Flax Seed Oil or Fish Oil? The Source of Omega 3s

Flaxseed Oil or Fish Oil?

The Source of Omega 3s

Fish oil and flaxseed oil are two different types of omega-3 fatty acids. They both contain alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), but they differ in their structure and composition. ALA is one of the most abundant essential fatty acids found in plants, animals, and humans. Humans cannot make it themselves, so they must get it from food sources such as fish, eggs, milk and butterfat. However, there are other species that have been shown to produce ALA naturally.

These include algae and microalgae.

In fact, some algae can even grow in your body! Algae are not only good sources of nutrition, but they also contain high levels of ALA. Some studies show that these algae may even provide additional health benefits to humans.

There is no scientific evidence yet showing that flaxseed oil contains any beneficial effects on human health. There is research done on the topic though, which suggests that flaxseed oil might reduce inflammation and protect against heart disease and cancer.

Some studies show that taking in flaxseed pills or flaxseed oil does not actually increase the level of ALA in the bloodstream. This is possibly because the body may not be able to metabolize the oil and process it correctly for use.

ALA is responsible for many of the health benefits found in fish oil. There are a few studies that have tested whether or not flaxseed oil can promote weight loss. The results are mixed, but there is no evidence that flaxseed oil can effectively reduce weight gain or promote weight loss.

The long-chain fatty acids in fish oil can also produce anti-inflammatory effects in the body. Some studies show that taking in fish oil can improve the health and quality of skin, hair and nails. Others show that it may help treat dry eye syndrome and other eye conditions.

There are a few different types of fish oils on the market. In general, most of them have similar health benefits. Some studies show that certain types of fish oil may be more effective than others though. It is important to take a fish oil that has been rigorously tested for purity and freshness.

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The fishy taste can sometimes be overpowering.

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