CrossFit Pull Ups: Which Came First? The Strict or the Kip

Kip (or kettlebell) pull up is one of the most popular exercises among CrossFitters. It’s been around since the beginning of time. The first recorded use was in ancient Greece where it was used to strengthen athletes’ muscles during games. Later, it became popular in Japan and China where it helped improve physical fitness. Today, kipping pull-ups have become a staple exercise in many gyms all over the world.

The term “kip” comes from the word “kipper”, which means someone who does something quickly. So kipping pull-ups are performed with a lighter weight than traditional pull-ups. They’re done while holding a weighted object such as a kettlebell or dumbbell.

Many people believe that kipping pull-ups are easier because they don’t require much strength and flexibility. However, there are several benefits to doing them correctly.

Benefits of Doing Kipping Pull-Ups Correctly

1. They Are Easy To Do!

2. You Can Perform Them With Little Strength And Flexibility Requirements!

3. You’ll Get Your Cardio Training While Doing Them!

You need to perform kipping pull-ups correctly. This means you need to keep your body straight and tense while performing them. This is why it’s important to hold the kettlebell with the right form.

If you don’t hold it properly, you won’t be able to get the most out of your kipping pull-ups. It’s also important to keep your legs tight while doing them. This will help stabilize your body. If you keep your body straight and tense, your core muscles will engage properly. This will be beneficial for your posture and also keep your spine aligned. If you’re a beginner, doing too many kipping pull-ups at once can cause back spasms so make sure to start off by doing them correctly.

If you’ve never done crossfit before, then you should get a trainer to help you out with the proper form at first. There are several different types of kip. The most common ones are the butterfly kip and the cerpo kip.

Whichever type you choose, make sure to do them slowly at first until you master the form. You’ll also need to know how to do a proper pull-up before doing these since some of the motions are similar. Always keep your back flat with a slight arch in your lower back while doing them. The only difference here is that you will use your hips and legs to help lift your body up and over the bar.

CrossFit Pull Ups: Which Came First? The Strict or the Kip - | Gym Fit Workout

Here Are Some Steps To Help You Learn How To Do Kipping Pull-Ups

1. Get A Training Partner

Make sure to get someone that has experience in kipping pull-ups since they’ll be able to spot you and show you the proper form. You will also need someone to take video of you while you’re doing them so they can give you immediate feedback. If you don’t have a personal trainer, then get a friend to help you out.

2. Start Off Slow

As mentioned earlier, it’s important not to rush into doing kipping pull-ups. You want to take your time so you can get the form right before doing them at full speed. To do this, start out by doing a few pull-ups with the help of your training partner.

3. Do Your First Kipping Pull-Up Now

Use your legs to lift your body up and over the bar. When you get to the top position, do ONE PULL-UP before going back down. Once you’re done, your partner will take a video of you to make sure your form is correct.

4. Do It Again

Now that you’ve gotten a feel for it, do another one. Do another pull-up before going back down. After you get to the bottom position, your partner will tell you if your form is correct or not.

If it’s not correct, then you need to keep practicing until they say it is correct.

CrossFit Pull Ups: Which Came First? The Strict or the Kip - GYM FIT WORKOUT

5. Continue Practicing And Take Video Clips

Continue practicing until your partner says that your form is correct. It’s important to get immediate feedback so you know if you need to make adjustments. Make sure to take video clips of yourself doing the kipping pull-ups from various angles.

You can then watch these clips over and over again when you’re alone so you know you’re doing them right.

6. Now Do It Without The Help Of Your Training Partner

Once you feel confident in your ability to do the kipping pull-ups, you can begin doing them without the help of your training partner. Just make sure to take video clips of yourself so you can still get immediate feedback on your form. If you’re a beginner, then only do a few at a time so you don’t overwork your muscles.

7. Keep Practicing And Get Immediate Feedback

Continue practicing and getting immediate feedback. If you don’t know anyone who can take video of you, then try posting on the crossfit forums and ask someone there if they can help you out. You want to make sure your form is good before you start doing them during a real workout.

No one wants to see you get hurt because you didn’t take the time to practice properly.

As you can see, kipping pull-ups are fairly simple to do IF you get the right help. You don’t want to mess around with these since they can cause injury if not done properly. Be sure to take things slow and get immediate feedback so you know when you’re doing it right.

If you know someone who can take video of you while doing them, then make sure to get them to help you out. Another option is to find a Crossfit gym in your area and ask them if you can practice on their rig. Most Crossfit gyms are more than happy to let people use their equipment to give it a try since more people generally equals more money.

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I wish you the best of luck and if you have any questions about the process, then please don’t hesitate to ask. Thanks for reading!


Elliott Hulse