Everybody Wants to Be a Lion..

Everyone Wants To Be A Beast Until It’s Time To Be A Lion. Everybody Wants To Be A Beast Until It’s Time To Be A Lion. There are many reasons why people want to become a lion. Some of them are: They like being strong and powerful.

They like having lots of friends.

They enjoy fighting with other animals.

Some people want to become a lion because they have big dreams or ambitions. Others just think that becoming a lion would make them look good in front of others. Still, there are some people who really want to become a lion so much that they will go through all kinds of hardships and dangers just for the sake of their dream.

These people are called “Lion Hunters”.

The most common reason why people want to become a lion is because they believe that they could use their strength and power to protect the weak from predators. However, not all lions are equal. Some of them may even kill prey without any problems at all.

If you truly wish to become a lion, then you must choose which kind of lion you want to be.

Do you want to be the kind of lion who is strong and powerful and can easily defeat any enemy?

If so, you should probably become a Hunter. On the other hand, if you wish to become a lion simply because you want to help “The Weak”, then perhaps the only thing you should really become is a Doctor.

Anyone Can Be a Hunter Everyone wants to be a lion until it’s time to be a lion. There are a lot of people who dream about becoming a lion, but few actually do. There are some people who want to become a lion so bad, they dedicate their lives to it.

They spend years and years of their life learning everything they can about lions. They train their minds and bodies for the day when they will finally face a lion. These people are called Hunters. Their purpose is to find a lion, and kill it. To be a Hunter requires not only strength and knowledge, but also patience and wisdom. More importantly, it requires a strong heart. For if you truly wish to become a lion, then you’ll have to confront one in battle at some point in your life.

The most important thing for a Hunter is not skill or knowledge, but courage. A brave Hunter will stand a chance against even the fiercest of lions.

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By reading this guide, you’ll have a much better chance of surviving your encounter with a lion. However, though this guide will increase your chances of living, there will still be a chance that you will die. Only through courage can you hope to overcome this disadvantage.

In any case, I wish you the best of luck. May your hunt be a successful one.


Knowledge is essential when hunting something. If you’re going to be facing a lion, you need to know as much as you can about your opponent. What is described in this section are several types of lions and what you can expect from them.

Fierce Lion

The Fierce Lion is the most common type of lion that people believe themselves to be. These types of lions rely on nothing but power and strength to take down their enemies. They are extremely aggressive and will charge towards anything that they see as a threat.

They have duller coats of hair, usually yellow to orange in color. Their mane is typically dark red, though it may be brown. They are the biggest of the lions.

They are slightly smaller than a tiger, but much larger than any human. These types of lions have incredibly sharp claws that can easily shred through trees with ease. These lions typically weigh over 400kg, and can reach up to 500kg.

Fierce Lions typically live in groups of two. One male and one female, though it is possible for multiple males and multiple females to live together. The male is typically the leader of the group, though there are exceptions.

They typically hunt large herbivores like Elk, though younger fierce lions have been known to attack villages for their livestock and villagers.

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These types of lions typically attack anything that they see as a threat. If you see one, chances are it’s going to be hostile towards you.

The Ferocious Lion is a type of lion that relies on nothing but skill and cunning to take down its enemies. They are much more intelligent than your average lion and typically pick off their enemies in the shadows. They are not any less aggressive than a Fierce Lion, they simply prefer to take down their enemies from the shadows.

These types of lions typically always try to hunt their prey from the shadows. They typically don’t like to fight unless they have too or when they’re dealing with a weaker potential meal. They typically can outrun most other animals their size, though this doesn’t mean that they’re faster than a speeding vehicle.

These lions typically live in groups of 1-5. Typically only ever being just one male lion, though it is possible for there to multiple males. They typically hunt things that they’re able to easily bring down and typically aren’t forced to scavenge.

These types of lions typically stalk and hunt weaker creatures, such as herbivores or humans. If you are in their territory, you typically need to be wary of your surroundings as they could be anywhere at anytime.

The Shameless Lion is a type of lion that relies on nothing but manipulation to take down its enemies. They are emotional creatures and typically only attack beings that try to hurt them or their families. They typically will only attack when they feel that they have been wronged in some way.

These types of lions typically try to appear as harmless as possible. They typically will not attack unless provoked or if one of their family members is hurt or killed. They typically will retreat and have loud roars to scare enemies away.

They typically will only attack if you destroy one of their dens.

These types of lions typically live in prides with multiple male lions and multiple female lions. Typically the males will protect the pride’s territory from other males and other creatures that could pose a threat.

The Sadistic Lions are a rare breed of lion that rely on the thrill of the hunt to take down its prey. Typically, they will try to break the spirit of their prey as soon a possible typically by trapping them or damaging their ability to fight. Typically, they will torture a creature until it no longer able to fight before finishing it off.

The vicious lion is a type of lion that relies on nothing but brute strength to take down its prey. They typically try to catch their prey off guard and quickly kill it as soon as possible. They typically rely on size and sharp claws to bring their prey down.

They typically live a solitary life, as most other creatures are typically able to easily defend themselves against a single vicious lion.

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These types of lion typically use their size and sharp teeth to bring down their prey as quickly as possible. They typically rely on strength in numbers to hunt, as one lion by itself typically can’t take down larger prey.

The wise lion is a type of lion that relies on nothing but intelligence to take down its prey. Typically, they will try to outsmart their prey and kill them when they’re at their weakest. They typically rely on ambushes and traps to take down their prey.

They typically live a solitary life, as most other creatures are typically able to easily defend themselves against a single wise lion.

The young lion is a type of lion that relies on nothing but speed and agility to take down its prey. They typically try to wear their prey down over a long period of time, Examples of this could be chasing animals into the desert or waiting for hours in the trees for the perfect moment to strike. They typically hunt in groups to bring down large prey and typically work together to fend off other predators from taking their kills.


