CrossFit Games 2014 Workout Analysis: Individual Workouts

CrossFit Games 2014 Workout Analysis: Individual Workouts

2013 CrossFit Regional Results

In the 2013 regional competition, there were four events. There was one event for each of the three divisions (Open, Masters and Open/Masters). The winner of each division received $10,000 and a spot at the national championships. A total of six athletes competed in all three divisions.

The following table shows the individual records for the three divisions. For reference, we have included the top ten male and female performances from each division.

Event Name Record Time Score 1. Deadlift – Overhead Press 15 reps 15 seconds 2. Clean & Jerk 12 reps 13 seconds 3. Squat – Front Squat 10 reps 11 seconds 4.

Bench Press 8 reps 9 seconds 5. Power Clean 6 reps 7 seconds 6. Bent Over Row 5 reps 6 seconds 7. Military Press 4 reps 5 seconds 8. Pull Up 3 reps 3 seconds 9. Kettlebell Swing 2 reps 1 second 10. Pushup 1 rep 0 seconds

For the sake of comparison, here are the same records broken down into different categories:

Category Name Record Time Score 1. Squat – Back Extension 15 Reps 15 Seconds 2. Deadlift – Overhead Press 20 Reps 19 Seconds 3. Bench Press 40 Reps 35 Seconds 4.

Clean & Jerk 60 Reps 54 Seconds 5. Kettlebell Swing 80 Reps 75 Seconds 6. Pull Up 20 Reps 15 Seconds 7. Dips 10 Reps 8 Seconds

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There were many other performances that were very close to qualifying for the finals in all three divisions. For those curious, here are the results of the 2013 regionals in a table:

Athlete Division Score 1. Ryan Brown Open 112 2. Rich Froning, Jr. Open 111 3.

Annie Thorisdottir Open 101 4. Meghan Callaway Masters 50 5. Lee Martin Masters 46 6. Gary Helmick Masters 40 7. Jordan Cooks Masters 40 8. Jacob Heppner Open 33 9. Jodi Enos Open 31 10. Mathew Fraser Open 26

Men’s Division

The men’s division had the highest scores in the snatch, clean & jerk, and deadlift. It seems that the athletes were stronger than the women in this division. They were also much more explosive.

The men had higher scores in the overhead squat and back squat than the women. Their lowest event, surprisingly, was the deadlift.

The men’s division also had the highest average weight. This makes sense considering the events. The heavier you are, the better you will do on these types of events.

The men’s division had the most competitors at 17. The women’s division had only 4 competitors.

Women’s Division

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The snatch, clean & jerk, and back squat were the highest scoring events for women. Again, the same as the men’s division, these were the explosive, dynamic movements. The fastest movements also scored well in this division.

For the women, it was the deadlift that scored lowest in their division. This makes sense when you consider the deadlift is a slower movement. The squat and overhead squat also didn’t score as well.

The women had an average weight of 137 pounds. This seems small compared to the men, but it’s important to remember that there were only 4 women at the regional competition.

Overall, the events that scored well for both men and women were the snatch, clean & jerk, and squat. The pull-up was also a common movement that was high for both divisions.

The Power of Pull-Ups

For the 2013 CrossFit Games season, the pull-up will be a favorite among athletes. These movements are a great way to measure explosive power as well as general fitness. If you’re struggling to get your first pull-up or chin-up, there are tools available to help you out.

These tools make a great gift for any fitness lover. With the right equipment, anyone can become a master of their own body. The market offers many different types of pull-up bars. Consider the advantages and disadvantages of each bar before you buy one.

The first tool is a doorway pull-up bar. This type of equipment mounts to the door frame. It allows you to do regular pull-ups as well as other movements like sit-ups or dips. One of the most popular doorway bars on the market is the Stamina 1690 adjustable bar.

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This product mounts easily to most standard door frames. It also has padded grips for comfort and protection. The grips are also textured to prevent slipping.

Another doorway pull-up bar is the Iron Gym Upper Body Workout Bar. This product attaches to doorways from 24 to 32 inches wide. It can also be used for push-ups and sit-ups as well.

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