Emily Beers

She is a professional athlete. She competes in CrossFit and she is very successful at it. Her Instagram account @emilybeers_ is one of the most popular accounts on social media with over 10 million followers. Some of her pictures are quite revealing. For example, she posted a picture showing off her large cleavage which shows off some cleavage even though she claims not to wear any clothes while working out or training.

Emily Beers CrossFit Instagram Account

In addition to being a professional athlete, Emily Beers is also a model. Her Instagram account @emilybeers_model has over 4 million followers. Most of her pictures show her posing nude or semi-nude. Many of these photos have been taken from various angles so they give us a good look at her body and what kind of shape she has achieved through exercise.

Emily Beers Model Instagram Account

The fact that Emily Beers is a professional athlete and a model does not mean that she is not attractive. However, there are some things about her Instagram account that do raise questions. There are several images where she appears to be naked or partially nude. In many of these photos her body is mostly or entirely covered up.

However, some of the pictures show her in a less covered up manner.

In one photo she is wearing a one-piece swimsuit and it is hard to tell if anything is censored or not. In another picture she is bending over with one arm covering up her chest while the other arm is covering up her private parts.

The caption for that picture reads, “Do you see anything yet?”

Does she have a point? Are there people out there that have nothing better to do than look at partially nude photos of other people on social media?

Well, probably. However, social media has definitely been blamed for many things, but it seems unlikely that it is responsible for a whole generation of perverts.

Unfortunately, some of the pictures on her account may invite more criticism. In another picture she is wearing what seems to be a wedding dress. She is bending over while showing off her cleavage, but the top of the dress is tight enough that it looks like she might be wearing something else underneath. The caption for this picture reads, “I’ll tell you later…” Oh, the innuendo!


While this picture may or may not be real, it is still incredibly risky to post such a picture on social media. You just never know who could see these pictures. If her husband does not like this picture, he may get pissed enough to kill her. Maybe it was a bad idea to post such a photo on social media, but she did it and there is no point in crying over spilled milk.

In some ways it is surprising that she has not gotten more criticism for these pictures. There are a few reasons for this. For one thing, a lot of people seem to be turned off by the fact that she is a Crossfitter. There are a lot of criticisms about the sport in general, and some view it as being a cult.

In addition to this, she seems to have something of a perfect life. For example, she is married to NFL player Jordan Mailata, an Australian Rugby League star who currently plays for the Philadelphia Eagles. Although her Instagram account is private, critics have still managed to dig up some of these pictures. Others, however, believe that she deserves privacy.

It is hard to say if the criticism is justified or not. She obviously worked hard for her body, and she is definitely in great shape. However, some of these pictures seem to be a little over the top. Whatever Emily Beers decides to do with her Instagram account in the future, it seems unlikely that she will stop posting these types of pictures anytime soon.

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