Friday Flicks: Extreme Sports Highlights

Friday Flicks: Extreme Sports Highlights

The most popular movie series in the world is based on extreme sports. These are the most intense sports activities that have been performed by humans or animals over time. They include skydiving, bungee jumping, hang gliding, paragliding, kitesurfing and many others. There are also some other types of extreme sports such as mountain climbing and BASE jumping (building a parachute from scratch).

These sports movies are very interesting because they show the adrenaline rush experienced during these events. Some of them even feature real life athletes performing their stunts. So far there have been several films made about extreme sports. Most of them were produced by Hollywood studios but some of them were made by independent filmmakers with little financial support from any source.

There are two main categories which fall under this category: action/adventure and science fiction/fantasy. Action/adventure movies usually involve heroes fighting against evil forces. Science fiction/fantasy movies tend to deal with fantastical creatures and aliens rather than human beings.

In order to make the list of top ten action/adventure sports movies, I decided to exclude all those which do not feature any actual physical activity at all. Of course there are plenty of such movies out there so it was impossible for me to pick only 10. Plus some movies could fit into both the action/adventure and science fiction/fantasy categories so I decided to only focus on one section and that would be the former.

Let’s begin:

10. North Face

North Face is a great adventure film which was released in 2008. It is about a group of young men who are determined to climb the most dangerous mountains in the world during World War 2. They are all experienced climbers so they have nothing to worry about, right?

9. Touching the Void

This is one of the finest documentaries ever made. This is a true story about how two climbers become entrapped in an avalanche while attempting to scale a mountain. It shows the struggles they have to go through and how they survive in such harsh conditions. In fact this is based on a true story.

8. Vertical Limit

This movie is about a rescue mission to search for two missing climbers. It is pretty exciting to watch and features some amazing stunts by professional mountain climbers and expert stuntmen. The most exciting part of the movie involves one of the main characters falling from a great height but being saved at the last moment by a tiny piece of ice protruding from the wall of the mountain.

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7. Touching the Void

This is the documentary version of the story which was mentioned in the previous entry. It won an Oscar for Best Documentary and it is well deserved. I highly recommend this one as well.

6. Eiger Dreams

Eiger Dreams is a trippy adventure movie which is loosely based on a true story. It involves three mountain climbers attempting to reach the summit of the infamous North Face of the Eiger Mountain in Switzerland. The climbs features some amazing landscapes and stunning aerial shots of the actual mountain.

5. Vertical Limit

The vertical limit in this movie is actually a huge ice wall which surrounds a mountain. There is an ancient mystery hidden at the summit of this mountain and a team of expert mountain climbers have been hired to retrieve a rare artifact hidden at the summit. They get caught up in a thrilling adventure as they battle the elements and solve the mysteries of this icy mountain.

4. Cliffhanger

This is one of the most awesome action movies you will ever see. It basically involves a group of brave men attempting to rescue trapped hostages from the top of a mountain. The villains in the movie are very ruthless and they will do everything in their power to stop the heroes from achieving their goal.

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3. The Ewenal

This is a wonderful adventure movie which was filmed entirely on location in the stunning mountains of Pakistan. It involves two young men who set off to scale a 22,000 feet high mountain which no human has ever scaled before. It features some spectacular photography and breathtaking views from the mountain tops.

2. Vertical Limit

This is a great adventure movie in which a team of expert mountain climbers gets caught up in an avalanche while attempting to scale an icy mountain peak. It stars some amazing actors including Chris O’Donnell, Robin Tunney and Bill Paxton and is directed by Martin Cambell who also directed “The Mask of Zorro” and the first “Ghostrider” movie.

1. Eiger Dreams

Eiger Dreams is my all time favorite adventure movie. It involves a group of young mountain climbers who get caught up in a fierce storm near the summit of the Matterhorn Mountain in Switzerland.

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