Friday Flicks: Super Strong 64-Year-Old Grandpa on the Bar

Barstarzz is a term used to refer to any type of exercise routine where the goal is not just to get fit but rather to look good doing it. Barstarzz are usually done at home or with friends, and they’re often referred to as “workouts” because they tend towards being long-term in nature. While many people do them out of boredom, others do them simply because they enjoy exercising. Some barstarzz routines are designed to increase strength, while other ones focus on cardio. There’s even one called “barstarzz for chicks.”

The most common form of barstarzz involves lifting weights. These workouts are typically done three times per week, and involve two to four sets of five reps each. Other forms include bodyweight exercises like pushups, situps, crunches, etc., and weightlifting routines such as the Olympic lifts (squat/deadlift), bench press, overhead press, rows and curls.

While barstarzz routines are most commonly found in men, there are some that cater exclusively to women. These routines focus more on toning and shaping the muscles, rather than building them. Typically, these routines involve some sort of ball or other apparatus.

The term “barstarzz” actually comes from a company by the same name. They make a workout video called “Get Crazy Bulk With Huge Muscles,” which is a barstarzz routine. The routine itself involves using relatively light weights with fast, high reps.

This routine is popular among young people looking to add some size.


It is important to eat the right foods when doing a barstarzz routine. Since these routines focus on strength and muscle mass, a proper diet is essential. People often turn to protein shakes and supplements like creatine, but the best way to get enough nutrients is through food.

Some good choices include eggs, tuna, chicken, fish, lean cuts of red meat, turkey, nuts, and low-fat dairy products.

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The barstarzz routine involves doing full-body workouts three times per week. On the other days, it’s best to do some sort of cardio (biking, jogging, running, etc.)


People who are just starting out should stick with the basics and focus on proper form. After a while, you can increase the weight and add more exercises.


Don’t overtrain. This will lead to injury and plateaus in your progress. Take some rest days!

Also, don’t rush your routine. Building muscle takes time, so be patient.

Some routines are only intended for advanced barstarzz users. These routines typically involve heavy weights and a high level of knowledge of proper form. In addition, some routines call for a day of rest in between workouts.

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