Hero To Villain And Back Again: The Chris Herren Story

Hero To Villain And Back Again: The Chris Herren Story

Chris Herren was born and raised in Kansas City Missouri. At age 18 he moved to Los Angeles where he became a successful actor and director. His films include “The Last Days On Mars”, “Grim Reaper” (a film adaptation of the novel), “A Boy Named Charlie Brown”, “Boys Don’t Cry”, “The Longest Yard” and many others.

Herren’s films have been nominated for several awards including Academy Awards, Golden Globes, BAFTAs and other major film festivals around the world. His work has won him numerous honors such as the American Film Institute Award for Best Director, the National Board Of Review Award for Best Screenplay and the Directors Guild of America Award For Outstanding Achievement In Feature Film.

In addition to his directing, acting and producing work, Herren has also made numerous documentaries. Among them are “Pee Wee’s Big Adventure”, “Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory” and “Citizen Kane”. His latest documentary is entitled Hero To Villain And Back Again: The Chris Herren Story.

What Does The Documentary Cover?

The documentary covers the story behind Herren’s professional and personal life. He was one of the most promising young actors to come out of the 90s. By age 15 he was starring in multiple films, including member of a teen-rock band to become one of the biggest stars in Hollywood by age 18.

Herren had everything he ever wanted, but behind the scenes alcohol and drugs were pulling him down into a dark place. Unable to deal with the pressure he was under, he turned to alcohol to put himself to sleep every night.

After years of abuse his body completely shut down. He was in a wheelchair suffering from organ failure when doctors told him he wouldn’t live another 6 months if he didn’t go into treatment immediately.

Herren checked into a rehab clinic where he was able to regain his strength and wellbeing. Through his experience in rehab, he found a passion for helping addicts through their own recovery programs. Herren is now a passionate advocate for alcohol and drug abuse treatment.

He believes his story can help others struggling with similar issues overcome the many struggles they face on a daily basis.

Through his recovery, Herren has found a new purpose in life as an addiction counselor. He now works at a rehab center in Boston where he helps addicts recover from their alcohol and drug habits. Through this job, he has become a very successful individual and has regained his status as a respected member of society.

Herren’s struggles and successes are the perfect example of the issues many people have to face every day. He was a talented young actor who was thrown into the spotlight at an early age. The pressures of the industry can be overwhelming, especially for someone as young as he was.

When his career started to fade and he began to struggle with addiction, Herren could have easily given up on himself. Instead, he used his experiences as motivation to help other people struggling with their own issues every day.

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If you would like to help people like Herren, please consider supporting the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation. This non-profit organization provides treatment for millions of addicts every year.

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