How Running Kept Me Overweight

How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love My Body

I was born with a big belly. It’s not like my mom didn’t warn me about it, but when I first started running at age 12, I just thought it would make me look good if I ran faster than everyone else.

So after a few months of training, I got up to around 5 minutes per mile and then kept going until my legs were sore from all the hard work.

My parents weren’t happy about this and they made me stop. They told me that I wasn’t man enough to run anymore.

I had gotten so used to being able to run faster than anyone else that I couldn’t handle the pain any longer. But I kept going anyway because it felt great!

When I finally did get over my fear of running, I began looking for other ways to exercise besides just jogging or walking around town. I found that there are lots of different types of gyms in town where you could do various exercises such as weight lifting, yoga, pilates, and even dance classes.

It seemed like every time I went to one of these places, the prices were higher than usual. That’s when I decided to start doing my own workouts at home.

I have a pull-up bar, weights, resistance bands and an exercise ball. I bought them all for a really good deal online and they got delivered to my door. It’s funny how you can get almost anything on the internet nowadays.

These days when I’m at the grocery store, I always make sure to get the cheapest items such as eggs, bread and frozen dinners. I know that I have a limited income from my full-time job as an accountant, but it all works out.

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I just need to keep everything as cheap as possible so I can put as much money as I can into my home gym equipment.

It really sucks though because sometimes when I’m at the store and I see all these delicious frozen dinners that are marked down, I really want to buy them since they would go perfect with some soda and chips. It’s hard to resist the temptation since I eat at home alone most of the time.

I can’t remember the last time I went out to eat with friends or even had someone over. I guess the only time that happens is when I go to a bar by myself to watch a football game and leave immediately after it ends.

It’s not like going to a bar alone is really “going out” anyway. Even getting a girlfriend is impossible since I’m either at the gym, working, or sleeping.

I’ve gotten so lonely that sometimes I just start talking to inanimate objects. My tv, computer and car are probably my best friends nowadays.

That’s sad, isn’t it?

I think that’s why I spend so much money on home gyms. It’s really the only way for me to have any type of social life. Sometimes I’ll pretend that there are a bunch of beautiful women watching me as I exercise.

If only that were true.

I’m slowly getting to the point where I’m going to have to make a decision on whether I want to keep living like this or not. I know that home gyms aren’t used by the wealthy or the famous.

In fact, most people don’t even have them. They get their exercise outside with friends and family members instead.

But there’s no way I’m going to be able to do that. The outside is so much uncertainty.

Who knows what could happen?

There are too many risks and I can’t afford to take such a risk. I need to stay inside where it’s safe. That’s why I’m able to keep myself from starving to death or something even worse.

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Maybe this is just the life I have now.

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