Exercise for Moms on Bed Rest: Is It Safe

Exercise for Moms on Bed Rest: Is It Safe?

It’s time to get back to your life and start living it again! You have been out of work for quite some time now. Your husband was laid off from his job recently too. Now you are both unemployed and living at home with your kids. Your children need all the love they can get right now. You are not sure what will happen next, but you just want them to enjoy their lives. You don’t think about the future or worry about anything else anymore.

You are getting ready to go back to work when your son comes running up and says “Mommy I found something!” He points at a book under your chair that someone had left there yesterday morning. You open it up and see a picture of a little girl sitting on top of a big rock.

She looks so happy and contented. Her hair is in pigtails and she wears pink shorts. The caption reads “Little Girl Sitting On A Big Rock”.

What does this mean?”

you ask your son excitedly.

He tells you that the photo was taken by one of his friends who goes to school with him every day.

“I can take you there sometime if you want,” your son says trying to be helpful.

You spend a lot of time looking at the photo and thinking about what it all might mean. You know that you didn’t put the book under the chair, so that means someone must have left it there on purpose. Then when your son showed it to you, you started thinking that maybe someone was trying to send you a message.

You decide to do a little research to see if you can figure out where the photo was taken. Maybe that will help you find more about the little girl in the photo.

You type in the following address into your search engine and hit search: “Where is the rock from the ‘Little Girl Sitting On A Big Rock’ picture?”

There are a lot of different options that come up, so you narrow your search down by typing in “Big Rock Photo” instead. That seems to work, but there are still a lot of different links. The one that looks the most promising is entitled “Big Rock In Fort St John”. It says that the big rock that the photo was taken at is in Fort St John. That’s great and all, but you don’t know where that is or how far away it is from your house. You decide to do a new search and type in “Fort St John Map” this time. When the new list of links comes up you see one that offers driving directions from where you are right now to Fort St John. You are a little leery about following this map, because it looks like it will take you off onto some pretty small roads. You decide to print out a copy of both the photo and the map so you have them with you on your trip.

Your husband is sitting at the kitchen table reading the newspaper when you come back into the room. He has been looking for a job ever since he was laid off, but so far no one is hiring for the jobs that he is interested in. With no other prospects in sight, he doesn’t object when you tell him you want to drive into Fort St John to check out the Big Rock from the photo.

He does suggest though that you go during the day instead of taking a trip all the way up there at night.

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