Friday Flicks: David Goggins, Navy SEAL and Ultra Runner

David Goggins, Navy Seal and Ultra Runner

Goggins was born in San Diego, California in 1974. He joined the U.S.

Coast Guard at age 17, where he served from 1988 until 2003 and received several medals including the Meritorious Service Medal with two bronze stars and three Purple Hearts. After leaving the service, he became a commercial fisherman. He then decided to pursue his passion for ultra-running and started training in 1998.

In 2004, Goggins ran his first ultramarathon—the Hell’s Half Marathon in Arizona—and won it in 2 hours and 22 minutes. That same year, he finished the Appalachian Trail (AT) in less than five days.

He began competing in marathons, finishing the London Marathon in 2005 and the New York City Marathon in 2006. In 2007, he completed the Boston Marathon in 3:26:53.

He later competed at the Chicago Marathon, which he won in 6 hours and 30 minutes. In 2008, Goggins ran his third marathon—the Honolulu Marathon—in 2:11:32. His next race was the Boston Marathon; he finished it in 4 hours and 15 minutes. In the fall of 2008, he ran the Grand Canyon R2R2R, which involved running from the North Rim to the South Rim—and then back again—of the Grand Canyon. He finished in 21 hours and 15 minutes.

Goggins completed his first ultra-marathon in 2003. In 2009, he ran his first 100K (62.1 miles) in 9 hours and 34 minutes.

In that same year, he ran the Leadville Trail 100 Ultra and finished in 27 hours and 36 minutes. In 2010, he finished the Badwater Ultramarathon in 48 hours and 36 minutes. His next ultra-marathon was the 2011 Desert Solstice 24 Hour Race in which he ran 95.6 miles in order to beat the previous world record by 6 miles.

Goggins decided to enlist in the U.S.

Navy in 2000. He graduated from basic training after six months and received promotions rapidly. He became a Navy SEAL in 2002 and was deployed to Southeast Asia. Goggins served six years as a SEAL. He received several honors for his service, including two Bronze Stars for saving the lives of fellow soldiers. He left the Navy in 2006.

Goggins has continued to run ultramarathons after leaving the military. In 2008, he won the Badwater Quad, which involved running four races—each over 125 miles—in five days and five nights.

In 2009, he set a new course record at the World Ultramarathon Base Championship: 83 miles in 24 hours on a track. That same year, he took part in the NUT100 (North Island Ultra Tour) in Australia and won first place. He completed the six-day, six-stage race in 6 days and 21 hours.

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