Create Strong, Stable, Pain-Free Shoulders

How to Build Bulletproof Shoulders:

The shoulder is one of the most common areas where muscle imbalance occurs. When it comes to building strong shoulders, there are many different ways to go about it. Some people prefer to train their traps and biceps (or any other upper body muscles) while others like to focus on their lats and tris. Others still like to train both upper body muscles at the same time. There are some exercises that work all three areas equally well, but they tend to take longer than others and thus cost more money.

Crossover Symmetry Training Guide:

There are several types of cross over exercises that can be used to strengthen your shoulders. These include the following:

1. Overhead Presses – These are great because they target all three major shoulder muscles simultaneously.

They’re also fairly easy to perform and don’t require much equipment. You could do them with dumbbells or kettle bells if you have access to either of those.

2. Dumbell Presses – This exercise targets your chest, shoulders, triceps and traps at the same time.

It’s also relatively simple to learn and requires no equipment whatsoever.

3. Barbell Presses – This exercise targets all of the same muscle groups as the dumbell press, but it’s generally more effective at targeting your triceps.

4. Bent Over Lateral Raises – Lateral raises are a great way to target your middle and front deltoids and make your shoulders look broader.

Create Strong, Stable, Pain-Free Shoulders - from our website

They can be performed with barbells, dumbbells or cables and each one offers a different degree of resistance.


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