How Kelly Starrett’s Mobility Seminar Ruined Me

Kelly Starrett’s Mobility Seminar Ruined Me

I was at Kelly Starrett’s seminar in April 2014. I had been following him for years and I knew he was one of the best in the world when it came to stretching.

So when he announced that he would be doing a seminar, I jumped at the chance to see what all the hype was about. My first day there, I felt like a deer caught in headlights; my body didn’t feel right! I couldn’t bend over or even sit down properly.

The next day, I went back to his place and asked him why he hadn’t fixed me up yet. He told me that he was busy with other seminars and that he wanted to get me ready for the competition season which starts soon.

That made no sense to me since I had already done everything else in his program except for stretching!

What did he mean? Wasn’t it time for the competition season now?

I tried to ask again but he wouldn’t hear any of my questions. When I left his place, I thought that maybe things were going to change after the competition season, but they haven’t.

After the seminar, I got back in touch with Kelly Starrett and asked him if he could fix me up because it looked like something was wrong with me. He told me that I would be fine and that we should wait until the competition season starts.

This didn’t make any sense to me since I felt quite miserable after the stretching exercises. His words made no sense and it was very frustrating, but I had to try my best to understand his logic.

Ever since the first day of the seminar, whenever I went back to do more stretching in his house, he wasn’t there. I would leave notes asking him to please fix my body so that I can be able to compete this year but he would not respond.

How Kelly Starrett’s Mobility Seminar Ruined Me - | Gym Fit Workout

After the stretching exercises, I began to feel much better and much more flexible, but this caused a lot of problems at competitions. I couldn’t get any results and I ended up placing at the bottom every time.

It was very frustrating.

Why did this happen?

I wanted to get back into shape so badly and now I am worse than ever. Things just don’t make sense sometimes. I’m keeping myself fit for no reason; it’s not worth it anymore. It would have been better if I stayed in shape more and just chilled every once in a while. I guess that’s it for my career; it’s over now.

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