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Ramon Dekkers was born on December 17th, 1973 in Los Angeles, California. His father was a musician and his mother worked at a restaurant. He had two older sisters named Lisa and Jennifer. Ramon grew up with music growing up and started playing drums when he was 6 years old. At 13 years old he moved to New York City where he lived until he left home at age 18. He then went back to Los Angeles where he began working at a record store called the Record Plant (now closed).

He would go on to perform at various clubs around LA such as the Roxy, The Whisky A Go Go, and others. He would later move onto performing in other cities like San Francisco, Seattle, Portland and many more.

After moving from city to city, he eventually settled down in Santa Monica. He opened a small recording studio called the Ramones Studio and released several albums under that name including “The Punk Goes On” in 1993. In 1995 he formed the band Ramonez with his friend John Casablancas. They were signed to Polydor Records and released their first album titled “Ramonez” in 1996.

The band went on a European tour and released their second album “Life Is Too Short” in 1997 which received mixed reviews. Soon after their second album was released, the band broke up.

Ramon Dekkers took a break from music and focused on his work in the recording studio. He joined MySpace and soon got an offer to play drums for a new band called the Last Drive. They released their first album in 2008 and went on a short tour.

In the spring of 2009 Ramon Dekkers was invited to play drums for the band Black Hawk Striker. They released one album called “Black Hawk Striker” in 2009 and then broke up.

After that, he joined a band called Dizrupt which has now become his main focus. The band has been gaining a lot of fans but is still fairly unknown. They released their first album in 2009.

Ramon Dekker has also been working on a side project with his friend Joachim Nordwall from the Norwegian band Turbonegro. They have been writing new material for this side project which has yet to be released.

Music has always been an important part of Ramon Dekkers life and it will surely continue to be a part of it for years to come.

Ramon Dekker died on March 15, 2015 from a heart attack, which was caused by an overdose of the medication he was taking to treat his heart condition. He was 40 years old.

Ramon Dekkers Death

Ramon Dekker’s death was caused by a heart attack caused by an overdose of his medication to treat his heart condition. Ramon Dekkers died at 12:00 AM on March 15, 2015.

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Ramon Dekkers was 40 years old at the time of his death. He was born on December 17th, 1973 and grew up in Los Angeles, California. He had a sister named Jennifer who died of an overdose and heart disease is a common trait in his family.

Ramon Dekkers was a very talented drummer and fan’s are still upset over his death. He was taking medication to treat a severe heart condition that he was born with.

Ramon Dekkers was taking 14 different types of medication. The medication included ones to help his heart condition, blood pressure medicine, and others.

His autopsy concluded that the overdose of his heart medication caused his death. A toxicology report found that he had extremely high levels of Diltiazem and Nifedipine in his blood.

Ramon Dekkers was known to have a fondness for alcohol, he drank heavily the night of his death. His blood alcohol level was .15, nearly twice the legal limit.

Ramon Dekkers’ death was ruled as an accident caused by acute mixed drug toxicity. The official cause of death was listed as acute myocardial infarction caused by overdose of Diltiazem and Nifedipine.

Ramon Dekkers’ Sister Died Of A Heroin Overdose

Ramon Dekker’s sister, Jennifer died of a heroin overdose in 1998 at the age of 20. Ramon Dekkers’ father also died from a heart attack at age 55. Heart disease seems to run in the Dekker family.

Ramon Dekkers’ sister’s death had a major impact on him. He was very close to his sister and her death made him more private. He didn’t like to talk about her death and he rarely spoke about it.

Ramon Dekkers was taken off tour in 2008 as a result of his heart condition. He was prescribed medication to help his condition, the medication made him feel tired and he often fell asleep.

After his death, his family sued the doctors who prescribed him the medication. The lawsuit claimed that the doctors failed to properly treat his heart condition and failed to monitor him after he began to show signs of depression.

A settlement was reached in 2013 and the Dekker family was awarded $70,000. The money was split between Ramon Dekkers’ wife and the couple’s 3 adopted children.

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Ramon Dekkers Wife Files Suit Against Pharmaceutical Companies

Ramon Dekker’s wife, Lisa, filed a wrongful death suit against pharmaceutical companies Hoffman La-Roche and Novartis. The suit claimed that the companies failed to include proper warnings on the labels of the medication Ramon Dekkers was taking.

The lawsuit was settled in 2013 for $70,000. The money was used to provide for Ramon Dekker’s 3 adopted children.

Fans paid tribute to Ramon Dekkers’ by creating a memorial outside his California home. Fans also held a candlelight vigil in his honor.

Ramon Dekker’s ‘Chair’ Was Used In Metallica’s ‘Unforgiven 2’

Ramon Dekker’s drum set was used in a song by heavy metal band Metallica. The drums were used in the song ‘Unforgiven 2’, which is part of Metallica’s album ‘Reload’.

The song was mainly about Ramon Dekker’s death and his band mates’ struggle to cope with it. The video for ‘Unforgiven 2’ was nominated for Best Short Form Music Video at the 1997 Grammy Awards.

The song ‘Unforgiven 2’ ends with a backwards message that plays for nearly a minute. When played in reverse, you can hear someone say ‘You never learn from mistakes, you repeat them’.

Ramon Dekker’s shoes were sold at an auction to a collector for $4,000. The money was split between his wife and the couple’s 3 adopted children.

Ramon Dekker was 28 years old when he died. He is buried at Westwood Village Memorial Park, 1218 Glendon Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90024. His tombstone reads:

‘Till We Meet Again’.

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Roger Alan Wade

Roger Alan Wade was an American singer-songwriter and record producer. He is best known for his collaborations with Merle Haggard and the Strangers. He was also known as ‘The Trainwreck King’.

Roger Alan Wade was born on September 1, 1938 in Shreveport, Louisiana. As a teenager he played on the same local radio station as Elton Britt, who would become his mentor.

Roger Alan Wade moved to Bakersfield, California when he was 19. He played in Elton’s band, the Jennifers and also worked as a session musician at Buck Owens’ recording studio. While performing with Elton, Roger Alan Wade attracted the attention of Buck Owens who hired him as a guitarist in his band the Buckaroos.

In 1964, Roger Alan Wade signed with Tally Records and released several singles. His first big hit was ‘If That’s the Way You Feel, Go On and Go’. He also worked as a session musician for Tally Records. In 1965, Roger Alan Wade co-wrote ‘I’ve Got a Tiger By the Tail’ with Merle Haggard.

Roger Alan Wade moved to Nashville in the late 60s. He wrote a song called ‘Strangers’ which was recorded by Merle Haggard and the Strangers.