The Maneater is a very large creature that typically lurks in the water. They typically wait for their prey to come to them, as they typically don’t move much. They typically feast on anything they can get, typically eating fish and drinking water.

The Maneaters have no eyes, but their hearing more than makes up for this. They typically will listen to the movement of its prey and then the sniff out its location. They typically have very large mouths with many teeth that are able to easily chew through bone and armor. The Maneaters typically can’t move quickly, but can typically go from one end of the island to the other in a single bound.

The Island Eternals are a group of people that were sent to the island as a way of cleansing them of their sins. It’s typically supposed to be an easy life of simply working on the island and nothing else. The Eternals typically have a choice of what job they do, but typically are assigned one.

This is typically done to ensure that each job gets enough people to man it. Most of these jobs are very important to ensure the smooth running of the island.

The Eternals typically have little time for entertainment and leisure as such activities typically aren’t seen as a necessity. The Eternals typically only have two chances at leaving the island, death or salvation. The Eternals that aren’t saved from the island are typically the unlucky ones that were chosen to die on the island.

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There are some groups on the island that do not quite fit into the mold of the typical Eternal. These groups typically form their own social structure outside of the typical hierarchy of the Island. Some of these groups can be friendly towards other Eternals while others dislike them.


This is a group of Eternals that believe that they were brought to the island for a reason and that reason is to serve Dendrin. They typically are typically friendly towards other friendly Eternals and typically frown upon the use foul language, drink alcohol, have extramarital sexual encounters and participate in activities that are not helping the island run smoothly. They typically are always looking for converts and don’t care much for the Shadow Blades because they typically do not help run the island as well as engaging in activities that the Shadows frown upon.


This is a small group of younger Eternals that believe that they should be preparing for the return of Dendrin by practicing their magical abilities as much as possible. They typically spend their time studying magic and other scholarly endeavors. They typically do not like the fact that they have to still work and are good for nothing idlers in their minds.

They typically see themselves as true believers in Dendrin’s ideals and think that some of the other Eternals are hopelessly lost causes that should be put out of their misery.


This is one of the smallest groups on the island and they are typically hated by most other Eternals. They are a group of eternals that worship the original Eternals as if they were gods. Typically, they will behave in a manner that they believe the original Eternals would approve of.

They typically do this out of the hope that if they please the original Eternals that they may return and retake the island. They typically are very friendly towards the non-eternals that work on the island and will go out of their way to make them comfortable.

This group is typically seen as annoying at best and enemies at worst. Other Eternals typically mock them and generally do not like them. Some of the non-eternals on the island typically also do not like this group since they are typically very judgmental and often rude to others.

Everybody Wants to Be a Lion.. - | Gym Fit Workout


This group of elves have lived on the island for quite sometime. They typically keep to themselves and maintain the island’s woodlands. The Elves typically have no real name for themselves other than simply “The Elves.” Each elf has their own name although they are very strange to the ears of most other inhabitants on the island.

The Elves typically will have minor trade with the other inhabitants on the island but typically keep to themselves.

The elves are typically ignored by most Eternals as they typically do no harm and live far enough away to not be a bother. There are rumors that the elves have magical powers as sometimes the eternal hear strange sounds in the woodlands but these rumors are typically dismissed by most Eternals.


This group makes up the majority of non-eternals on the island. They typically have no say in how things are run on the island. Typically they live in small villages and get jobs that the Eternals have assigned to them.

They typically will work for an eternity until they die, unless they participate in some major act of rebellion, at which point they typically are executed. Such rebellions do happen but they are typically short-lived. These rebellions are typically led by Eternals who have lost faith in Dendrin, though there are some cases where a few slaves will manage to lead a rebellion. This typically doesn’t last long though as the slaves typically lack the training that most Eternals have, even the ones who have dissented.

The slaves typically live for the day that they will be free. Sadly, most of them typically never will. Typically slaves are used as laborers and factory workers.

Some of the jobs that they do would be considered dangerous to an Eternal, hence why the slaves typically do them. Some slaves typically live in poor condition and some work conditions are downright inhumane by most standards, though to the Eternals it’s just something that is accepted. Most of the time their actions are rationalized by claiming that the slaves are simply inferior and need the help of the Eternals to survive. Some Eternals will even go as far as to claim that the slaves should be thankful to the Eternals for keeping them from destroying themselves.

The slave population typically has a very high rate of reproduction, not due to any sort of encouragement, but typically due to poor living conditions which lead to disease and death in childhood.


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These are a special slave group that typically have had slightly more exposure to the outside world than most slaves typically receive. They typically work in factories and industrial centers that produce goods for export. These slaves typically have slightly better living conditions than some of the other slave groups and as such they typically are the biggest producers.

These slaves typically have the worst jobs and the fewest numbers and as such are considered to be the most expendable by the Eternals.


These are the biggest group of slaves and typically work on massive farms that supply food for the rest of the Eternal Dominion and beyond. These slaves typically have it slightly better than other slave groups as their jobs typically demand more people. Typically if a slave is sick or unable to work he or she is left to die by the farm owners.

These slaves typically live in poor conditions where they typically lack the bare essentials to live. As a result this slave group has the highest mortality rate out of all the slave groups.


This group typically works in Dendrin’s own mine. These are typically people who have been arrested for various crimes within the Eternal Dominion or other places and sold to work off their “crimes” in the mines. These typically have the worst conditions but have a higher chance of surviving their sentence as most of the mining work is done by hand.

This group typically is one of the better-off groups as far as living conditions go.


This is typically where most of the criminals and other undesirables end up. This slave group typically works at capturing runaways or dissidents and bringing them back to be sold to the other slave groups.

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