Gift Ideas for Parkour Athletes

Gift Ideas for Parkour Athletes:

1. Parka / Jacket – This is a good gift for all parkour athletes.

It is suitable for any age group. You can buy it at most stores or you can make your own jacket from some materials like fleece, woolen material, etc..

2. Gloves – These are very useful if you want to train in cold weather conditions.

They protect your hands from frostbite and other cold-related diseases. If you have been training in winter conditions, then these gloves will save your life.

3. Shoes – You need to wear shoes when practicing parkour because they are essential for running fast and jumping high.

There are many types of shoes available in the market but we recommend you to get the best ones that provide maximum protection against blisters and cuts caused due to extreme temperatures.

4. Belt – A belt helps you to carry heavy loads and is useful in case of accidents.

5. Water Bottle – Drinking water is very important while training in cold weather conditions.

You can use a bottle with a straw instead of drinking directly out of the tap.

6. Sunglasses – When you practice parkour, you need to keep your eyes protected from harmful UV rays emitted by the sun’s rays.

7. Clock – Most people can’t tell time correctly when they are focusing on something else, such as extreme sports.

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It is important to know the correct time during competitions because it can give you an advantage over your opponent. Always wear a watch when training!

8. Notebook – If you want to keep track of your personal records and scores for each move or exercise, then you will need a notebook and a pen.

9. Food – Eating a heavy meal just before training can have severe consequences.

Ideally, you should eat light food 1-2 hours before your training session.

10. Mat / Yoga Mat – It is important to rest in between exercises because your muscles get tired. You can use the mat while doing yoga or any other exercise that requires you to lay down on your back.

11. Towel – After a good sweat, it is good hygiene practice if you wipe yourself with a towel. You should have a clean and dry towel with you at all times.

12. Bag – A bag is necessary to carry all your training gear.

13. Cellphone / Watch – A cellphone is useful to contact your friends in case you get injured and alone. It is also a good idea to wear a watch during competitions because it helps you keep track of the time.

14. First-aid Box – Accidents happen during training. Your first-aid box should contain bandages of various sizes, disinfectants, and painkillers.

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15. Snacks – It is important to eat light food between breakfast and lunch and again between lunch and dinner. You can carry some with you while you train like dried fruits, nuts, energy bars, etc…

16. Sneakers – It is recommended that you wear your sneakers everywhere (except to formal events). This helps you get familiar with them and trains your feet to effectively push off with your toes while running and jumping.

17. Friends – A friend can help keep you motivated during your training sessions. If you are alone, then you can take turns to count your repetitions out loud so that you don’t cheat.

18. A Goal – It is always good to have a goal in mind before you start training for parkour because it keeps you focused on reaching that goal. As you improve, your goals will change but they will always help you in achieving greater heights!

Parkour for Beginners – Basic Exercises

Before you start training for parkour, you should be aware that parkour is not one of those sports where you can become pro by just watching videos and attempting the moves. It takes years of training and dedication to master this sport. However, before we start talking about different techniques used in parkour, let’s learn the basics.

The following exercises will help you develop the necessary strength, flexibility, and coordination required for parkour. It is very important to warm-up before training and cool-down after every training session. Warming-up prepares your muscles for physical activity while cooling-down helps them to recover faster.

Warming Up:

Warming up is very important before any kind of physical exercise. It increases blood flow to your muscles and helps them to prepare for activity. The best way to warm up is to do a low intensity version of the activity you are planning to do.

Walking or jogging are good examples of low intensity exercises.

Jogging in place, jumping jacks and various other kinds of basic exercises can be considered low intensity physical activity. You should start with these and then slowly increase the intensity when you feel your body is warmed up enough. You should also make sure to stretch your muscles so that you don’t get any muscle pulls or strains.

There are many ways to stretch, but the simplest and most effective one is to hold a stretched position for at least 30 seconds.

Gift Ideas for Parkour Athletes - GymFitWorkout

Cooling Down:

After your training session is over, it is very important to cool down. Just like warming up prepares your muscles for activity, cooling down helps them to return to their original state. This is very important because a sudden change in physical condition can have negative effects on your body.

Just like warming up, you should also do a low intensity version of the activity that you were doing during training. Jogging in place or walking is a good example of a low intensity activity. Stretching is also very important after a physical exercise just like before it.

It is a good idea to cool down for at least 5 to 10 minutes. This will reduce the chances of getting cramps or other muscle related problems. It is also a good idea to drink lots of water after your training sessions because you will be losing a lot of water through sweating.

Note: Never ever start off with a full-blown sprint right after you finish jogging in place. This can lead to negative consequences and cause physical harm to your body. Always start with a slow jog and then increase the intensity gradually.

Try to maintain the same speed throughout the whole running in place session. This will help you in balancing your energy and will make it easier for you to cool down afterwards.

A good post warm-up activity is jumping jacks. It is very important that you stretch at regular intervals to avoid getting cramps or any other muscle related problems.

Another important factor that should be taken into consideration is your diet. What you eat has a direct effect on how your body feels during a particular time. For example if you don’t eat enough proteins or you decide to fast for a day, you will obviously feel weaker than normal and might not be able to perform your best during training.

Try to eat healthy food and maintain good eating habits. Try to get in as many proteins and nutrients as you can because they directly contribute to building muscle and strengthening your body. Eating junk food can be very tempting at times but you must resist the urge if you want to gain something out of your training session.

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These are very general tips that should help you in your journey to become a stronger person through calisthenics. Remember this is only the basics so you might want to research more into it if you wish to excel in this particular area.

Thanks a lot for reading! I hoped you enjoyed it and see you again in the next one!

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