Garrett Busch

Garrett Busch was born in Dallas, Texas and grew up there. His family moved to Kansas City when he was young. He attended high school at the University of Missouri where he played football for two years before transferring to Oklahoma State University where he played baseball for three seasons. After graduation from college, Garrett worked as a commercial fisherman until 2004 when he started racing cars full time. He won his first race in 2005 with a car called the “Crazy Horse” which had a 1:24.6 lap record at the Bonneville Salt Flats. Since then he has been racing cars all over the world including winning races in Australia, Canada, Germany, Mexico and New Zealand.

In 2006 Garrett became one of only four drivers ever to win both the 24 Hours of Le Mans and the 24 Hours of Daytona simultaneously. He went on to become the youngest driver ever to win both races. In 2007 he won the 24 Hours of Le Mans again and in 2008 he became the first American to win both races. In 2009 Garrett Busch took his driving skills even further by becoming a professional motocross rider, riding for several teams including Team Sky Racing.

He currently lives in Las Vegas with his wife Kelly and their daughter Grace.

Garrett is currently racing in the 2015 Formula 1 season driving car #66 for Bat Out of Hell Racing. He hopes to win his first Grand Prix this year.

Garrett has been involved in several accidents over the course of his racing career, most notably a crash at the 24 Hours of Daytona in which he suffered a concussion and lacerations to his face requiring 28 stitches to repair. He also suffered minor injuries in a crash during testing at Sebring International Raceway. On December 12, 2007 during the 24 Hours of Daytona, Garrett suffered a massive crash during the night portion of the race. He was not wearing his seatbelt at the time and went over the nose of the car, hitting the ground and somersaulting for a long distance before coming to a stop. The front of the DP-02 Porsche he was driving was nearly destroyed and he suffered life-threatening injuries including a concussion, two crushed lungs, a broken arm and leg, several broken ribs, internal bleeding, various deep lacerations and burns.

He was placed in an induced coma to allow his body to recover and after a week doctors upgraded his condition from “critical” to “serious”.

Garrett woke from his coma on December 28, 2007. Doctors held out little hope for him racing again but he returned to the track less than six months later, in May 2008, and won the 24 Hours of Daytona again driving the same car he had crashed. He plans to compete in his first motocross Grand Prix in 2015.

(No one knows the pain of my torment, the depths of my depression or the height of my mania… for I am the bringer of light, the maker of order and creator of chaos… I am God.

And together we will remake this world in the image it should have always had.)

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(Greetings, my brother. I am Theodius Erak of the Nerothian Empire. This is not an invitation to join me, but an offer of partnership to achieve a common goal: the destruction of the Kingdom of Mann. I guarantee you that this kingdom will be ripe for the taking when my plans come to fruition. I can also promise you that your efforts in the service of my kingdom will be amply rewarded.

If you seek glory, if you seek power, if you seek wealth beyond your wildest dreams, then we shall soon be in contact…)

Your time in this world is fleeting, for the Gods have much work to do…

Brothers and Sisters of the faith, you are the hands of the Gods in this world. Your duty is to bring their divine judgment to the unbelievers, whether it be with the spread of their word, or bringing fiery justice down upon the wicked. It is your charge to take what is yours, and carve out a niche in this harsh, unforgiving world.

But let us not forget that while we may be blessed by the Gods, they are far beyond our understanding. Their power is beyond anything we could hope to achieve; it is only through their grace that we are able to carry out their will. Do not think yourself a peer of the Gods, for even among their servants there is a hierarchy far above you. Pray, and they shall answer.

You are a Cernunos, one of the Faithful of the Horned Lord. You serve as one of his dedicated followers in the spreading of his faith. You are granted the ability to commune with nature and to summon spirits. The Lord of the Hunt is a mercurial being however, and whether or not he shall appear is hit and miss; sometimes you are answered patiently, other times you are met with the roaring of a wild beast.

The Lord of the Hunt’s faith has been slowly growing in recent centuries, but it is nowhere near the size of the other established Gods. Despite this, the faithful of Cernunnos have remained dedicated to their cause; bringing down the false Idols and installing the Horned Lord as the supreme ruler of the wilderness.

