“Get Up!” (Book Review)

The following are some interesting facts about “Get Up!”.

1) The title of the book is a reference to the movie “Gone With The Wind” which was released in 1939.

2) The film’s main character, Scarlett O’Hara, was played by Elizabeth Taylor.

3) In the novel, there is no mention of any movie star playing Scarlett O’Hara.

Instead, she is portrayed by Marlene Dietrich.

4) The book’s protagonist is named Elizabeth Bennett.

She is described as being “a young woman with a strong will.”

5) The novel begins when Elizabeth Bennett is only fifteen years old.

At the time, she had just graduated from high school and was working at her father’s shoe store. Her life changes drastically after she witnesses the death of her brother during a robbery attempt.

6) Elizabeth Bennett’s story is told through the eyes of her younger sister, Emily.

7) The book’s plot takes place over the course of one year.

During this period, Elizabeth Bennett experiences many events including:

– A man falling off a bridge into a river; he drowns.

– An accident involving a train and an automobile causing both vehicles to explode and kill several passengers.

– A fire that destroys part of town.

8) Almost every chapter in the book has the word “Get” in it somewhere.

9) The novel is a “message” book about “the perils of modern life.

” The message of the story is “if you don’t get up and do something, you’ll die just sitting there.”

10) The book flips back and forth between two main scenes: the shoe store and the town square. Most of the chapters take place in the shoe store.

11) The chapters that take place in the town square focus on the burning of a Confederate flag. The flag burning was, in fact, a real event that took place in 2015.

12) In the novel, Elizabeth Bennett has a white cat named Ashley. This is a reference to George C.Tate’s play “Chessy and the White Cat” (1901).

13) Halfway through the novel, it is discovered that Ashley is infested with fleas. He dies soon after of an overdose of pesticide.

14) Many scenes in the book contain a “floating thought bubble.” In these scenes, the reader can see what the main character is thinking.

15) The main character, Elizabeth Bennett, thinks about her boyfriend every once in a while. In some of these scenes, the reader can see that her boyfriend looks a lot like Elvis.

16) In one chapter, Elizabeth Bennett has a vivid dream where she is at the Rock-n-Roll Hall of Fame. In this scene, she meets the singer Cher and buys a record by the band KISS.

17) The main character hates sewing machines. She mentions this in several chapters.

18) Chapter sixteen of the book is a poem called “The Emperor’s New Clothes.” The book also has an entire section dedicated to Edgar Alan Poe.

The section contains many of his most well-known poems.

19) Chapter twenty-five, titled “The Manuscript,” is an entire short story about a woman who drowns her children in a river.

20) The book ends with Elizabeth Bennett committing suicide by jumping off a bridge located in town square. Shortly after this, the entire town of Ashland is destroyed by a tornado.

The book ends with the main character’s sister wondering whether or not there is an afterlife.

1) If you haven’t already, please create a list of at least 20 possible titles for your book.

This list can be on paper or electronic. If you already have a list, you may skip this step.

2) Using the list you’ve created, choose 10 titles that you believe would best suit your book.

List these titles in the answer box below and explain why you believe these titles are the best ones for your work.

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Explain why you believe these three titles are the best ones for your work.

1) Elizabeth’s sister thinks that there is no afterlife.

Do you believe there is an afterlife? Why?

2) In chapter one (entitled “The Manuscript”), the main character has a vague dream about someone forcing her to take drugs.

What do you think this means?

3) In chapter nine, the main character and her boyfriend play a game where they have to stare into each others’ eyes for as long as they can.

Who do you think “won?” Why?

4) In chapter thirteen, the main character briefly mentions an ongoing rumor about one of the local teachers at her high school.

What do you think this rumor is and why do you believe this rumor exists?

5) In chapter sixteen, the main character dreams that she is at a museum dedicated to rock-n-roll.

A man at this museum looks a lot like her boyfriend.

Who do you think this man is and why do you believe this man looks like her boyfriend?

6) In chapter twenty-one, the main character has a dream about someone accusing her of “lying.

Who do you think is lying in this dream and why do you believe this person is lying?

7) In chapter twenty-four, the main character dreams about Elvis’s twin brother.

What influence does Elvis’s family have on Elizabeth?

