Erika Volk

Erika Volk Personal Trainer Near Me

Personal trainer near me is a job which requires high level of dedication and skill. You need to have a strong will, patience, determination and most importantly your own skills. There are many trainers in NYC but only one person who is qualified to provide the best service for her clients.

She provides all services at very reasonable prices, which makes it possible for you to save money while getting the same or better results than other trainers in the area.

The following is a list of some of the things you might want to know about Erika Volk personal trainer near me:

1) Her Name Is Erika Volk And She Has Been Working As A Personal Trainer For More Than 10 Years Now.

2) She Was Born And Raised In Brooklyn, New York City, USA.

3) She Started Training At Age Of 14 And Currently Works Out Of A Gym In Manhattan’s SoHo District.

4) She Also Serves Other Areas Like The Bronx, Queens, Staten Island And The Far West Side Of Chicago.

5) She Is A Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS).


6) Her Favorite Things To Do On A Typical Day Are: 1.

Erika Volk - | Gym Fit Workout

Exercise 2. Get Lunch With Friends 3. Go Shopping 4.

Watch Movies 5. Read Books 6. Go Dancing 7. Go For A Mani And Pedi 8. Go Swimming

7) Most Embarrassing Moment: She Once Gave Her Last $20 To A Pan-handler And Then Realized She’d Left It In Her Other Wallet.

Personal Trainer Queens

There are many personal trainer queens out there that promise great results but end up disappointing their clients in the long run. But Erika Volk is different than all other personal trainers. Here are some reasons why Erika is the best personal trainer in NY.

1) She Has Been Working As A Personal Trainer For More Than 10 Years Now

If you want to lose weight, gain muscle or improve your athletic ability, then she is the person to go to. She has helped thousands of people in New York and will not stop until every person who wants to achieve their fitness goals, does so by her hands.

2) She Is Very Passionate About Helping People

She does not just provide a service. She provides a life changing experience. Once you start training with her, she becomes more like a mentor than your trainer.

She looks out for you and helps you with many things in life other than fitness as well.

3) She Is A Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS)

She is not just a PT. She has a proper certification that provides her with the knowledge of fitness and human body. She knows how to improve your performance and build a strong and healthy body.

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