#Fitmoms: Can We Stop With the Tiny Baby Bump Thing

What is the tiny baby bump?

The tiny baby bump is a term used to describe the fact that there are some women who have a smaller than average birth weight (or even underweight) babies. Most often it’s considered when they’re between 5 lbs and 10 lbs. But sometimes it’s as low as 4lbs or even less! And it doesn’t just happen once in their life time either; many times these women experience this again and again throughout their lives. Some of them never get over it.

Why does this happen? Why don’t all women have this problem? What causes it?

Well, there are several theories out there. One theory is that the mother’s genetics play a part in how she grows up to look like she does now. Another theory is that the way our bodies develop at different ages plays a role too. Still another theory is that hormones may play a role.

But what about the science behind it? Is there any truth to this?

Well, yes and no. There are studies done on this issue but they aren’t conclusive enough to say one way or another if the tiny baby bump is caused by something genetic or not. There is definitely a strong possibility that it could be, but in my opinion it isn’t entirely likely for the female to blame for this matter.

Instead, I think it’s more likely due to the way we raise young girls nowadays. It seems as though we are breeding a new generation of women who are very self-centered; some may even say selfish. If you were to look at most young children you will find that they don’t care about anyone else unless it directly effects them. Now granted, this changes as they get older but I believe we could all agree that it is rare for someone to be fully selfless.

So what does this have to do with the tiny baby bump?

Well, when you’re pregnant you aren’t just growing a human inside of you; you’re growing another human that will be depending on you and trusting you for their survival. Even more so if you’re a first-time mother that hasn’t gone through this before. I believe that in some cases women are so self-centered that they cannot see past themselves to make sure their baby inside of them is getting all the nutrients it needs and growing properly.