How Abs of Steel Cause Back Pain

Abs of steel cause back pain?

It’s true! I have seen it happen many times. People who are not used to exercise or do not want to exercise, start doing some simple exercises and they get worse and worse pains. They think their problems will go away if only they did something, but it doesn’t work like that. If someone does nothing else than just sit down for 5 minutes at least he won’t feel any pain when sitting down. But if he starts doing some exercises which involve lifting up his legs and pushing them forward, then he gets very painful. And it seems that this problem goes away after resting for few hours.

So what causes this?

The reason why these exercises hurt so much is because the abdominals are weak. These muscles consist of three parts: the upper part (rectus abdominis), middle part (internal obliques) and lower part (psoas). When you lift your legs up and push them forward, you actually pull the lower part of the rectus abdominis into the middle part of the internal obliques. This makes it harder for them to move. You may say that this is normal, but in fact it isn’t.

When you perform these exercises, try to keep your core muscles relaxed and don’t tense up your abdominal muscles too much while doing it. Try to focus on the muscles in your chest and back while doing these exercises. By training your abs in this way, you can build up your core muscles and get abs of steel. Be careful with these exercises if you have an injury or back problems.

Most Commonly Used Back Exercises

More About How To Stretch Your Abdominals!

How do you stretch abdominals?

Well, people usually stretch their abdominals when they’re warm up…

Why? Well, you’re probably thinking “Why stretch my abdominals?

I’m gonna do pullups!” If you’re planning on doing some pullups, it’s not a bad idea to stretch your abdominals.

But why bother stretching them if you’re just going to do the pullups anyway?

Well, by stretching your abdominals before hand, you can actually pull more weight during the workout. Seems strange but it’s true!

Why do you think bodybuilders are always touching their toes and stretching their legs before they do a heavy leg day?

The reason is that this actually prevents your lower back from getting cramped up during the leg workout and allows you to lift more weight.

The same concept goes with pullups.

How To Stretch Your Abdominals For Pullups:

Lie down on your back and place both legs straight up in the air. Try to get them as straight as possible. This position will feel a little weird at first, but you’ll get used to it. Once in this position, actively try to reach your toes with your hands. Do not bend your legs or arch your back excessively during this stretch.

This is one of the most common and effective ways of stretching the abs for pullups and for overall strength in the core.


Stretching The Core Muscles For Pullups:

The core muscles are an extremely important part of your body when it comes to heavy weight lifting. Your core muscles stabilize your spine and lower back, which is essential for heavy lifting.

The problem with the core muscles is that a lot of people have really weak core muscles. This is especially true for people who don’t exercise at all or just do simple cardio.

How Abs of Steel Cause Back Pain - | Gym Fit Workout

But even people who do heavy weightlifting can have weak core muscles. This often results in lower back pain and other debilitating problems like disc herniations and the like.

So in order to prevent this, it’s important to stretch your abdominals before hand. Otherwise, you may end up doing more harm than good in the long run.

The best way to stretch the abdominals is to lie down on your back and then try to touch your toes. You can also try doing this while standing up, but make sure that you don’t overdo it and bend too far down as this can cause lower back problems.

When stretching, you should feel a gentle pull in your core muscles. This is normal and means that you’re successfully stretching your ab muscles. Hold the stretch for about 30 seconds and don’t force it. If you feel any sharp pain then you should stop the stretch immediately.

The next part of your body that we need to address is your wrists.


Well, there’s two important reasons why you need to take care of your wrists.

One: You want to make sure that your wrists are in good enough shape to endure the pressure of the water when you dive underneath to do the actual cleaning.

Two: You want to make sure that your wrists are in good enough shape to endure the pressure of the bar when you’re doing your pullups. (Don’t want your wrists to break when you’re at the top of the movement!)

The best way to strengthen your wrists is to do a couple sets of wrist curls. You can also do some finger workouts in order to get your fingers strong as well.

How Abs of Steel Cause Back Pain - from our website

The actual best way to strengthen your wrists though is to actually go and perform some heavy duty cleaning. The more you do it, the stronger your wrists will get.

Believe me, when you’ve been cleaning a house for eight hours straight, even the smallest tasks like typing on a keyboard or stirring your coffee seem very difficult to do because your wrists are so fatigued.

As for your back, well that’s a whole other story… we’ll go over proper lifting techniques in another newsletter. (Shameless plug!)

Now that we’ve gone over warming up, practicing your pullups, and stretching, it’s now time to actually put all of this into practice and start doing some actual cleaning.

Safety First!

The most important factor to remember is safety. Always be safe when doing any sort of physical work. If you wouldn’t do it at work, don’t do it while working as a house cleaner.

There’s really no clever way of saying this… if you’re not sure of how to do something, find someone who has experience and ask them. Better yet, look for the information online or in a book. There’s a lot of good information out there nowadays.

