Finding the Fire Inside You

Fire Inside You Meaning:

The meaning of fire inside you is that which ignites your inner flame. It’s not just any kind of fire though, it’s the spiritual kind. The spiritual fire means that there are many layers to your being, each one with its own purpose and energy. These layers all feed into each other, creating a powerful force that can propel you forward or hold you back depending on how they’re used.

Spiritual fire is like a spark that can light up your life, but it must be harnessed properly. It’s not something you get from just looking at a candle flame; it requires some practice and training to make sure the flame doesn’t go out. If you don’t have these skills, then you won’t really be able to use the power of your spirit for good.

A person’s inner fire is a very special thing. It’s something that only those who have experienced the deepest levels of self-discovery and growth can experience. When you feel your inner flame burning brightly, it usually indicates that you’ve reached a level where you’re ready to take on new challenges and move beyond yourself. The problem is that most of us are so busy with the routines of life that we never find the time to discover this part of ourselves.

Other people will try to put out your fire, however, if you let them. Some people don’t understand what it means to have an inner fire and therefore their actions towards you can sometimes have a negative effect on your own inner flame. But if you learn how to deal with those who don’t agree with your self-confidence and opinions, then your inner fire will only burn brighter.

Other people try to put out your inner fire when they disagree with your self-confidence and opinions. But if you learn how to deal with those who threaten your own flame, then it may only burn brighter as a result.

So what are the signs that you have an inner fire burning within?

It’s when you feel an energy inside of you that seems separate from your own emotions and mind. Some describe it as a separate entity that lives inside of them, but this isn’t entirely accurate. The fire is part of you, but it isn’t YOU. It’s a force of energy that you can learn to channel in ways that most wouldn’t be able to comprehend.

To find your inner fire, you must first learn how to quiet yourself. Most people never learn this skill because they’re constantly bombarded with the opinions of others and therefore never learn how to listen to the silence inside. This is a very important step and one that can take years to learn really well.

Once you’ve learned how to quiet yourself, you’ll find that you’re able to concentrate much better. Your mind will be quieter and this will allow you to focus on what’s going on around you. You’ll also find that it’s easier to ignore outside influences and therefore harder for others to influence you with their negativity.

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As you continue to learn this skill, you’ll begin to notice another presence inside of your mind. This is the presence of your spirit. It’s the spark that makes you alive and without it, you would be nothing. Most never learn how to communicate with this spirit or harness its power. However, once you learn how to do this, your life will never be the same.

A person’s spirit is a very powerful thing. Those who don’t believe in the existence of the soul often refer to it as some sort of “life force” and although this is somewhat of an accurate description, it is really something much more than that.

Your spirit was with you before you were born and it will be with you long after your body dies. It is part of a much larger spirit and has a lot more knowledge than your mind can ever hope to achieve. The spirit is the channel through which you can access great power and other amazing abilities. However, few people ever really explore this part of themselves. Most are too concerned with the day to day tasks of living that they forget that they have such amazing potential just waiting to be unlocked.

As with everything in life, there are those who have seen more and know more than others. Within the spirit realm are entities of great power who have spent centuries mastering their own spirits and the spirits of others. These beings often look like snakes to the average person, but to those who can see them clearly, they look like beautiful humans with delicate features and intricate markings covering their skin.

These beings are powerful and few ever learn how to call upon them for assistance. They often give advice though and they do not give this advice for free. In exchange for their help, these beings require services to be provided or something of equal value.

The most common service that they require is that a person offers up something they truly love. This can be anything, however the stronger the emotion behind it, the more valuable it is to the being. Strong emotions are what gives a spirit power so the greater the feeling, the more of it that can be consumed. This is a small price to pay for the power that these beings can provide.

Another common task that is requested by these beings is that an offering of money is left for them in a place that only they can find. This can be in the form of old and worn out coins or notes that have tears in them. It can even be in the form of a fully polished gold bar if that is what you are able to offer.

As with any deal that you make with a powerful being, you should always read the small print. In this case, there is one important thing that you should be aware of and that is the fact that these beings can only provide help to you by reading your fortune. This means that they will tell you a prediction of some sort and it is up to you to believe in it or not. It is believed that your own faith in their words is what allows them to come true.

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With this information in mind, you must make the choice on whether such power is worth the small sacrifice that is required of you.

This chapter contains a list of the various beings that are available for you to bargain with. Each one requires a different amount of payment and each one provides a different type of service. Some of these beings are far more powerful than others, so it is advised to pick carefully.

The beings that are listed here are the most common ones that you should expect to find. There are others in existence such as local gods, nature spirits and other minor spirits that are not widely known about, but they do exist.

Rules of Payment Edit

When dealing with these powerful spirits, there are three main factors that you should always remember: time, payment and proof.