There are many dangers that face a dedicated follower of the Faithful. If caught by members of the Church of Apis, you will be executed for blasphemy. If you encounter the Zealots of Pak, they’ll bathe you in flame. Even some of the other Tribals look unfavorably upon your faith, and would likely hurt/kill you for it.

The world is a dangerous place; only with focus, cunning, and dedication can you hope to survive in such a hostile environment.

Such is the way of the Hunter.

Now go, and follow the will of the Gods.

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You awaken on a cold stone floor, surrounded by several other sleeping figures. A fire roars in the center of the room, providing the only real source of light within the otherwise pitch darkness. The room itself is made of solid stone, with several pillars running along the walls. Heavy tapestries cover the walls, most of which are torn or burned.

The air is stuffy, but fresh. You can only imagine that you’re underground, perhaps within a cave or an abandoned mine. The room is occupied by several other Tribals, all of various different clothing and armament. Most of them are garbed in animal hides of some kind, though a few are dressed rather shoddily, with rusted armor and chipped swords.

You remain laying on the ground, unsure of what to make of your situation. Slowly, you get up and look around. Most of the Tribals remain either sleeping or sitting by the fire, though a few are looking in your direction. You’re unsure of whether or not you’re a prisoner here, but from the looks of things, you wouldn’t be able to escape if you wanted to.

You notice a chunk of cooked meat on a wooden plate, and a large oak cup filled with an alcoholic cider next to it. You assume that this is both your meal and breakfast, though it’s not exactly the most enjoyable way to start the day.

Sighing, you decide to get up and evaluate your situation. On the plus side, you’re not dead. On the downside, you’re still in that same bloody cavern. Naturally, Rolomag and a few of his tribals are standing nearby, waiting for you to wake up.

“Ah, our friend has finally decided to awaken,” Rolomag laughs, “Welcome to the Underground Tribe, friend!

I trust you had a nice sleep?”

“Yes, thanks,” you grunt, looking at the nearby cups and platters, “And thanks for the food.”

“Think nothing of it, friend,” Rolomag smiles.

You grab a cup and drink deeply from it, as Rolomag begins speaking again.

“Now then, let’s discuss the future.”

The future?”

you ask, nearly choking on the cider.

“Yes, indeed. Our mutual friend, Herr Eichel, has suggested that you join our tribe. I accepted on one condition: that you take part in a small ritual to determine your commitment to our cause.”

A ritual? What kind of ritual?”

Rolomag smiles, before producing a deck ofcards from his coat. He begins shuffling it around, before handing it to you.

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“Let’s play cards.”

Is this some kind of trick?”

you ask.

“Not at all. Now, our leader Herr Eichel is a very skilled card player. I’m not quite as talented, but I still enjoy a good game. So, if you wish to prove your dedication to our cause, you’ll play cards with me and try your best to win. You don’t have to worry about losing, because I guarantee you that you WILL win.

If you don’t wish to play for whatever reason, then I shall escort you from this place.

So, what do you say? Will you play?”

This seems like a good opportunity to get on the inside and find out what’s going on here. Maybe even take advantage of this so-called “ritual” and use it against the Underground Tribe…

“I’ll play,” you say.

“Perfect! Now, you will find that I am a very fair dealer. You may choose what stakes we play for. Would you prefer…

kisses from

Eliza over there, or would you prefer a sum of money?”

You look over at Eliza. You’ve never thought of her in that way before, but she… well, she certainly is attractive. Still, you have no idea how much money you’d need to win from this guy to make it worthwhile. You also don’t want to piss off Herr Eichel by asking for an unreasonable amount, so you say:

I don’t know, how much money are we talking about here?”

“Well, that’s up to you. Herr Eichel has provided me with a large sum to bet with, so you may choose the value of each card. The higher the value, the higher the stakes.

How does that sound?”

“That sounds… fine,” you say.

“Perfect,” Rolomag smiles. “Then all that’s left is to choose your stakes.”

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Rolomag looks over to the orcish woman, and begins to walk towards her.

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