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Female Weightlifting Facts

The following are some facts about female weightlifting:

1) There are more than 1 million women registered at the Olympics (2012).

Of these, there are approximately 500 000 females.

2) Approximately 200 000 girls have competed in the Olympics since 1896.

Of those, only about 50 % of them were born in Russia.

3) About 100 000 female athletes participated in the World Championships from 1900 to 2000.

Only about 20 % of them were born in Russia.

4) The number of female weightlifters increased dramatically after the introduction of modern equipment at the Games.

5) The average age of female Olympians is 22 years old.

6) Female weightlifters are not very popular among men.

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They do not like to watch their performances because they think it’s too hard or boring. However, many male fans follow the competitions of female weightlifters.

7) The weightlifters have more fans around the world.

8) Today, most female weightlifters come from China and Europe.

9) There are many famous female weightlifters in the world.

They earn a lot and they have their own fans. However, there are not too many people who know their names.

10) In the United States, only a few girls are very interested in female weightlifting competitions.

11) It is possible that there will be more female weightlifters in the future.

12) Female weightlifting has only been included in the Olympics since the year 2000. The first winner was Ching Lu Hsu, who brought home a gold medal for Taiwan.

13) All weightlifters lift weights. Some of them are actually male or female. The sport was invented in ancient Greece and since then many people all over the world enjoy it.

14) There are many types of female weightlifters. Some of them perform alone, while others act in groups. In some cases, men and women lift together.

15) The first records of female weightlifters were stored by the ancient Egyptians. They used rocks as weights.

16) The gold medal for female weightlifting in the Olympics was first introduced in the year 2000. Before that, they participated as contestants or guests.

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17) Some female weightlifters have brought controversy to the sport. In 2008, one of them tested positive for a banned substance. This led to her disqualification from the competition.

18) The most loved female weightlifters are those who won the gold medal in the previous year. However, when there are stricter measures in place, they are banned for life from continuing their practices.

19) Female weightlifters are not very appreciated when they are young. Some of them decide to give up the sport because they find it too difficult.

20) Some young women have many dreams of becoming female weightlifters. Sadly, most of them are unable to make it in this competitive industry.

These are just some interesting facts about female weightlifting. If you want to know more, just keep on reading.

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