Hey, Protein Powder Boy – Suck It Up and Work Harder

Hey, Protein Powder Boy – Suck It Up and Work Harder!

The article below discusses the most popular protein powders among senior citizens. They are all made from milk proteins (casein). All of them contain high amounts of nitrogenous waste products such as urea, creatinine, ammonia and other harmful substances. You need to make sure that you take care of your body with proper exercise regimen and avoid excess consumption of alcohol. If you have diabetes or heart disease, then it is advisable not to consume excessive amount of sugar.

If you want to increase your muscle mass and strength, then you need to get adequate amount of protein. Whey protein is the best choice because it contains essential amino acids which are necessary for building new muscles. It also helps in increasing energy levels and reduces fatigue during physical activity.

In addition, whey protein concentrate is the best choice for those who do not like the taste of regular whey protein. Whey protein isolate is another good option if you prefer to drink it without any added ingredients. However, you must remember that it does not provide the same benefits as whey protein isolate.

The following are some of the best types of whey protein for people above the age of 55:

Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass: this is one of the best sellers in bodybuilding supplements.

Naked Whey: this is one of the most popular choices when it comes to whey proteins. It is very easy on your stomach and can be taken any time during the day.

Dymatize Elite: provides high quality amino acids which can be absorbed quickly by your body. It contains less fat and carbohydrates which makes it perfect for people with diabetes and heart conditions.

Hey, Protein Powder Boy - Suck It Up and Work Harder - at GYMFITWORKOUT

Dairy Fuel: this is one of the best choices if you do not like the taste of regular whey protein. It uses natural flavors to improve the taste.

Why Should You Use Whey Protein?

There are many reasons why you should consider adding whey protein to your diet:

It provides nutrients which help in building and strengthening muscles

It helps in the growth of muscle fibers

It reduces muscle fatigue

It improves physical performance

It helps in increasing energy levels

It provides essential amino acids which help the body tissue to grow and repair itself

It can help prevent fractures, improving your bone mass density and reducing bone fragility due to low estrogen levels

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It can also help in treating and preventing osteoporosis

Whey protein is often recommended by doctors for patients with kidney diseases since it can help in reducing the waste products in the body

Whey protein can be an excellent choice if you want to lose weight since it can help decrease fat storage and increase fat burning

Who Can Benefit from Using Whey Protein?

Although whey protein can be beneficial for everyone, there are specific groups of people who can benefit from using it:

Bodybuilders and athletes: these individuals need to have increased levels of protein in their diet. Since their bodies undergo severe physical trauma on a regular basis due to the types of sports that they are engaged in, their bodies require more nutrition to help them recover from the wear and tear that takes place within the muscular and skeletal systems.

These people can benefit greatly from using whey protein since it can speed up the healing process and also improve their physical performance.

People with cancer: these individuals often suffer from loss of appetite and weight loss which can result in muscle atrophy and weakness. Whey protein can help reverse this condition by increasing the supply of essential amino acids in the body.

Breastfeeding mothers: breastfeeding mothers often experience difficulties in maintaining their supply of milk. Incorporating whey protein into their diet can help alleviate this problem by providing the body with the essential amino acids that it needs to produce more milk.

People with diabetes: people suffering from type 2 diabetes often have problems with maintaining balanced blood sugar levels. Whey protein can help speed up the digestion process and prevent spikes in insulin levels.

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Older people: as people age, they often suffer from a decrease in muscle mass and strength. This can cause problems with balance and difficulty in performing everyday activities. Whey protein can help reverse this condition by increasing muscle mass and improving physical performance.

Anyone with a weak immune system: people who are suffering from infections and diseases often have a weakened immune system. Since whey protein contains high quantities of glutathione, it can help improve your body’s immune response by increasing your cells’ ability to destroy invading bacteria and viruses.

Whey Protein Versus Casein Protein

While casein and whey are both types of milk proteins, they are processed differently. Whey is a liquid byproduct of the cheese-making process, while casein is a solid byproduct.

Both types of milk protein contain the same types of amino acids, but in different quantities. They also have a different texture, taste and appearance.

