Friday Flicks: Inspirational Nike Commercial

Friday Flicks: Inspirational Nike Commercial

Nike’s latest commercial “You Can’t Stop Us” is one of the most popular and memorable commercials in recent years. The spot was released back in September 2010, but it didn’t get much attention until recently when it received a huge amount of positive reviews from fans. However, there are still some people who don’t like the commercial because they feel its message isn’t inclusive enough to everyone.

The commercial itself shows a group of kids playing basketball, which includes a black boy named Dwayne and two white girls named Sarah and Angela. They all have different opinions on what the best way to handle situations is. One girl says she wants to play with her friends, while another says she’d rather go out and do something else.

Another girl says she doesn’t want to hear any other ideas.

Dwayne asks them if they’re going to listen to him or not, and then the three girls agree that they should just ignore him. The rest of the scene shows a bunch of adults telling Dwayne that he can’t do anything about their decision since they’ve made up their minds already. A voiceover then tells viewers that “If you try to change someone else’s mind, you’ll only make things worse.”

The latest commercial is part of a series that already includes such ads as “Hide and Seek”, “Baby Game”, and “First Date”. Each of these ads carries the same message, which is that trying to change someone else’s mind won’t do any good and will only make things worse.

The “You Can’t Stop Us” commercial is a bit different than the others though in that it shows a group of people coming together as one in order to stand up against someone who isn’t inclusive. This is where some people feel that the message of the ad is contradictory, since Dwayne is shown as a villain even though he isn’t really doing anything wrong.

While many people like the ad, there are still some who feel that it should be taken down immediately. These people say that the ad is offensive and doesn’t belong on television because it’s not inclusive to everyone. Regardless of how you feel about the message of the ad, it’s hard to deny that it’s one of the most memorable ads you’ll see on television, or anywhere else for that matter.

Ever since they first launched their “Just Do It” campaign back in 1988, Nike has been known for their commercials and commercials that are more than just a simple advertisement. With the use of music, symbols, and inspirational quotes, they’ve managed to promote both their brand and their products very well.

One of their most popular commercials is the “Michael Jordan: Tribute” commercial, which was among the first to use multiple scenes cut together in order to show how great a certain athlete is. Most of their other commercials are just as inspirational, such as the “Tag” and “Snowboarding” ads.

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Nike is famous for their powerful and uplifting commercials, but not everyone appreciates them. Some people like the idea of an uplifting message, but they feel that the ads go a bit too far in trying to sell the product. Other times, people just don’t like the specific messages that the ads feature, such as the “Secret Tournament” ad that had aired during the Beijing Olympics.

Whatever you think of them, there’s no denying that their commercials are unique and get people talking about them. Commercials such as “You Can’t Stop Us” have brought up the discussion of inclusiveness, and whether or not ads are going too far by pushing their specific values on their viewers.

The ad itself is somewhat contradictory in that it shows Dwayne as a villain for not being inclusive towards the girls, yet it also promotes inclusiveness by sticking up for anyone who isn’t treated fairly.

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