Exercising With Your Baby: The Babywearing Workout

Exercise With Your Baby: The Babywearing Workout

Babywearing is not only a great way to keep your baby safe while exercising, but it’s also a great way to stay fit too! You don’t have to spend all day at the gym or even going out of your comfort zone when you’re with your little one.

You can still get some benefit from regular physical activity without burning yourself out.

You might think that a babywearing workout would involve lots of moving around and crawling, but it doesn’t have to be that way. There are many ways to do exercise with your baby.

Here are just a few ideas:

1) Swing Around A Pole For 30 Minutes Or More – If you’ve ever been to a swing set, then you’ll understand how easy it is to move around and play with your child while swinging around a pole.

Some swings are designed specifically for babies, so you may want to try those instead.

2) Do A Jump Rope Pose With Your Baby – This pose is similar to the one you’d do during yoga, except there’s no hands involved.

Just jump up and down with your baby in this position. In a few minutes, you’ll feel the burn just like you would with any other regular exercise routine.

3) Take A Stroll Around The Block – The stroller is a great piece of baby gear for parents who want to get some regular exercise in.

While some people use their stroller to take a stroll through the neighborhood or even at the park, you can also use it to take yourself on a light jog. You’re less likely to run into issues like cars or other obstacles while you’re on your walk, so it’s completely safe for your baby.

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Now here are some babywearing tips that every parent should keep in mind:

Tips For Any Workout:

Your first responsibility is always to your baby’s safety. You don’t want to do anything that could potentially harm them, so always err on the side of caution when it comes to their well-being.

Don’t over exert yourself. You still need to conserve your energy, so try not to push yourself too hard.

Just because you’re exercising with your baby doesn’t mean that you can’t stop when you need to.

Try to keep a steady breathing pattern. Don’t hold your breath or take quick breaths since either action could potentially cause you to pass out.

Instead, take deep breaths and make sure that you exhale as you exert yourself and inhale as you relax.

You should always hydrate before, during and after your workout session. This is especially true if you’re working out in the summertime or live in a hot climate, but it’s just as important during the colder months as well.

Exercise with your baby for as long as you want to, but don’t force yourself to do something that your body doesn’t allow. If you start to feel light-headed or as if you’re going to pass out, then stop what it is that you’re doing immediately and try something else.

Babywearing and Pregnancy: Getting Ready For The Big Day

If you’re currently pregnant, then the last thing you probably want to do is go through a bunch of exercise routines to get yourself ready for the big day. Luckily for you, exercising with your carrier is a great way to get in shape while also getting yourself prepared for the baby that’s on its way.

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The exercises that you should do while you’re pregnant shouldn’t require too much exertion on your part. While this is probably a good thing for most expectant mothers, it could be a bit annoying for you since you won’t get to work out as hard or as much as you may want to.

This is especially true if you’re a fitness buff and enjoy going on long runs or working out at the gym several times a week.

However, by exercising with your carrier, you can still get in your recommended amount of exercise without having to work too hard at it. You’ll also be able to easily incorporate this into your regular daily activities; all you have to do is throw your baby in the carrier and you’ll have instantly created an exercise routine for yourself!

Tips For Exercising While Pregnant:

Talk to your doctor before beginning any kind of exercise routine. While exercising with your carrier should be perfectly fine for most women, you’ll still want to get your doctor’s approval before doing so.

While it’s not overly recommended, you can still engage in light exercise while you’re in your first trimester. As long as you don’t overdo it, some exercise is perfectly fine at any time during your pregnancy.

Don’t forget to hydrate! That’s an important thing to remember whether you’re pregnant or not.

Make sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day and especially before, during and after your exercise session.

Exercising with your baby in the carrier is a great way to get in shape while also getting yourself prepared for the birth. Remember to always be safe about what you’re doing and never do anything that you think may be unsafe.

Carrier Exercises For Pregnant Women

Knee-to-Chest Stretch

This is a great exercise to engage in whenever you’re feeling a bit stiff or experiencing back pain. This is especially true during the latter months of pregnancy when your body starts to prepare itself for childbirth.

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All you have to do is sit down, clasp your hands around your right leg and pull it upwards.

While pulling your leg up, you should also be leaning forward slightly and hunching over. Hold this position for a few seconds and then return to the starting position before repeating.

Do this at least 5 times with each leg and try to do this 2-3 times a day.

Reach For The Sky

This one’s simple, but it’s also very effective. All you have to do for this exercise is just reach as high up towards the sky as you can.

This stretches out your spine and helps alleviate some of the back pain that you may be experiencing during your pregnancy.

While you’re reaching for the sky, you should also be twisting at the waist and moving your arms in a circular motion. Do this for at least a minute in each direction.

Try to do this exercise at least twice a day.

Cat-Cow Pose

While this is a yoga position, it’s very important for pregnant women to engage in because it helps to loosen up the muscles in the lower back and allows the expectant mother to experience less pain while she’s giving birth.

All you have to do for this exercise is get on all fours and arch your back upwards while looking at the ceiling. Then, drop your belly to floor while tucking your chin in towards your chest.

Exercising With Your Baby: The Babywearing Workout - at GYMFITWORKOUT

Go back and forth between these two positions. Do this exercise at least twice a day.

Final Word

No matter what exercise routine you decide to do, just make sure that it’s something that you really enjoy doing. While many people are under the impression that you need to go hiking on a daily basis or run a few miles in order for fitness to be effective, that’s not necessarily true.

If you really enjoy dancing then by all means go ahead and dance away! The important thing is that you’re having fun and engaging in activities that keep you motivated on a daily basis.

In the weeks and months after the birth of your child, you’ll be thankful that you took the time to stay in shape while you could.

Have you started any kind of exercise routine during your pregnancy? If so, what kind of exercises have you been doing and how has it helped you?

Alternative Routines – If you’re not much of a runner or if the exercises listed above aren’t really your thing, here are some other ideas to get you started.

Swimming – If there’s a YMCA or another type of fitness center near you, swimming is always an excellent option since it works most of your muscles and also helps to strengthen your core.

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