Friday Flicks: Navy SEALs Obstacle Course

The following are some facts about Friday Flicks: Navy SEALs Obstacle Course:

Friday Flicks: Navy SEALs Obstacle Course is a movie based on the book “Navy SEALS – A Story of Valor” by Michael Shaara. It was released in theaters on June 21st, 2012.

It stars Tom Sizemore (True Grit), John Malkovich (Black Hawk Down) and Billy Bob Thornton (Jurassic Park).

The film was directed by Peter Berg. It cost $20 million dollars to make.

The movie was nominated for several awards including Best Picture at the Golden Globes, Screen Actors Guild Awards, BAFTA Film Award and Critics Choice Movie Awards.

About Navy Seals: Navy Seals is a special unit of the United States military which operates covertly overseas to provide security and intelligence support to U.S. national interests abroad.

Navy Seals provide valuable resources for special missions in U.S. war on terror including counter terrorism and special reconnaissance.

Navy Seals: History & Facts:

The history of the Navy Seals dates back to World War II with the creation of the Naval Combat Demolition Units (NCDU) which specialized in commando operations, beach reconnaissance, demolition, and scouting. The NCDUs were created to combat the German defenses at Normandy beach (code name Omaha Beach).

The first two teams (eight men in total) landed just after midnight on June 5th, 1944 near the French town of Plouray. They came ashore from inflatable boats with .30-caliber machine guns on pintle mounts.

Their orders were to arrive on the beach at low tide and mark obstacles and mines for subsequent waves of troops. They were also to take samples of the beach to help with planning for future amphibious assaults.

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After World War II, the NCDUs were renamed the Naval Combat Demolition Units and Pigboats were created. The members of the Pigboats used explosive charges to destroy obstacles such as steel tetrahedrons that blocked ship access to beach and underwater obstacles such as naval mines.

In 1962, the Navy formed a special force with two teams, each having twelve members specializing in underwater demolitions: The UDTs (Underwater Demolition Teams). The original UDTs were organized much like the NCDUs had been in World War II. They were assigned to Pacific Fleet and were located at Fort Pierce, Virginia.

In 1964, the UDTs were renamed as the LHDs (Littorial Combat Demolition Units).

In 1965, the Navy created a special unit which was designated as SEAL teams (SEa Air and Land). The first SEAL team had B, C, and D teams. In 1968, a fourth team was created and in 1972 a fifth team was added.

In 2003, the Underwater Demolition Teams were renamed as the United States Navy SEALs.

The SEALS are known for their operations in the Vietnam War and the War on Terror.

What is Friday Flicks?

Every Friday, the theatre plays a feature length movie for your enjoyment. The movie typically has some sort of connection to the military. For instance, the movie might be about war, or have a war theme, or be starring someone in the military. There is no cost for entertainment so come out and enjoy!

The theatre is experiencing technical difficulties. It appears that the volume from your earplugs is not carrying through to the movie screen speakers. The movie sound cannot be heard well at the front of the room, but it can easily be heard from the back row.

There are some seats that would be better for viewing the movie. The row right in front of the screen seems to have a clear view.

Instead of sitting in the front row, you decide to sit in the back row. You still can’t hear the sound from your earplugs very well. You realize that the sound is still not carrying through to the movie screen speakers.

You decide to sit in an aisle seat. You can’t hear the movie sound coming from your earplugs, but you can clearly see and hear the movie as it appears on the large movie screen above your head.

The movie ends at 1900h. You decide to stay in your seat and watch the credits. After the film is over, you exit the building at 1950h.

Give yourself a pat on the back if you completed all five tasks!

Friday Flicks: Navy SEALs Obstacle Course - GYM FIT WORKOUT

1. Task 1: Choose a seat by writing A, B, C, or D for your choice.

X2, Y6


2. Task 2: Name that smell!

What smells?

3. Task 3:

Where’s the fire extinguisher?

4. Task 4: Use all the shift keys, number pad, and function keys to find the correct letters and make a sentence.

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5. Task 5: At which seat are you sitting?

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