Get Ready for Handstands: Wrist Prep

Get Ready For Handstands: Wrist Prep

Wrist Prep – How To Improve Your Wrist Strength And Power!

The wrist is one of the most powerful muscles in your body. It controls the movement of all other muscles in your arms and hands. If you want to improve your hand strength, then it’s very important that you start with proper wrist preparation.

It’s very easy to get injured if you don’t do proper wrist prep. You need to perform exercises like the following regularly in order to prevent injury and increase your power:

• Squatting – The squat is probably the best exercise for improving your grip strength. It improves both your core stability and your overall balance. When doing squats, keep your elbows close together and straighten them out until they’re almost parallel with each other. Keep your back straight and try not to arch your lower back.

Try to maintain good posture throughout the whole exercise.

• Pulling – The pull up is another great exercise for strengthening your grip strength. Make sure that you hold the bar tight while pulling yourself up. Hold at least 20 seconds before lowering yourself down again or stop the movement altogether. You can either do chin ups or grab the middle of the bar and pull yourself up from there.

• Lifting – This exercise focuses more on your grip strength. You can either hold a dumbbell, weight plate or kettlebell and lift it above your head. Focus on holding the weight as long as you can before lowering it down slowly. If this exercise becomes easy, then you can increase its difficulty by wearing a sweat suit while lifting.

These exercises are your handstand warm up before doing any other exercises. You don’t need to do all of these every time since that might actually hurt you more than help you. Just pick one or two that you find easy and focus on strengthening them. After a week of two, switch to something different so your hands won’t get used to the same exercise over and over again.

What Is Gmb Wrist Prep?

Gmb wrist prep is a new invention that’s supposed to help people prepare their wrists for various exercises. It’s not exactly clear how it works, but there are claims that this product can actually improve your grip strength by up to 500%. This seems highly unlikely given that the strongest brace on the market (the Ironmind grip master) only provides about 350% improvement.

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Regardless of whether the product actually works or not, there are still some obvious downsides to using it. For one, it’s incredibly bulky so you’re not going to be able to do any exercises that require a vertical bar (like pull-ups and dips). It might even interfere with other kinds of exercises.

Another obvious concern is skin irritation. Your hands are in fairly close contact with the rubber surface of the product, so it’s only natural that this might cause some problems over time.

The Gmb wrist prep retails for $59.99, but you can buy it directly from the product website for a discounted price of $39.99. It’s also sold with a 60-day money back guarantee, but it’s unclear what the conditions and terms are of such offer.

Should You Try Gmb Wrist Prep?

While the Gmb wrist prep looks like a useful training aid, it’s not exactly designed for enhancing your grip strength. This is only one of several exercises you should do to achieve such a goal.

If you really want to improve your grip, then you should just do more wrist curls or any other exercise that involves having a stronger grip. Don’t waste your money on the Gmb wrist prep when you can achieve better results through hard work and determination.

What’s the Best Way to Build Grip Strength?

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What is the Best Way to Build Grip Strength?

Unfortunately, there isn’t just one exercise you can do to strengthen your grip. The best way to improve this is to perform various exercises that work a variety of the forearm muscles. Also, make sure you rest enough in between bouts of grip training so as not to overtrain and hurt yourself.

The following are some good exercises that will help you achieve a stronger grip.

Grip Strength: Wrist Roller

What It Works: Forearm Extensors, Forearm Fingers, and your Middle Back.

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How To: Sit on a chair with your legs far apart and firmly planted on the floor. Place the palm of your hand on top of an exercise ball. With your fingers curled around it, roll the ball as far away from you as you can. Do this several times until you start to feel your forearm muscles fatigue.

Grip Strength: Towel Pull-ups

What It Works: Similar to Grip Strength Wrist Roller, but also works your Biceps and Shoulder muscles.

How To: Make a loop with a regular bath towel that is placed over a pull-up bar. Grab both ends of the loop so that it forms an “O” shape around your fingers. With your palms facing you, pull your body up while squeezing the “O” shape with your fingers. Focus on using your fingers to pull yourself up with the towel and not so much on your arms.

Grip Strength: Heavey Metal

What It Works: Your grip of course! It also works your forearm muscles to some degree, but this exercise is mainly for building up the strength in your hands and fingers.

How To: Using a pair of pliers or similar tool, clamp it as tight as you can onto a bolt head. Do this several times until you feel like your forearms are about to explode.

Grip Strength: Can You Handle It?

What It Works: Um, your grip of course! This exercise will help build up the strength in your hands and fingers.

How To: Just kidding. You won’t be doing this one yourself. Have somebody else do it for you. Yell really loud while they do it.

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Grip Strength: Rope climbing

What It Works: Very similar to Wrist Roller, but also works your Back and Biceps.

How To: Climb a rope like you did when you were younger. Just don’t end up looking like this guy.

Grip Strength: Farmer’s Walk

What It Works: Your Grip, Forearms, Shoulders, Traps, and Back.

How To: Pick up a heavy object (e.g. a dumbbell) with one hand and carry it until you can’t anymore. Be careful not to trip or drop it!

Grip Strength: Plates

What It Works: Similar to Heavy Metal, but instead of using a tool you are grabbing a weight.

How To: Pick up a weight plate (or similar object) with one hand and carry it until you can’t anymore. Be careful not to drop it!

For the love of god, don’t drop it.

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