Getting Pain Relief From a Bottle

Hot Water Bag For Back Pain

How To Use Hot Water Bag For Back Pain?

1) First of all, you need to get some sort of container with a lid.

You can buy them at any drug store or online. I usually just go to Amazon and search “cotton wool” because it’s cheap and works well.

(You can also try using a plastic garbage bag. Just make sure it’s not too big.)

2) Next, put your hands into the container and wrap them around the sides so they don’t burn.

Don’t worry if you’re cold! You’ll feel better when you warm up.

If you have a sweater or jacket on, keep it on until you’ve warmed up.

3) Now take the top off of the container and pour out most of the liquid inside.

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Then, put it back on tightly and close it up tight again. Make sure you leave no air space at all in there!

4) Once you’ve done that, turn on your stovetop or heat source and bring it to medium high heat.

If you have a propane burner, do that instead. You want it to be really hot!

(Be really careful, though. Don’t burn yourself!) After a minute or two, you’ll notice the liquid starting to boil and steam…

5) Soon, the container will start to get soft and stretchy (or squishy if it’s a plastic bag).

Make sure you keep holding on to it with your pot holder or towel so you don’t burn yourself.

6) Now, take it off the heat or turn it off completely.

Let it cool for about thirty seconds and then slowly take the cover off. It’ll be very hot!

There you have it! A homemade hot water bottle.

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It will stay warm for a long time. You can use it over and over again, too, as long as you remember to let it cool before refilling it.

If you want to reheat it more quickly, you can wrap it in a towel and hold it in your hands for a while. After about an hour or two it should be ready to go again.

You can also use this same method to make cold packs. Just follow the steps above, but start with cold water instead of hot water.

It’ll stay cold for about an hour or so before it warms up a bit.

Hot Water Bag For Neck And Shoulders

When you are suffering from neck and shoulder pain, reach for a hot water bottle. Unlike many other types of pain relievers, a hot water bottle is safe to use on muscles and skin.

In addition, it is relatively cheap and will last for years, giving you an option for pain relief whenever you need it.

Using A Hot Water Bottle For Neck And Shoulder Pain

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1) Fill your hot water bottle.

Be sure to let it cool down before you fill it. Hot water can burn you, causing second degree burns on your skin in as little as thirty seconds.

If you do not want to use the bottle once it is hot, simply let it cool and then refill it with cold water.

2) Place the hot water bottle on your neck and shoulders.

If the bottle is too heavy for your to lift comfortably, try leaning against a wall.

3) Get comfortable.

You will want to make sure that the bottle is not going to slip off of you while you are relaxing. If the neck of the bottle is too short or your shoulder muscles are too tense, you may want to put a folded towel under your shoulders to get the right height.

4) Lay down.

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