Days of Clean Eating: Savory Weekend Breakfast Mini Quiche

Day of clean eating: savory weekend breakfast mini quiche

The first thing I want to say is that I am not a health professional or even a nutritionist. My goal here is just to share with you some of my favorite recipes from the blog and hopefully inspire you to try something new!

I have been following this blog since it was started in 2009. I have read all the posts, watched every video, and followed every recipe posted there. And while I love most of them, I think the savory weekend breakfast mini quiche is one of my favorites. So when I saw that this was going to be the theme for the next post, I knew exactly what I wanted to make.

It’s so simple – just eggs and mushrooms cooked together in a skillet until they are tender and fall aparty (or at least soft). Then topped with cheese and bacon bits. That’s it! If you’re like me, you probably don’t need any other ingredients besides those two.

But if you do, then go ahead and add whatever else sounds good to you.

But before we get into the recipe itself, let’s talk about why I think this is such a great idea for your Saturday morning breakfasts. Because it is!

Eggs + Mushrooms = Deliciousness?


Eggs and mushrooms are a classic combination, but did you know that they are both nutritional powerhouses?

Eggs have gotten a bad rap over the past couple of decades. While it’s true that they contain cholesterol, modern science has since proven that they do not raise your risk of heart disease like we once thought they did. In fact, eggs are a great source of protein and can even be part of a weight loss diet. Not only that, but they are full of essential vitamins and minerals and they will keep you feeling full for a long time due to their fat content.

Mushrooms are almost underrated in my opinion. They have a great, earthy flavor that goes well with many types of food, not to mention they are also packed with several nutrients that your body needs to stay healthy. They are low in calories, but high in fiber and water. They are a good source of B vitamins (especially B12) and minerals like copper, potassium, and selenium.

They even have some antioxidant properties to help fight those pesky free radicals! To top it all off, they have a very similar texture to meat which makes them great for vegan dishes or as a substitute for meat in other dishes.

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