Death by Food Pyramid: When Science Is Not What It Seems

Death By Food Pyramid Summary: When Science Is Not What It Seems

The first thing you need to know about death by food pyramid is that it’s not just a myth! There are many deaths attributed to the pyramid, but they’re all wrong. You may have heard the following stories before, or maybe you’ve been told them yourself. They might even be true…but there’s no evidence to support any of these claims.

1) “I was eating a low-fat diet when I died.

If you were eating a high fat diet, then yes, you would probably die from heart disease. But if you ate a low-fat diet, your risk of dying from cancer would go up. If you had diabetes at the time of your death, then your chances of dying from kidney failure would increase. And so on.

So what does this mean?

It means that while the pyramid may make sense in theory, it doesn’t actually work in practice.

2) “My doctor told me that I could live until my late 80s with a healthy lifestyle.

While doctors do sometimes recommend certain diets to their patients, they don’t usually say that you’ll live longer than you otherwise would have done without such advice. And even if they did, it wouldn’t necessarily mean that those recommendations were correct. It’s all still pretty experimental.

3) “I was doing just fine until I changed my diet.

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Of course you were!

Your previous diet was working for you, so why would you change it?

This is exactly the kind of logic that the pyramid encourages. Maybe you started eating more fat than you should have, or maybe you decided to eat too many carbohydrates. Either way, a fatal mistake was made!

4) “I was doing just fine until I changed my exercise habits.

Yes, exercise is good for you. But in some cases, it can be bad. If you were a couch potato and started to run marathons, you’d probably keel over from a heart attack before reaching the finish line. Oh sure, running is great for you in general, but you shouldn’t push your body too hard.

Moderation in all things!

5) “I was doing just fine until I changed my lifestyle habits in some other way.

Maybe you started smoking, or maybe you’ve been drinking a bit too much alcohol. Either one of these scenarios could lead to an earlier death than what might have otherwise been the case. The same probably goes for any other bad habit that you may have picked up. Death by food pyramid doesn’t just apply to what you eat!

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6) “I was living a healthy lifestyle and none of my friends died before the age of 90.

There are some people who seem to be able to eat whatever they want and never put on weight. They can also smoke like a chimney and never get lung cancer. And when they do eventually fall ill, they make a full recovery. These people seem to live charmed lives and often continue this good fortune into their old age.

But don’t be fooled! If everyone could do this, nobody would have any problems!

7) “I was in good health and then suddenly I died!

Indeed you were. Unfortunately, this indicates that death by food pyramid was not the cause of your death. There are still many other possibilities to consider. But don’t worry!

By following the death by food pyramid, you may be able to bring that average down!

Can a low average save lives?

Only time will tell…

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