Create Your Own New Beginning

Create Your Own New Beginnings: What Is A New Beginning?

A new beginning is a fresh start in one’s life. It is when you take control of your future, rather than letting fate or other forces dictate it. There are many different types of new beginnings, but they all have two things in common: They involve taking responsibility for yourself and they include change.

What does “taking responsibility” mean?

Responsibility means that you make decisions about your own life. You decide what you want to do with your life, and then you take action toward achieving those goals. If you don’t like something about your current situation, then you need to take steps to change it. In short, responsibility means that YOU are in charge of YOUR destiny!

Change refers to any kind of change—positive or negative—in one’s life. For example, if you’re unhappy with your job, then you might consider changing jobs. If you feel unsatisfied with your relationship, then perhaps it would be best to break up with someone else. Whatever changes you make will affect not only yourself but others as well.

The key to making positive changes in your life is to set realistic goals and work towards them. Goals are the starting point for everything else in life; therefore setting realistic goals is essential for success in any endeavor. It’s important to understand that goals are not necessarily set in stone. Sometimes you may need to change or adjust them as you move forward.

While goals are very important, it is equally important to enjoy the process of achieving them. This is not to say that you shouldn’t work hard; of course you will need to work hard in order to achieve your goals. However, you should enjoy the process of reaching your goals. If you don’t enjoy the process, then it will become too much of a chore and you probably won’t achieve success.

Below are some suggestions of how to set realistic goals in relation to new beginnings:

Goals should be challenging, but not impossible to acheive. If a goal seems too hard to achieve, then you may need to revise it so that it is more realistic. On the other hand, if a goal seems too easy to achieve, then you may need to raise it so that you’re constantly challenged.

Goals should be based upon your own interests and desires. If you don’t like baseball, then it probably doesn’t make much sense for you to create a goal related to it. However, if you do like baseball, then it makes perfect sense for you to create a goal related to it.

Goals should be specific and measurable. If you can’t measure your success, then you won’t know when you achieve your goal.

For example, if your goal is “Be successful,” then how will you ever know if you’ve been successful?

Instead of that type of goal, try to be more specific with your goals. For example, “Get promoted to senior technical writer within three years” is a better goal.

Goals should be reasonable in terms of time span. If you set a goal for too short of a time period, then you won’t be able to achieve a great deal. On the other hand, if you set your goals for too long of a time period, then you may lose interest in reaching your goals. For example, it wouldn’t make much sense to say that your goal is “Be successful” over the next twenty years or so, since you probably will change your mind about what exactly it means to be successful over that time span. Instead, you might want to consider making your goals more short-term, such as “Create a plan for my immediate future by next year.”

Goals should be clear and understandable. If you create a goal that is confusing or unclear, then you’re going to have a hard time working towards it. For example, “I want to get rich” isn’t exactly the clearest of statements. Instead, you might want to consider being more specific, such as “I want to create a million-dollar portfolio by the time I retire”.

Goals should be relevant to you. Try not to compare yourself to other people and what they may or may not be doing. Instead, focus on what is important to you and what you want to achieve in your own life.

Goals should be balanced with other areas of your life. Work and family are both important parts of life; don’t forget to spend time with loved ones.

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Goals should be set by you, for you. No one else can create goals for you; in fact, if your goals are someone else’s ideas, then you probably won’t have a great deal of passion for those goals. You want to find something that you’re passionate about, and then set goals based upon that passion.

Your goals can affect other parts of your life in many ways. For example:

Achieving one of your goals can lead to another opportunity that you may have not considered otherwise.

Achieving one of your goals can help you gain more self-confidence that can lead to other things.

Not achieving a goal can lead to negative feelings that may cause problems in other areas of your life.

Your attitude about the goals you’ve achieved can affect your other goals (for better or worse).

For these and many other reasons, it’s important to take a good look at your goals on a regular basis. When you do achieve one, re-evaluate your list to see if any other goals can be removed since they are no longer important to you. At the same time, always be on the lookout for new goals that pop up in your life.

A great idea is to set a goal and then share it with a friend, family member, or even your team. Get their feedback on it and see if they can add or suggest new goals for you. Just make sure to ask them to keep it respectful; you don’t want anyone putting ideas in your head that are completely off base.

Do you have any tips on goal setting?

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Part V: Gloom

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The great irony of this world is that even though technology has advanced to incredible levels, many of the day-to-day problems humanity faces are still the same as they always have been. For example, no matter how far we advance in science and medicine, people are still prone to getting sick. This can be anything from a simple cold to the Black Death; it makes no difference. People can become sick and die.

What IS interesting is that despite this, humans have a great tendency towards optimism. It is rare to find someone who expects their imminent demise; even when a person is faced with a fatal diagnosis they tend to remain in optimistic spirits.

While this positivity is certainly something to be admired, I do not share this quality. I have always been a realist, and this has served me well on my various exploits.

Now that I am approaching the later years of my life, I find myself looking back upon it with a bit of melancholy. There are so many things I wish I could change, so many things I wish I could do over, that I almost wonder if it would not have been better had I not survived that certain assassination attempt by the Ebony Claw so long ago.

While I am certainly pleased to have such a talented daughter as Jennifer, and to see her grow into such a capable young woman, I cannot help but feel as if she would have been better off with a father that was not also a freelance adventurer. Indeed, it is times like this that I wonder if she might not be better off without a father at all.

Still, it is no use crying over spilled milk, so to speak. I cannot change the past, but I CAN make the most of the future. I just hope that I still have one.

Besides my concerns about my health, I am also troubled by the fact that Jennifer is getting ready to leave on her first real mission. While the location and goal of this mission are classified, I do know that it is something extremely dangerous. After all, she was hand picked for it due to her impressive combat abilities and magic skills.

While I am sure that she will be extremely capable, I am still worried about her. After all, if she is killed, then her potential as a great mage will never be realized. Of course, this is nothing new for a lot of young mages in the service, but that does not make me feel any better.

I suppose it is because I feel partially responsible for her because of my actions or inaction. Were the circumstances different, I would have insisted that she not join the Guild. However, this is a passion that she wished to pursue and I could never deny her that.

Oddly, I do not feel this way about Flevas. Perhaps it is because in some ways he is still connected to his people and his heritage. He still remembers what it was like to be free of the Empire’s hold. Jennifer doesn’t have that luxury as an adult. She was raised as a slave and then later indoctrinated into the Guild.

There is no turning back for her save death.

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I hope that it doesn’t come to that.

I haven’t said anything to Jennifer about my concerns. She’s a big girl and she can make her own decisions in life. Still, I’ve tried to spend more time with her before she leaves, and I suppose this is just another example of that.

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