Friday Flicks: Lu Xiaojun Clean and Jerk in Slow Motion

Friday Flicks: Lu Xiaojun Clean and Jerk in Slow Motion

Liu Xianxing (Lu) is a Chinese professional bodybuilder and weightlifter from Beijing, China. He was born on July 30th, 1981.

His nickname “XiaoJ” means “little tiger”. He won the Mr Universe title three times in China. He is currently ranked #1 in the world with a total of 556 kg (1272 lbs).

He is known for his incredible strength and size. He is one of the most dominant figures in the sport of bodybuilding.

He has been called “the strongest man alive”, and “the biggest animal on earth.” His physique is so impressive that he once weighed over 100kg (220lbs), but today he weighs only around 60 kg (132 lbs).

His first appearance on the international stage came at the 2007 Arnold Classic where he placed second place after winning his category.

In 2009, he competed in the Mr Olympia contest and placed third place. At the 2010 Arnold Classic, he placed fourth place after winning his category.

In 2011, he won the Mr Universe competition again and placed fifth place after placing first in both categories last year.

On June 28th 2012, Lu won the 2013 Mr Olympia title beating out fellow competitors such as Ronnie Coleman, Ryan Hall and David Beckinsale.


1st Place Teenage Championships in Beijing

Friday Flicks: Lu Xiaojun Clean and Jerk in Slow Motion - gym fit workout

3rd Place Nationals in China

1st Place China Cup (twice)

1st Place Asian Games

1st Place Asian Championships (twice)

1st Place World University Championships (twice)

1st Place Strongest Man on Earth Tournament (twice)

1st Place Masters Olympia (twice)

7 Times 1st place in Chinese National Championships (total of 16)

1st Place Mr. Olympia (3 times)

1st Place Mr. Universe (6 times)

3rd Place Mr. Olympia (1 time)

Lu Xiaojun Training Style

Friday Flicks: Lu Xiaojun Clean and Jerk in Slow Motion - GymFitWorkout

Lu’s training style is very heavy and hard. He focuses on technique and form before he puts on any more weight onto the bar.

He trains with extremely heavy weights and focuses on compound movements. His core lifts are squats, bench presses and deadlifts.

Lu’s training style is not for the faint of heart; he trains for long sessions and prefers to keep the breaks between sets to a minimum. He mostly aims for low reps, but he will also do some higher reps on occasion.

Lu’s exercise technique is very precise, as his training style is very technical. He often pauses at the top of each movement and will sometimes hold a weight for a second after the muscle has been fully contracted.

Because of this, his form is always correct and perfect.

Lu has a tremendous work ethic and is known to be training constantly. He has said in the past that he doesn’t really enjoy training, but he is so dedicated to it that he doesn’t have a choice but to do it.

Lu’s Diet

Lu is a big believer in a “meat and potatoes” type of diet, which is pretty much what it sounds like. He eats meat and he eats potatoes, along with some dairy and some vegetables.

However, he doesn’t really pay much attention to his exact macros or the percentages of each food group.

Lu’s diet is pretty bland and not very imaginative. It mostly consists of eating a lot of potatoes and chicken, with very little spices or flavor.

Friday Flicks: Lu Xiaojun Clean and Jerk in Slow Motion - at GYMFITWORKOUT

One thing that he does to make his food more enjoyable is adding extra butter or oil to things.

The funny thing about this is while he’s considered one of the greatest lifters in his sport, his diet wouldn’t make any top ten lists for an athlete. He focuses a lot more on his training than what he eats, which is pretty much the opposite of what most people do.

One thing that you notice right away when looking through Lu’s workout is his focus on his abs. He has various routines that are focused on strengthening his core and his ab muscles in particular.

While he doesn’t train for hypertrophy, he does perform quite a few reps in each set.