So you don’t get hurt, here are some tips that you should always follow:

#1 Always wear sturdy rubber soled shoes. No heels, no flipflops, and no open toed shoes. You don’t want to slip and fall while you’re carrying a heavy vacuum cleaner down a flight of stairs.

How Abs of Steel Cause Back Pain - Image

#2 Always wear long sleeved shirts and pants. You’re going to be working around a lot of dirt and germs, not to mention some nasty chemicals. You don’t want any of that stuff getting onto your skin. Also, if you happen to have long hair, then tie it back.

#3 Always use your knee to push the carpeting back in place when you’re done cleaning it. (As opposed to using your foot. You don’t want to accidentally step on any nails or tacks that might happen to be in the carpet.)

#4 Always use your knee to lift up the edge of a carpet when you’re ready to clean underneath it. (As opposed to using the palm of your hand. You don’t want to puncture your hand on a nail or tack that might happen to be protruding from the bottom of the carpet.

In addition to following the above tips, you should also be careful when working on a ladder or around anything that is electrical. Follow proper electrical safety rules. And never stand on top of a ladder if there is any chance of it slipping on a hard floor such as tile or wood. Always clean ladders before and after use to avoid any type of accident such as falling off the ladder.

That’s it for training! I wish you the best of luck with your new job! 🙂


Wilfred Finch,

Chief of Training

House of Clean

How Abs of Steel Cause Back Pain - at GYMFITWORKOUT

Cleaners’ Closet

Here are some of the items you might need when cleaning:

Oh my, where are my manners?

Allow me to introduce you to my new friends. This is Mr. LemonFresh, Spic and Span, HeyTellmeHelloBuy, and Mr. Clean.”

Mr. Fikemleans points to a bottle of cleaner, a box of baking soda, a rag, and a winking badge that says “Hello, my name is…”

“Just call me Mr. Lemon!” the bottle of cleaner happily declares.

“I’m Spic and Span,” the box of baking soda says.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you,” the badge says while winking.

“And I’m Mr. Clean,” the mascot declares while giving a thumbs up.

“We are here to help you in your new job!” Mr. Fikemleans says.

How Abs of Steel Cause Back Pain - Image

“First, you must create a client profile on your computer so we can have all of the information about the clients in one place. Here’s a notebook and pen so you can take notes during your first few jobs.”

You take the notepad and pen and enter the office. You turn on the computer and wait for it to boot up. As you wait, you look at all of the framed awards on the wall. There are so many! They must be from when Mr.

Fikemrians was still working.

The computer finally boots up and you begin to type in the information for your first profile.

You decide to start with your friend for your first job. His name is Mark and he lives on 13 Miller Road. He wants his house cleaned because his wife is coming home tomorrow and he wants it to be perfect. While you’re at it, you add your information into the computer.

When you have finished the profile, you hear a knock at the door. You happily exclaim, “I’ll get it!” and run to the front door.

You look through the peephole and see a short man with a blue uniform and a truck outside. You open the door and say, “Hello! I’m Amy, the new cleaner.

Are you my assistant for the day?”

The man smiles and replies, “Of course! My name is Henry and I’m here to help you with your tasks today.”

You excitedly exclaim, “Great! I’m ready to get started!”

Henry chuckles and says, “Let’s get to work! But first, we need to get some supplies. Come with me and we’ll head to the supply room. We also might need to make a quick stop at Home Depot.”

“OK! I’m ready too!”

How Abs of Steel Cause Back Pain - GymFitWorkout

You and Henry get into the truck and drive to the Home Depot near the company’s HQ. You sit in silence for a bit before you decide to make some conversation.

So, have you worked at the company a long time, Henry?”

you ask.

He chuckles again and replies, “Oh no, I just started here. In fact, you’re my first client. When Mr. Fikemrians decided to hire you, he hired me too so I could train you. I used to work at Home Depot, but now I work here!”

“That’s great! I’m really happy you’re my assistant! Now, let’s get to work!”

Henry chuckles and says, “First things first, we need to get your supplies. I’ve made a list of everything we need and we need to go over it to make sure we got everything.”

You pull into a parking spot and Henry takes the keys from the ignition. You both get out of the truck and head inside.

“I’ll need your customer number,” the man at the front desk says.

“Oh, um… I don’t think I have one,” you say shyly.

How Abs of Steel Cause Back Pain - Image

“Everyone has a customer number. I need to access your information in the database so I can see if you’re authorized to buy supplies,” he says.

“Oh… OK…” You look at Henry, who gives you a reassuring nod.

“It’s ER4082,” you tell the man.

He enters the number and waits. A moment later, his face becomes pale. He stares at the screen for a few moments before looking at you and saying, “Come with me. Now.”