When comparing the two, whey protein is usually preferred since it can be easily dissolved in water and most people find the taste to be more pleasant. It is often used as a quick breakfast replacement for people who are always on the run and don’t have time to sit down for a regular meal.

How to Take Whey Protein

Whey can be added to just about anything. It can be added to fruit smoothies, oatmeal or even yogurt. Many people just add it to water since the taste of whey is not very strong and it easily dissolves.

Most types of whey come in large containers (5-20 pounds). People often wonder if they should freeze the excess whey since it comes in such a large container. The answer is no. Once the container is opened, whey can be stored in the fridge or even at room temperature. Just make sure to keep it tightly sealed.

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It can also be stored in increments in a freezer bag.

Once the container is opened, you have a choice of what to do with the left over whey. Some people like to make pancakes or bread with it.

Whey can also be used when baking bread, pancakes or cookies. Since whey is high in amino acids, it gives these baked goods a better nutritional profile.

How Does Whey Protein Affect the Body?

Whey protein is quickly absorbed into the body. The amino acids found in whey activate enzymes that signal the pancreas to produce more insulin. This, in turn, promotes the absorption of glucose into muscle cells.

After eating a meal that contains carbohydrates, blood sugar levels rise. This prompts the pancreas to produce insulin, a hormone that signals muscle cells to absorb the glucose. If ample amounts of amino acids are available, then insulin will be produced at a faster rate.

Amino acids found in the protein you eat also signal the liver to release stored carbohydrate into the bloodstream. This, in turn, causes a decrease in blood glucose levels since carbohydrates are no longer being stored in the liver and muscles.

Whey is also considered a fast protein since it quickly leaves the stomach and enters the small intestine.

Does Whey Protein Have Any Side Effects?

Side effects of whey protein are rare, however some people may experience:

Diarrhea or stomach cramps if they consume foods high in fiber or other types of supplements at the same time. This, however, should not occur if you take whey protein by itself.

Hypoglycemia (decrease in blood sugar)

Allergy to one of the ingredients in whey

If you experience any of these side effects (especially the allergic reaction), you should discontinue use of whey immediately and contact your doctor.

Whey has been known to lower blood pressure. If you are taking medication for hypertension, talk to your doctor before using whey.

Hey, Protein Powder Boy - Suck It Up and Work Harder - GYM FIT WORKOUT

Whey and Weight Loss

Most people (especially bodybuilders) take whey to increase the rate at which the body burns fat. While there are no studies that show conclusively that whey increases fat loss, it is known that whey does increase muscle growth. The more muscle you have, the higher your metabolism is. This helps you burn more calories than someone of similar height and weight with less muscle.

Many people find that they have a greater desire to eat when taking whey. If you are concerned about this (especially if you are already overeating), you can cut down on the amount of whey you consume daily. Most people don’t need more than 40-60 grams of whey a day.

How Much Whey Should I Take and How Often?

Most people take 20-40 grams of whey a day. It is recommended that you spread your intake of whey throughout the day.

Many people take whey immediately after their workouts along with some other type of fast acting carbohydrates (maltodextrin or dextrose). When taken in this manner, it helps to maximize the anabolic response to resistance training.

People who are dieting also commonly take whey immediately after their workouts since this is the time when muscles have been depleted of their glycogen levels, and take in more nutrients. The best times to take whey would be after your weight training or cardio sessions.

Some people also like to take whey just before they go to bed since this helps keep their amino acid levels high while they sleep and will help them gain muscle while they rest.

What is the Best Time to Take Whey?

There are many different opinions on this subject. The best time to take whey really depends on your goals and lifestyle. For most people, the best time to take whey is in the morning upon waking, after weight training, or before bedtime.

Some people, especially those who are trying to gain muscle, like to take whey in the morning along with a fast-acting carbohydrate such as dextrose. Others prefer to take whey immediately after weight training since this is when muscles are most receptive to nutrients.

For those who are dieting and trying to lose fat, taking whey before bedtime allows you to stay in an anabolic (muscle building) state while you sleep.

Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey


First of all, this is the whey that I currently take. It is by far the best tasting and most affordable brand of whey that I’ve ever tasted. It mixes extremely well and I’ve never had any problems with curdling or clumping like I have with other brands. I used to drink this before going to bed because it has a lot of amino acids which help your muscles recover. I also take this immediately after my weight training.

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This allows me to maximize muscle growth because I am giving my muscles a lot of nutrients which make them grow.


Serving Size: 1 scoop (30g)

Servings Per Container: 76

Amount Per Serving

Calories 120

Calories from Fat 5

Total Fat 0.5g 1%

Hey, Protein Powder Boy - Suck It Up and Work Harder - at GYMFITWORKOUT

Saturated Fat 0g 0%

Cholesterol 15mg 5%

Sodium 75mg 3%

Potassium 95mg 2%

Total Carbohydrate 3g 1%

Dietary Fiber 1g 4%

Sugars 1g

Protein 24g 48%

Vitamin A 0%

Hey, Protein Powder Boy - Suck It Up and Work Harder - GYM FIT WORKOUT

Vitamin C 0%

Calcium 6%

Iron 2%


Whey Protein Blend (Whey Protein Concentrate, Whey Protein Isolate, Whey Peptides), Cocoa (Processed with Alkali), Dutched Cacao, Emulsifier (Sunflower Lecithin), Natural Flavors, Xanthan Gum.


For a rich creamy shake mix one scoop of Gold Standard 100% Whey™ with 4-5 ounces of cold water. Depending on desired taste and consistency, additional water may be required. Adjust liquid to achieve desired taste. Consume immediately.

For a lighter shake, use less liquid or add ice. For a smoothie, add fresh or frozen fruit, yogurt, peanut butter, etc.

*Creatine Monohydrate is highly recommended to take with this product. Take one serving (1 scoop) of whey protein and one serving (1 tsp) of creatine monohydrate once per day. For best results, take this product for a minimum of 60 days.

Rage Black Series Pure Iso Whey


This is the second best whey that I have ever tasted, but falls short to ON Gold Standard Whey. The reason why I only give it about a 70% is because it doesn’t mix as well to being with so you have to shake the living hell out of it for about a minute and half before your really get rid of clumps.

Hey, Protein Powder Boy - Suck It Up and Work Harder - at GYMFITWORKOUT

Now besides that this whey tastes excellent and gets the job done, the price is a little more than what I would normally pay but I guess its worth it.

You will not get that full bloated feeling after drinking this whey, but you will notice a difference in your muscles especially if you take this while on a cut or if you are trying to lose fat.

This is a good all around whey I would recommend it to anyone. It has minimal fat, about 1-3g depending on how much you use, and contains a good amount of BCAAs as well.

The taste is delicious and I imagine you will like it a lot, so if you are looking to the best quality protein, then Rage has made my top two list.

Rage also has other flavors that this whey comes in if the Banana isn’t quite your style.

Banana Cream

Tastes like banana runts candy. You can really taste the banana flavor as well as a bit of a creamy texture to it. The flavor is pretty thick and reminds me of a milk shake or a frozen yogurt.

If you are looking for a more on the sweet side flavor then this would be your best bet, but if taste is what you seek rather than just a lot of calories, then I suggest steering clear of this one unless you find candy flavored protein to be delicious.

Strawberry Shortcake

Tastes extremely close to shortbread cookies. Very strong flavor, but its good. Its really filling too since I didn’t even realize how much of the bag was gone after my workout when I first tried it. The only problem I have with it, is that is starts to taste a little funny after a while. Not bad, but like its losing its flavor, but that might just be me since I have a tendency to eat and drink the same thing all day long.


Hey, Protein Powder Boy - Suck It Up and Work Harder - at GYMFITWORKOUT

The best tasting chocolate protein I have ever tasted. It is as good or better than nutrition53’s chocolate whey. Its like a rich creamy chocolate milk and it mixes a whole lot better. I like to add a little peanut butter and frozen banana to this protein to make a more filling milkshake.

Cookies and Cream

This is another one of my favorite flavors. Tastes just like oreos, you can really taste the creme flavor along with the sweetness of the cookies. Very filling and very good. The only thing that I don’t like about it is that it takes on a weird chocolate flavor after being in milk for too long.

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