Friday Flicks: The Bartendaz

Friday Flicks: The Bartendaz

The Bartender’s Guide To Movie Nights At The Park

By John Kieffer

You’ve never been to the park before, but you’re going to go soon. You have some friends coming over and they want to see all the cool things there are to do. They say it sounds like a great time so far.

There are three options for getting to the park from your house. One is a long walk through the woods with lots of cars and other vehicles. Another option would be to take a taxi or Uber ride, which will cost you $20-$30 depending on how much you want to spend. And then there’s the free public transportation system that runs every ten minutes during most hours of the day and night, called “the subway.”

The last option is the best one. It costs nothing at all and you get to see everything that’s happening at the park without having to pay anything. That’s right, you can just show up whenever you want and enjoy the fun!

So what are you waiting for?

Get out your wallet, because today is Friday!

First thing you need to decide is where to go first. There’s the museum of natural history, which is a massive building with a large courtyard in the center. There are a few fountains, trees, and statues you can see along the outside, and a small gift shop in the front. Or, if you head down towards the docks you’ll find an outdoor market with tons of fresh fruits and vegetables available.

Everything is sold by the pound, and the vendors are more than happy to give you a little taste of anything you want to try.

There’s also the park, which is a huge expanse of green with lots of trees and flowers, as well as several outdoor theaters and stages. There’s always something going on, like music or dance performances which are free to watch. You can bring a picnic dinner and stay for the show after eating.

Where will you go first?

Welcome to the fascinating world of outdoor movies! In this guide, you’ll learn all about the different types of movies that play every day, from the early morning to late at night. You’ll also find out which theaters are the most popular among your fellow movie-goers. No matter what kind of day you’re having, we guarantee you’ll be able to find a theater playing something you’ll love!

What Kinds of Movies Play During the Day?

Movies that play in the early morning (7am-10am) are usually geared towards younger children. These include Disney movies, kids’ horror films, and other lighthearted family-friendly fare. These movies are usually either still in theaters or soon going to be released to theaters, so you won’t miss out on anything by watching them here!

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Movies that play between 10am and 1pm are a little more varied. They can be popular movies from a few years back or older movies that have been released in “movie packs” for your viewing pleasure. These aren’t usually high-budget films, but they’re always sure to be entertaining!

Most of the day (1pm-4pm) is reserved for movie marathons. You get a long series of movies with a central theme, such as all the Star Wars films or all the Lord of the Rings movies. This is the perfect way to spend an entire afternoon if you’re a big movie buff!

Finally, you have the feature presentation. This is generally a high-budget movie that’s either brand new or still in theaters. If you’re lucky, you might even be able to stick around and catch the very end of the credits, where there is a hilarious blooper reel of mistakes made during the making of the movie! This is the one time during the day that you have to pay a cover charge.

What Kinds of Movies Play at Night?

Movies that play at night (7pm-12am) are a little more adult-oriented. R-rated movies play, as well as movies that have been in theaters a little longer. Many movies that played during the day have “evening screenings,” which are just slightly more adult versions of the daytime movies. Still, there’s less talking and more laughing, so it’s definitely one of the more popular showtimes.

The late-night movies (12am-6am) are rated-R films, and they’re definitely not family-friendly. Expect to see a lot of fighting, shooting, swearing, and a fair bit of nudity. Occasionally, there is an NC-17 film that isn’t quite as graphic as the rest, but even those are rare. Still, if you’re looking for something to do late at night that doesn’t involve going home to sleep, this is a popular choice.

Finding Your Theater

Are you ready to enjoy the warm summer sun while watching your favorite movies under the stars?

Head to your local theater, grab a bag of popcorn that’s as big as your head, and enjoy the show!