Time refers to how long you have to wait before the being provides their service. The payment factor refers to what you need to provide in order for them to help you, whether that be something of sentimental value or actual items of worth. The final factor is proof, which is how you actually go about paying them and proving that you have done so.

With some of these spirits, you may be able to pay them immediately or soon after the deal has been made. With others however, you may have to wait days, weeks, months or even years before you can actually pay them. This is due to the fact that these beings do not really exist on the same plane that we do. A good example of this is with Incubus and Succubus spirits. They can only become visible and capable of interaction with us for short periods of time, which varies from being to being.

They can also only appear in places that have little electricity or are pitch black, so they can take advantage of that.

In this instance, you may have to wait until you are in a candlelit room before you can actually interact with such a spirit. Other beings have different requirements, such as having to be in a graveyard at midnight on a new moon or on a specific holy day for their religion. You can also not bargain with them when others are watching or within ear shot, as they can only speak with you and nobody else.

This is where proof comes into effect. Some of these spirits can only interact with you if you are alone. Others require that nobody else is around to see you interact with them. A certain few do not need either of these conditions to be met, but most do. If there are too many witnesses around or you are not able to pay the being, then you may find that you are unable to make a deal with them at all.

If this happens, then all is not necessarily lost. You may be able to make another deal with a different spirit or come back to make the deal you wanted later on. This is mainly due to how these beings are not native to our plane of existence and have their own duties and time constraints on where and when they can be. For example, a being may not be able to talk with you for five days due to some sort of invisible clock that prevents it from doing so.

Payment can take many forms and what is of value to one of these spirits may not be to another. It is impossible to know every item that may or may not be of value to these beings, so you just have to try and find out what they want. One way of doing this is by talking with them over the course of several visits and asking them if they want any specific items that you may have.

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This can be dangerous however, as some beings of this sort are not to be trusted. They may try and trick you into giving them something of great value but will only provide a pittance in return. Other times they may completely take advantage of you through lies and fraud. There is even the chance that they will outright kill you for your offerings if they feel that they are more valuable than what you are giving them.

But if you are careful and play your cards right, then you may be able to come out of these dealings much richer than you previously were. Just remember, these beings are very powerful in their own realms and do not suffer disrespect or dishonesty gladly.

So, do you still want to summon a spirit of the dead?


And who do you want to try summoning?


How are you going to summon this spirit?


Are you just going to wait until nightfall and see what happens naturally?


Are you going to try and perform a seance?


Are you going to try and find a blood sacrifice in the woods?


Another idea?

“I’m not going to try anything tonight, but I just need something to help me through this.” You say, as you pull out a small bag of black lotus.

You haven’t touched the stuff in years, as New Holsten definitely hasn’t had any new shipments arrive, but you know that there are still some old suppliers in the area that should have had time to set themselves up again.

You pull out your coin purse and look through it, as you find a few gold coins. They are probably worth more than the silver that they are made of, but still worth significantly less than the paper that they are printed on. You wonder how you are going to get any real value out of them when this is all over.

You then remember that you have a large golden ring given to you by Gerald before he died. It doesn’t look very valuable and the only thing that makes it worth anything is the fact that it is made out of gold. You quickly put the ring on your finger to prevent from losing it, then you head back over to the spirit.

Are these things real? Does this all really work?”

You ask the orb nervously.

The spirit remains silent, but you feel a sudden rush of information entering your mind. You see a strange place that you recognize as the other realm, or whatever you want to call it. You see the strange pathways and roads that form, you see how it all connects and merges together in the astral sea, you see countless orbs of light like the one you are with float around and communicate with each other.

A flood of knowledge enters into your mind and you feel like your whole world is turned upside down. You feel like you are finally getting the answers to all the questions you have ever had.

“Wow.” You whisper as you take it all in.

You see the true nature of the universe, of reality, of what exists and what is to come.

You don’t understand everything, but it is clear that you are given a massive amount of knowledge that was previously kept hidden from you. All from one little orb.

What just happened?”

You ask, but you’re not really expecting an answer.

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The orb lets out one last burst of light before it fades away, leaving you in the darkness once again.

“Ah!” You hear a voice say as you feel a hand brush against your leg.

You jump back in surprise and fall flat on your back.

Who’s there?”

You hear a voice say and you can see a dim light coming from the bottom of the stairs.

Your eyes slowly get used to the darkness and you can see the orb sitting on the floor in front of you. Then it lets out one last pulse before fading away completely.

Its done with you now, it has given you all the information that you need.


Who’s down there?”

You hear the voice say, this time much louder.

You can make out the figure of a guard as he makes his way down the stairs.

Its now or never.


You need to make a decision on what to do with the orb now that you have it, how are you going to use it?

\ You can leave it here with the guard and pretend to be looking for the toilet. The guard will get rid of it when he eventually empties the bin. This is the safest option as far as your own involvement is concerned.