8) In the last chapter of the book, Elizabeth commits suicide by jumping off a bridge.

Why do you think she decides to do this and what do you believe happens to her after she jumps?

Elizabeth was a beatiful, caring, and sensitive girl. Her boyfriend was very lucky to have her. She jumped off a bridge because she was tired of the pain of this life I believe. In my dreams I see her in a garden full of birds and flowers.

Oliver is a very sweet guy who cares about people more than he should. If he only knew that Elizabeth committed suicide because of him…

He has a lot of inner strength and I believe he’ll move on from this tragedy. In my dreams, I see him and Elizabeth together in heaven.

I don’t really love Tom, but I believe he did love Elizabeth. He was also very protective of her like a brother would be.

After she died he became very depressed. I think Tom killed himself because he couldn’t live without her. In my dreams, I see him with Elizabeth looking at the flowers in the garden.

The Manuscript

Chapter One: The Beginning

Why do I always get the short end of the stick?”

Elizabeth asks aloud in a whiny tone.

It’s a very important question, though one which is typical for her. This girl has spent most of her life getting the short end of the stick; though she doesn’t seem to realize this fact.

Elizabeth is a high school senior who feels as if life is dealing with a stacked deck. She has everything going for her: good looks, nice clothes, and plenty of friends. But, this girl is never satisfied and is constantly wondering why she isn’t the main character of a novel. In her mind, she is practically the star of her own drama series.

Of course, everyone makes their complaints about life and believes they have a rough time; but with Elizabeth it is different. She really believes that she live a horrible life and everyone else’s lives are better than hers.

Most people just complain, but Elizabeth does something about her complaints. Whenever something bad happens to her, it is always a bigger and more tragic event than anything that’s happened to anyone else. If someone else gets a B on a test, then Elizabeth will get an A-, though she’ll argue that the grader is blind, hates her, or had some other personal vendetta.

A typical Elizabeth day goes as follows. She wakes up, rolls over, and hits the alarm clock (not in that order).

After turning off the alarm clock, she lies in bed for twenty minutes while bitching about how horrible her life is and everything she has to do today. Once she’s finished complaining, she gets up and begins her daily routine. That is, after she has spent another ten minutes complaining about having to get out of bed.

After a shower, dressing, and eating breakfast, Elizabeth begins her daily routine. She will spend the next few hours complaining about how hungry she is, how much she hates her classes, and about all of the homework she has to do.

By mid-day, she will have spent another hour or two complaining about the unnecessary difficulties of life; such as the perils of walking to class in the snow. That evening, Elizabeth will spend another couple hours complaining about how hard her day was. She will then go to sleep and start the process all over again the next day.

One could simply dismiss Elizabeth as a shallow high school brat who is miserable because she got a B- on a test; and there would be some truth to that. There is a bigger problem with Elizabeth than her simple vanity though.

The bigger issue is that Elizabeth has never matured beyond the whining angst filled teenager who blames the world for her problems. She has spent so much time being bitter about her life that she has never taken the time to enjoy it.

If this continues, Elizabeth truly will have a horrible life; but this hasn’t happened yet. There is still time for her to mature and enjoy life.

She could lose the attitude and realize that her life isn’t half as bad as she thinks it is. Or she could continue the way she is going and let the miserable existence consume her.

This is where you come in. You are the key to helping Elizabeth enjoy life.

Your job is to make Elizabeth’s life as miserable as she believes it is. The more you can make her hate the world, the happier she will be.

There are a few ground rules, however.

First off, you cannot cause permanent physical harm to Elizabeth. This would violate the rules and result in you being fired, as well as being arrested and going to jail (or worse).

Second, you cannot create external forces causing Elizabeth’s misery. For example, you cannot have a power go out in her apartment and cause a fire.

You also cannot have another person harass her. The misery has to come from within Elizabeth.

Third, you cannot cause logical death. This is more of a personal guideline more than a rule.

I find personally that making someone die as a logical conclusion of their own actions is far more cruel than any pain I could inflict physically.

Lastly, you are to remain anonymous at all times. Elizabeth is not to know who the emissary of misery is, just that they are there.

With these rules in place, we will see how miserable you can make Elizabeth. Let the games begin.