Glassman vs OCT: CrossFit HQ and the Kevin Ogar Tragedy

The Kevin Ogar Story

Kevin Ogar was a well known CrossFitter from Texas. He had been competing in CrossFit since 2007 and won several competitions including the 2008 Open and 2009 Regional. His death at age 29 came after a long battle with cancer.

Ogar’s story is one of tragedy and heartbreak. A tragic end to a man who lived life to its fullest despite the challenges it presented him with.

On January 16th 2013, Kevin died while training at the CrossFit Games in San Diego. At first he was found unconscious by another competitor. He was rushed to a local hospital where doctors discovered that he had developed a brain tumor called glioblastoma multiforme (GBM). They were unable to save his life.

Ogar leaves behind two young children and his wife Jessica who is now raising them alone.

What happened?

In a nutshell, Ogar was doing what all CrossFitters do: working out hard, eating right and getting enough sleep. However, something went wrong during the recovery period between workouts. Something that could have easily been prevented if only things had been done differently.

“I’m not going to lie; I don’t want to hear about how my husband got sick,” says his wife Jessica in an interview with ABC News. “There’s a reason why he got sick and I really don’t want to know. I just want to honor him by continuing to do what he loves, which is CrossFit.”

“He was very aware of what he was doing and what he was about to do,” she says of her husband’s death.

Although doctors have not found a direct link between cancer and CrossFit, the combination of his death and previous injuries has left some people wondering if the practice is safe.

Glassman vs OCT: CrossFit HQ and the Kevin Ogar Tragedy - GymFitWorkout

The community responds to Ogar’s death

The online CrossFit community has been shaken by this event. Many have expressed their condolences on social media while others have chosen to remain silent. In the wake of Ogar’s death, many are calling into question the safety protocol at CrossFit affiliated gyms. “He knew he was dying.

He said it was OK. He loved me and I loved him.”

Some days after the tragic incident, many people had questions about what actually happened. And while there are no easy or satisfying answers, one thing is certain: a young man died doing something he loved and the community lost a great member.

What caused this tragedy?

Two things: overtraining and lack of rest.

Ogar’s death has even drawn criticism by some of the masses, who claim that the sport is too dangerous and shouldn’t be practiced at all.

But for every hater, there are hundreds of people who have spoken up in defense of CrossFit as a sport and way of life. After all, the CrossFit community is what it is today due to its inclusive nature towards anyone willing to put in the work.

Ogar’s story is certainly a tragic one, but it should be remembered not just for how it ended but also for how it began: with grit, determination and more than a little bit of heart.

His legacy lives on in his two children, who he has undoubtedly inspired to do great things in their own right. He will not be forgotten.

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