How I Put an End to My Shoulder Pain

How I Put an End to My Shoulder Pain:

I have been suffering from shoulder pain since my childhood. It started with minor aches and pains in both shoulders, but it got worse after I reached puberty.

By the time I was 20 years old, my left shoulder had become so sore that it hurt to even raise my arms up.

My doctor prescribed me some anti-inflammatory drugs, which helped temporarily, but they didn’t really stop the pain. I tried various other treatments such as acupuncture and physical therapy, but nothing worked until one day I found out about a new type of treatment called deep tissue massage.

Deep tissue massage involves applying pressure to specific areas of your body. These areas include muscles, tendons, ligaments and bones.

It’s not just for the back or legs; it can be used on any part of your body where there are tight junctions between different tissues. Deep tissue massages can relieve muscle tension, reduce inflammation and improve circulation. They’re often referred to as “massage” when in fact, they are really like a deeper version of acupressure.

My friend recommended a place called Baron’s Massage Palace. It was run by Baron, a strong muscular man with an intimidating appearance.

He used to work as a masseur for the Hans Spa but ever since he opened his own massage parlor, business was booming.

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I was a little nervous about going to see him, but I decided that I had to at least give it a try. When I arrived at Baron’s Massage Palace, I noticed that it had a small, inconspicuous sign hanging from the outside wall.

I walked through the doorway and found myself in a dimly lit waiting room.

At the front was a small wooden counter and behind it was a short, elderly woman with a hunched back. She looked like an evil tortoise.

“Hello,” she said in a raspy, whispering voice. “

How may I help you?”

“I’ve heard that you do deep tissue massages,” I replied.

“Ah yes,” she croaked. “Baron is the best masseur in this city.

He is working right now, but if you wait a few minutes, he will be able to help you.”

I thanked her and took a seat in the waiting room. A few minutes later, Baron came out from one of the rooms behind the counter.

He was a huge man with bulging muscles emerging out of his skin. It looked like he was dressed up as Superman, since he was only wearing a pair of red underwear which showed off every inch of his massive, veiny legs and arms. He had a shaved head and a bushy black moustache. He looked like a classic German bodybuilder..

“Hello,” he said in a deep gruff voice. “

Are you my 2 o’clock appointment?”

“Yes,” I replied nervously.

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“Fine,” he grunted. “Come with me.”

He led me into one of the rooms through a beaded curtain. It was a small dimly lit room with a massage table and that was it.

I started to get undressed until Baron told me that he didn’t need to see my underwear. As soon as I got on the table, Baron threw off his Superman costume to reveal a pair of leather driving gloves.

What the hell?”

I yelped when Baron roughly grabbed my arm.

“Shh,” Baron hushed me as he started to massage my arms with his gloved hands.

The gloves had hard, pointy studs on the finger tips. He poked and pressed on my muscle, digging his studs into my flesh.

It hurt so much that I was grunting and groaning like a baby, but somehow it also provided a strange form of relief. The pain was exhilarating and took my mind off any other worries that I might have had.

I couldn’t tell you how long Baron stretched me, but it felt like heaven when he was done. He didn’t say too much throughout the session, but he ended every now and then with an opinion.

“You’re too tense,” Baron said as he yanked hard on my arm.

“You need to relax more.” He said as he pressed his studs into my back.

Are you sure you’re not gay?”

He suddenly asked when he spotted a picture of Alison on my desk.

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“No,” I lied as Baron dug his studs into my stomach.

“You’re a bad liar,” Baron smirked as he left the room.

I got dressed and left the massage parlor. I felt so relaxed like a newborn baby.

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