Fit for the Holidays Challenge

The purpose of this challenge is to get fit and stay fit during the holidays. I am not going to lie, it’s a lot harder than it looks. But don’t worry! You are not alone with your struggle. There are many others out there too. So let’s do something together!

I have been doing this since I was little. I remember when I first started running around the neighborhood with my friends. They were always telling me how much fun it would be if I joined them one day. Well, here we are! Let’s make this year even better!

You will need:

A notebook or planner (or any other kind of writing material) A pen and paper A timer (optional) Your phone (if you want to record yourself! Or just use your camera!)

How To Do It:

1. Write down all the things you want to accomplish for the next week.

Then write down what you did today and then write down everything else that needs to be done tomorrow. (And so on…)

2. On each day, take a list of your goals and write them on a separate sheet of paper.

If possible, put them somewhere where they won’t get lost!

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3. As you finish your goals, cross them out.

When you fail to complete a task or meet a goal, leave it there to remind you of your failure and What You Need To Do Next Time.

The trick is to fill up most of the pages with things you have accomplished. That way, you can feel good about yourself!


1. Make sure that everything you write down is specific.

Don’t just write down “run”. Write down how far, how long, what path, etc.

2. Be sure to keep track of everything!

If you mess up one thing then the rest of your day can go wrong too. Don’t let it!

Fit for the Holidays Challenge - GYM FIT WORKOUT

3. Have fun and good luck!

Is this new to you?

Don’t worry, everyone has to start somewhere! Hopefully you stick with it so you can eventually write your own guide. Until then, best of luck, and remember: the key to success is consistency!

One of the first things that comes to mind when you think about improving your health and fitness is probably diet. There is a reason for that: diet is 80% of the whole picture! When most people think about getting fit (especially for the New Year) they focus on one thing: physical exercise.

While exercising is important, when was the last time you saw a professional athlete with a belly?

It doesn’t happen. They have extremely healthy diets to go along with their training or practice sessions. So, diet it is!

tip 1: find your weaknesses

If you look back at all of the food you’ve eaten today, what stands out as being “bad”? Is it the donuts your coworker brought in? The candy your little sister gave you? The large pizza you had last night?

It’s OK, we’re all human. The key is to A) recognize what your weaknesses are and B) have a plan for when these situations come up. One of the best things you can do for yourself is find a way to forgive yourself. We’re only human, so don’t be too hard on yourself!

For example, one of my weaknesses is dark chocolate. If I have some, I won’t stop eating it. But I also love it, so I have to keep it around sometimes! Instead of keeping it in a cupboard, which is out of sight, but still physically accessible, I keep it in a drawer. If I keep opening the drawer to take some out for a few days in a row, that’s when I know I have a problem and should stop buying it!

tip 2: drink more water

Do you ever feel thirsty?

You should drink water if you do! Water is good for you, and you should be drinking a lot of it. One great thing about water is that it has no calories and it’s filling! Water can make you feel full, which can prevent you from eating junk food when you’re hungry.

Everybody is different, but doctors recommend that men drink 3 liters (that’s about 13 cups) of water a day and women drink 2 liters (about 9 cups) of water a day. This doesn’t include other beverages you may drink like coffee, tea, juice, etc. Even those need to be watered down!

Try to carry a water bottle around with you and take small sips throughout the day. Not only will this help with your overall health, but it’ll keep your mouth busy and prevent you from eating if you’re not actually hungry!

tip 3: don’t fear the fats!

You may have heard that eating fat makes you fat, but that’s not always true! Eating “good” carbs (like whole grains and fruits) and “good” fats (like nuts, avocados, and fish) can actually help your body in many ways!

Fats are needed for proper brain and cell growth. They can even help you see in the dark! If you’re exercising or engaging in sports, eating fat can actually help your body perform better.

Fit for the Holidays Challenge - GymFitWorkout

If you’re worried about packing on the pounds, don’t worry! Your body can only turn the food you eat into fat so fast, no matter how much you eat. Most of the time your body turns food into energy instead. Eating fat can actually help give you more energy!

Eating fat doesn’t mean you’ll immediately become obese! You’d have to eat tons of it and not exercise at all for that to happen. (That’s why it’s important to exercise!)

tip 4: don’t fear the carbs!

Carbs have gotten a really bad reputation over the years, but that’s only because some people have abused them! If you eat too many carbs and don’t exercise, then you will gain weight. That’s just science.

However, that doesn’t mean you need to stop eating them altogether. Carbs are actually a very efficient source of energy for your body. Your muscles (and brain) can’t function without them!

The key is eat the right kinds of carbs and don’t overdo it. Choose things like oats, brown rice, fruits, and whole grain breads instead of white bread and other highly processed carbs. You should also eat carbs with lots of fiber in them, as the fiber will help you feel more full and prevent blood sugar spikes.

Eating carbs by themselves (like just eating a bag of chips) is not a good idea for several reasons. First of all, it’s really bad for your teeth! Second of all, it’s very easy to overeat chips and other snacks like that. Eating carbs with fiber and some protein (like peanut butter on whole wheat bread) will help you feel more full and keep those cravings away.

tip 5: step away from the fast food

Many people are aware that fast food is not very good for you, but I’m mentioning it here anyway. There are a few reasons why you should limit the amount of fast food you eat.

It’s expensive. Even if you get the value menu, you’re still paying a lot more money than you would if you cooked it yourself. It’s highly processed. Most fast food options are loaded with preservatives and other chemicals that are not only bad for you, but tastes really good (causing you to overeat). It’s REALLY bad for your health.

Let’s just say that it’s really easy to develop health problems (and not the good kind either) by eating nothing but fast food.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying you need to avoid fast food forever, just limit how much you eat it. Once every month or two is fine. Eating it any more than that is probably not good.

Fit for the Holidays Challenge - at GYMFITWORKOUT


tip 1: watch smart

The movies you watch can have a bad influence on you for several reasons. For example, some movies have really bad language in them (even if the characters are meant to be bad people). Some movies have really intense violence in them (even if the movie is meant to be a “action movie”). Some movies even have both of the above in them!

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