Dear CrossFit: Talayna Deserves Better

Dear CrossFit: Talayna Deserves Better

By James Optic

I am writing this letter because I feel it is my duty to do so. There are many reasons why I left the CrossFit gym, but the main reason was due to their treatment of one individual, Talia.

She deserves better than they have given her at the hands of them. Her name is Talia and she is a woman who loves being active. She works hard at her job, which includes working part time as a personal trainer. She does not just want to get back into shape; she wants to be healthy and fit like the rest of us. That’s why when she first started going to the gym, she had no idea what was in store for her or how much work would need to go into maintaining her current level of fitness. After all, she is only human.

But after a few months of working out with her, she noticed something different. She began to notice that the other women there were getting fitter and healthier than herself.

They looked younger too! And they weren’t just talking about their bodies either; they seemed happier too. One day Talia asked one of the trainers if she could join them for some extra training sessions since she wanted to keep up with her friends’ progress as well. The trainer was more than willing to help her out and the first thing she did was take a good look at Talia’s diet.

CrossFit HQ Dietician Approved

It would come as a surprise to most people that eating healthy is not only more filling but also helps you shed more fat than eating whatever you want. That’s right, you don’t need to eat junk food all the time to lose weight!

When I found out about this, I was really impressed with the dietician who designed this particular diet plan. Not only is it designed for extremely active people in mind, but it goes a step further than most plans and gives you all the tools you need to maintain your current weight once you reach your goals. The dietician herself monitors everyone’s weight on a monthly, sometimes weekly basis to ensure that everyone is getting healthy and fit. She would also give the odd encouragement here and there when she noticed someone had a particularly good week.

When Talia joined this particular gym, the dietician was more than willing to help her out with her goals and she went ahead to create a weight loss plan for all new members who needed a little extra hand in getting into shape. It’s always sad whenever someone joins the gym and gains weight unintentionally, but this woman was happy to help.

If a new member joined without having gone through the dietician first, then they would be directed to her and given a similar plan. New members are always encouraged to go see her in fact, because it can only help them in the future.

However, as time went on Talia started going to the training sessions less and less and soon she stopped going altogether. She did not contact the dietician either out of embarrassment or just simply not thinking about it.

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A few months had passed and Talia’s weight slowly started increasing until she was back to her original weight again. This occurs every so often with members who feel pressured into losing weight when they aren’t quite ready for it yet.

Why CrossFit is Good

This gym has been around for over a decade now and in all that time, it has helped countless people get into shape or lose weight as quick as possible. Whilst most people join these gyms with the intention of losing weight or getting fit, they soon find other advantages.

Members get to know all the trainers and some even become friends with others who they see every day at the gym. The community is friendly and supportive, encouraging everyone to do their best and helping them stay motivated.

CrossFit has been accredited by both the American and Canadian governments as an effective way to get into shape and lose weight. In fact, many high schools in North America are now implementing it into their physical education programs.

I’ve been going to this specific gym for over three years now and I’m planning on continuing my membership.

If you’re looking for a fun and effective way to get into shape, then why not try out CrossFit today?

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