Fantasy Christmas List For Weightlifters

Fantasy Christmas List For Weightlifters:

The following list contains some interesting items that could be given to your weightlifting friends or family members. You might want to give them something different than the usual toys, games and clothes. Here are some ideas of things they would like to receive from you!

1) A new pair of shoes – These will definitely make their day when they see them. They will surely appreciate it.


A nice bottle of wine – If you have one, then why not share with them?

3) A set of weights – They may need these to work out properly. (If they don’t already own any).

4) An old DVD of your favorite movie – It is always good to keep up on current movies and TV shows.

Some people enjoy watching movies while working out too.

5) A small bag of candy – There are many kinds of candies available nowadays.

Some people prefer chocolate over other types.

So why not give them some?

6) A large box of chocolates – Chocolate is very popular today.

Why not give them some that are similar to those they used to eat when they were younger?

(You can buy such items at most grocery stores).

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7) A brand new t-shirt with your favorite movie’s logo on it – People usually like to show off their interests.

8) A gift certificate for one of their favorite clothing stores – This will add some variety to the shirts they own.

9) A personalized water bottle – This is something they can use every day at the gym (or elsewhere).

They don’t have to keep buying plastic bottles of water anymore!

10) Some new workout pants – They will probably appreciate this gift more than you think they will.

So these are some of the ideas you can give to your weightlifting friends or family members. You can always make your own list and add to it as well. Just try to make sure the person you are giving it to actually wants or needs the item. A lot of thought and planning usually goes into this kind of gift giving strategy.

Good luck!

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