How Much Can You Press? A Brief History of a Big Lift

How much can you press?

A brief history of a big lift:

In the early days of the sport, most lifters were not familiar with proper form and they did not have any training experience. Therefore, their lifts were very light. For example, Arnold Schwarzenegger was able to bench press 180 pounds at only 16 years old! Today’s lifters are generally better trained than those of the past and they know how to train properly. They are also used to lifting heavy weights.

Therefore, their lifts are heavier than those of the past. In fact, some of them even exceed world record lifts.

The following table shows the heaviest weights ever lifted by different body types. Note that these figures do not include plates or wraps, which would make the totals higher.

Bodyweight Maxes:

Weightclass Total Notes

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