\ You can take it with you now and come back later to perform a ritual. This will allow you to gain more information about the orb, as well as its abilities.

What are you doing down there?”

The guard says as he makes his way down the stairs.

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Quickly thinking about your options you then…

\Pretend that you are looking for the toilet.

You were only here to steal some documents right?

You haven’t been doing anything wrong. You walk past the guard and go down the stairs. “

What’s going on?”

He says. You simply tell him that you had to go and he just nodded in response, too bored to pay attention.

You wait patiently for over an hour until you hear the all clear being called out and everyone is told they can exit the building. You walk out from your hiding place and exit the building like nothing happened. No one would ever suspect a thing.

You head to your apartment and hide the orb under your bed. You’ll work out what to do with it in the morning.

No sooner had you got home when there was a knock on your door. Not even a second passes before its pushed open and you see two men standing in front of you, one wearing a black suit and tie, the other dressed in a uniform.

“Come with us please sir,” the man in the suit says politely but firmly.

You know better than to argue and head out the door with them in tow. They lead you out of your apartment block and to a black van waiting outside. They open the side door and tell you to get in. You do as you’re told and assume they are police.

You reach your apartment building’s front door and sees two men standing on either side. They both stare at you blankly. “Please move to the left,” he says politely but firmly. You do as you’re told and head to the front desk. “Hello sir, I’m Officer Terrell and this is my partner Officer markers.

Finding the Fire Inside You - gym fit workout

We’d just like to ask you a few questions.” He says handing you a card with the police email on it.

You know better than to say anything incriminating so you agree. “Thank you sir, we’ll make this as quick as possible.”

They head into the back office and you follow. You sit in a chair while the two officers sit on either side of you. “

Do you know someone by the name of Dawn Wilkes?”

Officer Terrell quickly asks you.

“Yes, she’s my girlfriend,” you reply.

Where is she?”

He asks.

“She’s at home, she’s not feeling well today.” You say.

That’s a shame, and Stacey Parker?”

He quickly adds.

You stop and pause for a second. “She’s also my girlfriend,” you accidentally blurt out. You quickly try to recover by claiming that you and Dawn broke up a month ago.

So you’re dating both of them?”

Officer Markers asks.

“No, I’m not dating Stacey anymore, she was just a one time thing,” you explain.

He seems to accept your answer and asks where Dawn lives. You tell them and they promptly tell you they’re going to head over there right now. “We’d like you to come with us,” Officer Terrell says as he heads for the door.

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There’s no use fighting it so you head out the door and into their van. They quickly drive to Dawn’s apartment and all three of you enter. It’s empty save for some furniture Dawn recently bought. You head into the bedroom while the two officers head into the kitchen. You quickly open your backpack and toss the orb into a drawer, not wanting it to be found.

You hear Dawn head home and Officer Terrell calls out for you to join them.

You enter the kitchen to see Dawn sitting at the kitchen table. Two other women you don’t recognize are standing next to her. A man you also don’t recognize is standing next to the two women. “

Where’s Officer Markers?”

You ask out of confusion.

“I’m right here,” he says walking into the room. He’s no longer wearing his uniform and instead is just wearing a shirt and slacks. He’s also carrying a small case. “I’m sorry for the dramatic entrances, but this is very important.”

You look at Dawn and notice she’s no longer wearing her glasses and her eyes are now an eerie red color. “

Dawn, what’s going on?”

You ask nervously.

“I’ll tell you what’s going on, he’s a f**king liar!” Dawn says angrily as the two women start snickering.

“Dawn, I swear if you don’t calm down I’m going to put you back in the cage,” Officer Markers warns.

You guys have been dating for almost a year, why couldn’t you have her then?”

She demands.

“Dawn, it’s not like that, I’ll explain later,” you say trying to calm her down.

“No! You son of a b***h, explain it now!” She yells.

“Dawn please, just calm down and I promise we can talk about this later,” you plead.

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Dawn stands up. “I have nothing to say to you,” she says in a cold voice. She turns to the two women standing behind her, “Take him away.”

One of the women walks forward and begins to shuffle you out the door. You turn to Dawn one last time and see that her eyes are back to their normal blue. Her face is filled with sadness and guilt. You just wish you knew why.

“Dawn, I love you,” is all you say before the door closes.

You are walked down the stairs and out the door. The two officers drive you to a local jail and immediately book you. You try to ask questions about Dawn but no one answers. You spend the night in a cell by yourself and are called into an interrogation room the next day.

You sit down in the chair across from the detective and immediately ask about Dawn. The detective just looks at you and says, “Breakdown is a pretty common thing for a person in Dawn’s situation. She’ll be back home in a couple days.”

So she’s OK?”

You ask just to make sure.

The detective stares at you and says, “You don’t remember anything from yesterday do you?

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