitchen as more footsteps enter the house.

You recognize one of them to be Elios, as he spoke earlier in the meeting. The other two are likely operatives.

“Ah, welcome! Welcome to……..this house!” Meliodas says.

“Cut the chatter, Fayed.

Where are they?”

Elios asks.

Oh? What’s going on?”

“Don’t play dumb, Fayed. Your boys have been stealing young girls for their rituals, and I won’t have it. The Dark Father won’t have it.”

So that’s what this is about? Kids playing some game?

You know, I had heard rumors, but I didn’t believe them. These kids have free will; they participate in these rituals of their own free will for the glory of Khorne.”

Crack That Whip: The Jab Is the Most Important Punch - Image

“They do no such thing! They’re manipulated and brainwashed just like the poor souls that walk into your diner everyday. You’re a bad man, Fayed.

You’re worse than the average criminal. At least they don’t pretend to be good.”

“I’m a good businessman. I’m glad you’ve at least learned that.”

“Don’t get coy with me, Fayed. You know what we want, and we’ll have it. Otherwise you’ll be spending eternity as a jackal.”

And what makes you think I won’t do the same to you?”

“Because I’m much more powerful than you, Fayed. You know it, and I know it.”

“I doubt that very much.”

At this point Elios grabs Fayed by the collar, lifting him up.

“Don’t mess with me, Fayed! Where are they!?

Crack That Whip: The Jab Is the Most Important Punch - from our website

“Go ahead, mortals! Do your worst!” Fayed yells.

You see Elios pull out a handgun and point it at Fayed’s head. You’re not sure what to do. You could step forward and attempt to calm Elios down, or find out where Fay went with Pip.

Well, it seems like one choice is gone now as you just stepped into the doorway. The three turn to look at you.

“Ah, the sneakypants finally shows himself!” Elios says.

“Elios, put the gun away. We’re not killing them.” You say.

What did you say?”

“I said no killing. We’ll find another way.”

Elios cocks his gun and points it at you instead, while his other two lackeys grab Fay and motion him to the door.

“Get out of the way, boy.”

“Don’t call me boy. You’re not that much older than me.”

Crack That Whip: The Jab Is the Most Important Punch - gym fit workout

Elios is fuming at this point. He’s angry enough that you think he’ll shoot you anyway, but you stand your ground. Elios keeps the gun pointing at your head as the two lackeys take Fay out of the house.

After a few tense seconds, Elios speaks again.

“This isn’t over, blood bag. When the Dark Father gives me the word, we’ll be coming for you.”

What did you just call me?”

“I called you a blood bag. You and your motley crew of misfits will not stop us from spreading the word of Khorne!”

Have you completely lost it?

Because if you haven’t, I suggest you get out of here before I…”

Before you what? Send you to hell?

Please, I’ve been there and done that.

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