“OK,” you reply. You look at Henry and shrug your shoulders, following the man towards the back of the store.

“The computer says you’re not supposed to be here. You’re not authorized to access this equipment. Please wait here while I call for help,” he says as he types in a code to open a door.

“That’s strange, the computer is wrong. I am supposed to be here. Maybe you just need to update the information,” you say.

The man looks at you and frowns. “This is the HQ for Cleaners, Inc. I don’t think you’re supposed to be here. I’m going to call for help.” He disappears through the door and locks it.

How Abs of Steel Cause Back Pain - Picture

You stare at the ‘Employees Only’ sign on the door for a few moments before pulling out your phone and calling Henry.


he answers.

“I’m in big trouble, Henry. The man realized I’m not supposed to be here and called for help.

What should I do?”

“Don’t do anything. I’ll deal with this. Stay calm and don’t worry. I’ll make sure you’re safe. I promise.”

“OK…” you sigh, trusting in Henry. “I trust you.”

A moment later, the door clicks and opens. Henry smiles at you as he walks towards you. “It’s OK, dearie. We can still do this.”

You nod your head. “

What should we do?”

“I called my brother. He’s on his way here now to pick us up.”

“OK,” you say, relieved.

Suddenly, you hear the intercom. “Nicole, it’s your brother. I’m here to pick you up.”

“That’s great… Um, my name isn’t Nicole though…” you say.

Henry’s smile disappears and he stares at you in horror. “

What did you say your name was?”

“I didn’t,” you reply simply.

“We have a problem.”

How Abs of Steel Cause Back Pain - | Gym Fit Workout

Suddenly, the door behind you opens and you turn around. The security guard is there with a woman. “Hello, Heather. I’m very disappointed in you.

Did you really think you could get away with this?”

You don’t answer her, you just make a run for the exit. The guard tries to stop you, but you manage to knock him over and keep going. You hear Henry shout after you, but ignore it and keep running. Within seconds, you’re out the front door.

You keep on running, trying to get as much distance as you can before they catch you. Unfortunately, it doesn’t take long for them to catch you. A car pulls up beside you and the passenger window rolls down. “Get in,” Henry says from inside. Obediently, you enter the car.

Henry doesn’t speak to you on the way back, and neither do Alice or Castus. You don’t say anything, knowing it would be pointless anyway. You just sit in silence and wait for the inevitable.

You arrive at the stadium and are immediately taken to Mr. Ragnar. He’s standing there with notepad in hand. “

Why are you back so soon?

I sent you out to do a job, not go for a joyride. In fact, I specifically told you not to get distracted. This is unacceptable behavior, even in light of the situation.”

You look down, knowing that he’s absolutely right and that you deserve whatever punishment he gives you.

“I’m sorry,” you whisper.

Ragnar stares at you for a second, then back at his notepad. “I’ve decided to let you off with a warning this time, but let me make something perfectly clear; you screw up one more time, and you’re out of here. The underworld doesn’t need people like you, dragging down the rest of us. Alright, get out of my sight.”

You waste no time in exiting Ragnar’s office, glad that you won’t be killed today. You still don’t exactly know what happened, but maybe one day you will. For now, you need to focus on your new job.

Your first task is to create a gang. Your starting funds are $300.

What do you want to name your gang?

You’ve heard of several different kinds of gangs in this city. The majority are the standard street gangs that fight over petty territory and drugs, but there are also the larger mafia families, the triads, the yakuza, etc. Most of them are based around a specific race or ethnicity, due to people sticking with their own kind. Your family is Irish, so you’re going to try to organize an Irish gang.

You take your time over the next few days to try to organize your gang. Most of the Irish are still wary of you, due to you trying to organize a gang and all, so it’s going to be slow work. Most of them don’t want to risk their lives by opposing the more powerful gangs that already control the city. The majority of them want nothing to do with you, so your pool to choose from is rather small.

You end up with a grand total of eight men: Paddy, Sean, Padriac, Seamus, Owen, Micheal, and twins Tom and Jim. Paddy acts as the veteran of the group, and is the most knowledgeable on the gang’s history and how things used to be run. Sean is quiet, but deadly with a knife. Padriac is a hothead who you’ll have to keep an eye on. Seamus is massive, but not too swift.

Owen is a quiet lad who mostly keeps to himself, but is willing to listen to reason eventually, unlike Padriac. Micheal and his brother Tom are both brawny goliaths, and while not the brightest candles on the cake, they will certainly hit their target. Jim is the youngest of your recruits, at barely sixteen. While he’s not the strongest or smartest, he is certainly courageous and is a good friendly face to have around.

How Abs of Steel Cause Back Pain - Picture

You have a few choices of what you can name your gang. Will you try to organize an Irish gang under an original name, or take over an existing gang under a new name?

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